Nexcess StoreBuilder Review 2023 – How Good Is This Tool?

Are you looking for an unbiased Nexcess StoreBuilder Review?

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There are numerous online store building tools available today, and selecting the best one for your business might be tough. StoreBuilder is undoubtedly the best eCommerce solution for WordPress websites right now!

Building an attractive eCommerce WordPress site is one of the most difficult tasks in any type of online business. It requires a proper online store builder tool, which converts your website into a lucrative eCommerce website.

Here are some essential features and capabilities that any Store Builder should have for ease of use and business success:

  • Mobile & SEO Friendly
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Data Reporting That Is Actually Useful
  • Processing of Payments
  • Good Customer Service
  • The price that is reasonable
  • It should be easy to Create Seamless Integration with Third-Party Apps

I’ll look over the 30-day free trial, templates, and features of this Nexcess StoreBuilder in-depth, and by the end of this article, you’ll know whether StoreBuilder is the best eCommerce site builder option for your website or not.

In this Nexcess StoreBuilder review, I’ve covered everything you need to know about StoreBuilder and will assist you in determining whether it’s the best platform for your online store.

So, I’m writing this Nexcess StoreBuilder review after using this StoreBuilder, and it’s fantastic! 

What is Nexcess StoreBuilder?

Nexcess StoreBuilder is a powerful, reliable, and highly efficient WordPress eCommerce site builder tool that assists you in creating, managing, and monitoring your eCommerce store website so that you can easily convert more sales!

I know that you may be already aware with, Nexcess is a managed WordPress hosting provider. The StoreBuilder product is a relatively new addition to their service portfolio. It combines WooCommerce, web hosting, and a number of other plugins to form a unified eCommerce site builder.

It is a separate product from the Nexcess Hosting (Liquid Web Family) brand. However, if you are an existing Nexcess Hosting customer, you can use StoreBuilder for free.

Nexcess launched its online StoreBuilder in February 2021, allowing non-technical people to create an online eCommerce store quickly and efficiently.

The best part about using Nexcess StoreBuilder is that it is built on the popular content management system (CMS) “WordPress” and the WooCommerce Plugin.

It is more than a tool; it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you develop an attractive eCommerce store.

Following are the awesome features of this StoreBuilder:

  • Fully Custom Templates
  • Bundled Selling Tools
  • Sales Monitoring
  • Detailed Product Pages
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Automatic Updates
  • Security & Performance Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Ecommerce Support

So, Nexcess StoreBuilder is an eCommerce website builder for WordPress. It generates a completely customized storefront, allowing you to start selling right away. Your plan includes premium features worth hundreds of dollars, as well as 24/7 assistance.

StoreBuilder and WooCommerce work together to create the best eCommerce store. It makes it simple to establish an online storefront with WooCommerce and WordPress, similar to Shopify, without needing to pay a monthly subscription.

So, what are you holding out for? This is a one-stop platform for creating a powerful WordPress-powered eCommerce store!

What are the Benefits of Using Nexcess StoreBuilder?

The best benefit of using Nexcess StoreBuilder is, that you’re getting a 30-day free trial as well as you will be charged a low monthly fee than Shopify and WIX. It includes unique features that make it easier to develop a great eCommerce store.

Well, the Nexcess StoreBuilder subscription is a collection of the following features –

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Premium WordPress Theme (Astra Pro)
  • Free iThemes Pro Security Plugin
  • Easy-to-use web design tools
  • Nexcess CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Google Analytics and Sales Monitor
  • Full site ownership that you don’t get on Shopify, WIX, and SquareSpace.

#1. Build an Outstanding Unique eCommerce Store

Nexcess StoreBuilder generates an online store for you in a matter of minutes based on a series of questions. Simply put, when you sign up for a Nexcess StoreBuilder account, you will be asked questions about your niche, web design experience, whether you have created a site, and so on.

However, bare in mind that these responses have an impact on the design and template of your eCommerce store.

After you’ve answered the questions, it will select the most suitable template and layout for your store. The template and layout can then be customized and changed as needed. In the end,  Nexcess StoreBuilder comes with great customization features and you can build a great eCommerce site!

