Fliki.ai Coupon Code 2024 → Huge 35% Discount Deal

Are you looking for the Fliki.ai coupon code? If yes then you have landed in the right place.

Want to enjoy your deep long blogs in video/audio format, stay tuned to this article and get an additional discount on your subscription to Fliki [The AI that converts text-based content to Video / Audio format on the go].

Fliki is an online AI software that converts your (blogs/articles/news/text messages/infographics) into visual or audio media such as (Voice-over / Video / Animation / Podcast  / Audiobook) in just a few seconds.

How to activate Fliki.ai Coupon Code?

Well, activating the link of the discount coupon is pretty easy, we would prefer to choose an annual plan, you get a massive 50% OFF.

Begin with the regular registration and sign-up process and choose your plan with the “Annual” billing option and checkout, apply the “FLIKIAI10” code to get an additional 10% OFF on your billing!

You can follow the below steps to claim your discount:

Step 1: Click on this special link to visit the official discount page of Fliki AI.

Step 2: Once you land on the homepage of the Fliki text-to-voice converter, click on the “Start Creating” button.

Step 3: After clicking, you have to begin the sign-up process to create an account with Fliki.

To create an account on Fliki, you get 4 options – 

  • Sign up with Facebook 
  • Sign up with Google
  • Sign up with Email
  • Sign up with LinkedIn

You can choose any of the options accordingly, Fliki doesn’t look around for your personal data.

Step 4: In the upper left corner, click on the Account menu, you will be automatically availed of the trial plan of Fliki, along with the credit limit and usage statistics dashboard.

Step 5: Click on the “Subscribe to Fliki” button to upgrade your account from Trial plan to Paid Plan.

fliki.ai coupon code

After selecting the plan, enter your payment information and enter the code “FLIKIAI10” in the Coupon Code box.

Step 6: Proceed to land on the payment process, after successful completion of the payment, your coupon code will get activated.

Through this way, you can enjoy up to 35% OFF when billed annually. However, if you choose the monthly plan option, then you can still enjoy 10% OFF with our coupon code.

Quick Overview of Fliki AI

GHQUnited States
TaskMulti conversion of Visual Media at All levels
Tool CategoryWeb-Based / Cloud / SaaS
TrainingVideos, Documentation
Recommended ForDigital Marketers / YouTubers / Video Artists / Social Media Agencies
Help AssistanceEmail / Chat / Community forum / Call / FAQ / Helpdesk
Product Rating ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ [4.4 / 5]
Best Price [25% + 10%] = 25% OFFApply “FLIKIAI10” coupon code at checkout

What is Fliki AI?

It is a software that works to convert text to speech & text to video, also helps in assisting to create visual content like- [audio, video, and animation] with Artificial Intelligence Voices in a quick and easy way.

This text-to-speech is a powerful online AI-based tool for generating or creating audio and video content based on the latest text-to-voice algorithm. You can easily create multiple video-based content easily within a few clicks, contents like Instagram Reels, Shorts, TikTok, etc are famous and most of the audience spends their time watching these content creations.

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The reason why it is famous amongst audiences is due to its instant shareable / shorter / fun to watch on any device. This is why this shorter contents have a huge potential to reach the audience rather than long-hour content. 

Creating such valuable and funny short content requires hard work and the process is really time-consuming even if the video is of just 60 seconds, and sometimes it is costly too [due to quick video editing or scene creation]. If you require putting a voice-over to the video, the cost can even increase.

How Fliki AI can help you?

With Fliki you can save $[30-32] per hour, this tool can save your effort and money through its advanced AI technology programming that performs just like a voice-over-artist and in addition it can even provide multiple features and resources that can increase your reach amongst your audiences. 

In the era of modern technology, AI-powered resources, and tools are dominating the market and becoming a beneficiary hand for Digital Marketers & Online Business Enterprises. Creating a video was pretty expensive, it required a video editor specialist with video editing software packages, but now by using AI, you can create a Video on your own. 

Fliki which is an online AI tool works to perform visual-based operations in media with a simplified workflow and easy-to-use interface, it provides video-based content creations based on the text scripts which you input. The AI will convert your speech inputs into narration, and you can add similar media such as [images, GIFs, and clips] to the video.

Features of Fliki AI

All the important features of the Fliki AI are described here in detail. You can have a look at them to get a proper overview of the tool.

1) Voice Over In Accents

Fliki not only has AI voice-over technology, but it also provides quality voice-overs in particular accents, the dialect used by this tool is outstanding to hear, and it supports more than 100 accents from its supportable multiple languages. 

2) Script Creating / Editing

When you create or edit your script in Fliki, you can set the preference of the AI sound, also by adjusting the tune, speech, pitch, noise, and pauses, you can enhance the quality of the audio.  

3) Multiple Language Support

Recently, with the latest update, Fliki now supports 60+ languages, this is an important feature as content creators can now create videos and voice-overs in their native languages for their different communities belonging to diverse cultures. 

Click on the voice drop-down menu option to choose the native language in which you want to create.

4) Female / Male Voice over technology

Choose up to 650+  AI voices, both Female & Male, with multiple tone selections to get appropriate sentence intonations.

The Excited tone is the popular-chosen tone by video creators to provide exciting content through voice and graphics. You also get a Child Voice over option, this is helpful if you create a short video or clip for kids. 

5) Pronunciation System

Fliki lets you add your word to a special dictionary, suppose you have a unique brand name and by chance, Fliki corrects that name then you can enable this feature to avoid the correction.

Pros and Cons of Fliki AI

The Pros and Cons of this AI tool are listed below:


  • The vertical timeline frame is perfect to organize the scripts.
  • Easy-to-use interface with tutorials 
  • Personalized High-quality Artificial intelligence voices
  • Even the free plan provides multiple functions
  • Instant conversion of text to video or voice


  • Unlimited Animation style not available in Video transitions
  • Multiple Background music options are not available

What can Fliki AI create?

Fliki online AI text-to-voice tool is used to create visual & audio-based content, there are multiple practical usages of this software for content generation to get maximum reach among the audience. Some of the examples are stated below –

1) Audiobook Creator

Save your expenses for a voice-over artist with Fliki, create your own audiobook, or convert your E-Book to an audiobook and publish it.

This tool can easily create it with a realistic AI voice that sets up the tune and pitch based on your text intensity.

2) Podcast Creator

Podcast media are the new generation of radio, this particular media has a wide dedicated audience, with Fliki you can create your own Podcast and publish them on several podcast platforms such as (Spotify / Google / Apple), it also provides an official public page to display your podcast episodes, along with traffic analytics.


Overall, Fliki is an amazing AI text-to-voice converter tool that helps us to create multiple digital contents to grow our business online.

Make sure to apply the Fliki.ai coupon code to avail 10% discount on your paid subscription plan.

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