Labrika Lifetime Deal 2022 | Grab The Deal For Just $69 (Limited Time Offer)

Are you looking for the Labrika lifetime deal 2022? If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

Labrika is an SEO software that is going to help you in ranking your website and web pages top in search engines. Labrika uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and work on the different ranking factors of search engines.

Labrika helps in making particular SEO-optimizing changes in your websites. SEO is becoming an important part of all businesses as well as bloggers. Getting ranked at the top of search engines is required for all of us but finding the problems in ranking and having solutions is problematic and difficult. Labrika is going to help all businesses and agencies with this problem.

Digitally SEO is complicated for beginners but Labrika has better suggestions and solutions to make SEO easier.

Labrika Lifetime Deal Terms & Conditions

Labrika lifetime deal has some terms and conditions:

  • Lifetime Access to labrika is provided with this deal
  • Users have to redeem their code within 60 days of purchase
  • All Future Plan Updates from Labrika will be provided in the Lifetime deal claim
  • Labrika Lifetime Deal can be stacked. 
  • 3 Codes stacking is allowed
  • 60 days Money Back Guarantee

Labrika Lifetime Deal Plan & Features

labrika lifetime deal

Labrika Lifetime Deal Plan is well known by the name of Labrika AppSumo Plan. Here are the details of the Labrika AppSumo Deal.

  • 500 Keyword Rankings/ Month
  • 10,000 Page Crawling Credits/ Month
  • Unlimited websites can be checked
  • Interactive AI-based content writing optimizer
  • SEO Content recommendations based on LSI, TF-IDF, Keyword placement, keyword Density
  • Technical SEO Audit & Website auditor with over 180+ ranking factors
  • Check Keyword Search Rankings automatically and manual control is also provided
  • Automatic clustering and synchronization of keywords and their relevant landing pages
  • Monitor user behavior metrics with the google analytics synchronization facility available
  • 100+ printable white-label reports
  • Hidden malware blocking the SEO optimization can be checked using SEO Cloaking Checker
  • Check competitor’s social links, snippets, and page features
  • HTML history of each of your chosen landing pages
  • Check website visibility and indexability in different countries
  • Check the most popular search engine user agents are not blocked by your server
  • Detailed error reporting
  • Duplicate and similar page checker
  • Keyword stuffing checker
  • FREE plagiarism, adult content, and swear word checker
  • Bulk W3C Validator for all of your landing pages

Labrika AppSumo Lifetime Deal pricing

Labrika Lifetime deal is provided on the AppSumo platform. The one-time purchase of Labrika will normally cost around $180. But during the offer period users can avail of this Labrika Lifetime Deal at $69 Only.

Features Of Labrika

1) Separation in Sections

Labrika All in One SEO tool is divided mainly into special sectors. 7 Sectors mentioned below are mostly required in an SEO manner.

  • Site Rankings
  • Optimization & Keyword Grouping
  • Technical Site Audit
  • SEO Audit & Crawl
  • User Behavior Data
  • Essential Elements
  • Links

All are not essential for better SEO but still, every section has its own benefit. So like other SEO tools Labrika provided all the facilities that one SEO tool should have.

The site Rankings facility helps us to check where others are ranking and where we are lacking. Followed by Keyword Grouping and Optimization tools that help us to stand out from keyword stuffing but keep ranking on top.

2) Full Website Audit

Doing just an SEO audit is not preferred by Labrika as technical audit also takes an important role in SEO. Nothing can be ignored in website health whenever we want to rank on top of search engine results. Multiple times sites have technical errors which can be ignored but not every time. Labrika Prioritizes the errors according to their effects on SEO and tries to provide solutions for them.

Labrika has one problem with it as it just shows the Google data not about other search engines. We have to avoid the other engines’ ranking factors if we want to work with Labrika. Every time targeting specific locations is possible with Labrika helping a lot in Local Businesses optimizations.

3) Technical Audit

Technical audit is regarding the technical errors in your website. Technical errors can be broken images, Broken links, Sitemap, duplicate pages, page speed, and canonicals. Rather than this stuff, there might be some code errors that can be judged by Labrika.

4) Simple UI

Labrika UI is simple and easier to handle for newbies also. As compared to all other all-in-one SEO tools Labrika stands first with its simplistic approach.

5) Content Optimization

Content optimization is related to the comparison of your content with other competitors’ content which is already ranking at the top of search engine results. It’s about providing you suggestions regarding the word count of your articles compared to ranking articles. 

Content optimizations have to be done with the websites which are your real competitors on the same keyword. So at the start, you have to choose the competitor’s websites which you have to tackle on your keyword.

6)Text Optimization

Text optimization is something like optimizing the content according to the competitor’s analysis done in previous steps. It is related to the Headings, Descriptions, Number of Paragraphs and number of words in each paragraph, Latent semantic well known as LSI, and Essential Keywords.

Text optimization is helpful for users for writing content according to SEO rules with suggestions. Users can directly update the content generated here on their websites without any modifications. 

7) Content Optimization

Labrika has its own content editor. The editor supports the Labrika content optimization facilities. The editor also highlights the words in your writing which are good or have errors or need some improvements. At the time of writing, users will get the recommendations and change details. So our article or content will be final at the same time.

Manual addition of the competitors and manual changes are possible with the Content optimizer facility. The content generated needs to be copied from the editor to the posting section. Labrika can now try to integrate the WordPress integration for direct synchronizations.

8) Link’s Suggestions

Internal as well as external links are the major part of SEO techniques. Labrika will suggest to us the internal and external links for our content according to our articles category. Internal and External links can be checked through this tool. Broken links can be removed from articles easily with Labrika.

Labrika Plans & Pricing

Labrika provides plans and pricing in 3 different states. Monthly, 3 Months subscriptions and Annual subscription options are there from labrika. We will discuss the annual billing with 20% Off on total pricing.

Lite Plan

Lite plan is made for individuals or freelancers. There are variable Keyword Ranking queries and page crawling credits options available in each and every plan. We will share the rates for the basic plans. 500 keyword ranking queries and 10000-page crawling credits are provided in Lite Plan basic.

Pricing: $15 per Month

Business Plan

As the name suggests, it’s made for small-sized businesses and startups. The business plan includes the 1000 keyword ranking queries and 20000-page crawling credits in the basic plan. 

Pricing: $23 per Month

eCommerce Plan

Ecommerce plan is made for the perfect growing Businesses with heavy users. The eCommerce Plan includes 5000 keyword ranking queries and 50000-page crawling credits in the basic plan.

Pricing: $58 per Month

Agency Plan

The agency plan is almost a top-level plan from Labrika made for agencies and large-sized businesses where they want heavy work. The agency Plan includes 20000 keyword ranking queries and 100000-page crawling credits in the basic plan.

Pricing: $112 per Month

All plans are included with a 30 Days money-back guarantee without any questions.

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