#2. Staging Environments

Before going live on the internet, I recommend creating a staging version of your website or store. Your website’s staging environment allows you to test everything before it affects your live store, including themes, plugins, and designs. After you’ve made the necessary changes, merge or publish them.

Nexcess StoreBuilder, fortunately, fills the need for a staging environment where you can do whatever you want before releasing it to customers.

#3. Premium WordPress Plugins

You get several premium plugins worth thousands of dollars with the Nexcess StoreBuilder, as mentioned below. This means you get a lot of customization features with it-

  • Kadence Blocks – PRO Extension
  • Premium addons for the Kadence theme
  • WooCommerce Stripe Gateway
  • Premium iThemes Pro Security Plugin
  • WooCommerce, & This is a completely managed service.

On the other hand, It aims to increase your store’s profit by sending automated emails to people. In a nutshell, you get neglected cart recovery, which helps you generate more money…

#4. Nexcess AI Site Builder

AI is an abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence. We all know how far technology has progressed, and in this situation, most things rely on AI. AI not only simplifies your work but also saves you a lot of time.

Nexcess StoreBuilder makes every effort to ensure that you don’t have to put in a lot of effort when creating your online store.

When you sign up for StoreBuilder, you may be asked questions about your website building experience, the category of your online store and products, the volume of your products, and much more.

StoreBuilder generates a template for you based on your answers to these questions using AI tools. If you need to make any changes to the template created by the AI tool, you can easily customize it.

#5. Free Website Migration & Extensive Knowledgebase

This feature is ideal for users who already have an online store but want to migrate it to Nexcess StoreBuilder.

If you want to migrate your online store to Nexcess StoreBuilder, you must also migrate all of your data. The good news is that Nexcess offers a free website transfer service that is also completely secure.

In this case, Nexcess has also included a video tutorial section in its dashboard, where you can watch all of the tutorials on how to use WordPress and WooCommerce.

Everything has been guided very clearly in these tutorials, and after watching them, you will be able to use WordPress and WooCommerce like a pro. It also has a large knowledge base.

All of the benefits discussed in this Nexcess StoreBuilder review are beneficial, and by combining all of them, you may create a high-converting eCommerce website.

What Makes Nexcess StoreBuilder Better than Others?

Nexcess StoreBuilder is the best eCommerce solution that provides fully customizable templates, bundled selling equipment, a monitoring panel, a premium WordPress theme, fast-managed WordPress hosting, and many other helpful features.

It has a lot of features, functionality, and flexibility to help you build your dream eCommerce webshop and develop your business faster.

However, I will explain several major benefits of utilizing Nexcess StoreBuilder that will entice you, as well as all of the reasons why you should use Nexcess StoreBuilder.

Here is a list of 7 Significant factors to choose Nexcess StoreBuilder over other alternatives.

1) 30-Day Risk-Free Trial and Reasonable Pricing

It comes with the longest free trial which you don’t get with many options out in the market! You get 30 days to use Nexcess StoreBuilder so that you can decide whether it is better for you or not. As a result, Nexcess StoreBuilder is the most affordable solution for easily creating your online store. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to grab this offer at a discounted rate without spending any money! As you can see, Nexcess StoreBuilder is the cheapest option and still provides a 30-day FREE TRIAL. So, to begin your Free Trial, click the button below. 

When your Free Trial period expires, it will charge you $19 per month, while others will charge you more.

Here is a pricing and free trial comparison of Nexcess StoreBuilder versus its competitors.

However, if you wish to try out Nexcess StoreBuilder for free, you can do so. Nexcess StoreBuilder now offers an industry-standard 30-day risk-free trial. If the discount isn’t applied immediately, use the “ONEMONTHFREE” coupon code at checkout.

So, grab this opportunity and try StoreBuilder risk-free for 30 Days!

Your trial plan includes premium features worth hundreds of dollars, 24/7 support, and more.

2) Extensive Customization Options

The basic customization features include the ability to create eCommerce stores from scratch or to use pre-designed templates. Other methods can be used to take your design to the next level.

Aside from that, you can design and customize your eCommerce store quickly using the WordPress Native Gutenberg Editor (extend functionality with Kadence Block Pro, Qubely Pro) OR any Page builder like Elementor, Beaver Builder.

The premium Gutenberg Block Editor also includes a selection of blocks with deep customization possibilities for WordPress native block editor, as well as many customization options and integration functionality.

You may design and modify your store whatever you want using the methods above without writing a single line of code. This method simplifies your job and saves you a lot of time and money.

Nexcess StoreBuilder also includes a WooCommerce plugin that enhances your store’s functionality and speeds up the product addition process.

3) 24/7/365 Premium Support 

Nexcess has a dedicated support team that will assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – whenever you require any assistance, they will assist you.

Experts will provide you with timely and dedicated human service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can contact the Nexcess Support Team by Live Chat, Email, or Ticketing to get the best possible solution right away.

Overall, my experience with the customer support team has been fantastic; Nexcess has always responded quickly to my inquiries!

For practically all store-related issues, you can use their blog, knowledge base, and WP101 video lesson.

4) Premium Security Surveillance

According to statistics, between 30K and 40K websites are hacked every day. WordPress security is a critical issue for all website owners. If you are serious about your website, you must follow WordPress security measures.

That’s why the security of your online store is critical because if your online store website is hacked, your total revenue will struggle and your site’s efficiency will suffer. Attackers have the ability to steal user information, and passwords, install malicious code, and even distribute malware to your users.

Here you also get a free premium iTheme Security Pro plugin, which is considered a powerful security plugin for WordPress. This plugin protects your website from malicious threats and spam.

Nexcess StoreBuilder includes built-in security to protect your eCommerce website and buyers. Furthermore, it employs advanced security hardening and proactive monitoring. It has also integrated a WAF (Web Application Firewall) into its infrastructure to protect it from DDOS attacks, malware, lockouts, brute force attempts, XSS, SQL injections, and other threats.

5) Sell Number of Products

Nexcess StoreBuilder allows you to sell an endless number of products (nearly anything) regardless of your industry. Whether you sell physical or digital products or provide additional services.

Simply enter the product or service specifications, set the price, add coupons, and sell online quickly and profitably. You are no longer required to market certain products and services. In business, you must sell products that fulfill market demand! Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix all charge eCommerce transaction fees. However, Nexcess StoreBuilder does not charge you any transaction cost.

6) Best Performance & Ease of Use

Nexcess guarantees 100% uptime, which means your online store will never be down. It also concentrates on speeding up your online store, and Nexcess uses managed WordPress hosting that’s why your store website will load quickly!

The speed of your eCommerce website is extremely important. Customers are more likely to buy the product if your eCommerce site loads quickly.

nexcess storebuilder review

Don’t be concerned about website speed because Nexcess is known for providing the best and fastest managed WordPress hosting. You also get Nexcess Managed WordPress hosting with this StoreBuilder!

The primary features of Nexcess StoreBuilder are auto-scaling and a caching system. Both are included to improve your store’s performance.

It primarily provides two payment gateways: Stripe and PayPal. However, once you’ve created your Nexcess StoreBuilder account, you can add a variety of payment gateways to your eCommerce store.

Apart from that, Nexcess StoreBuilder is simple to use. You can easily add content, upload products, manage orders, and set up payment processing, among other things.

7) Premium Starter Templates

Till now, there have been 10 templates available, which cover the majority of industries. After you select a template, you can choose a suitable font and color palette to match your brand.

If you provide them with some background information about your company, StoreBuilder will recommend an optimized template for your eCommerce specialty. Retail, food products, clothing, online services, and other industries are included.

Nexcess StoreBuilder requires no coding knowledge to get started, and it includes more premium features for free and more flexibility than any other eCommerce website builder, including Squarespace, Shopify, and Wix.

8) Try StoreBuilder Risk-Free for 30 Days

Nexcess prioritizes client satisfaction, that’s why StoreBuilder comes with a 30-day risk-free trial which you can use to explore the features of Nexcess StoreBuilder. Its risk-free trial period enables you to learn how to build a profitable online store.

Within minutes, you can sign up for the Nexcess StoreBuilder 30-day free trial. It requests payment information (credit card or PayPal), which may annoy some users but is required to prevent spam.

However, you do not pay anything at signup, and the trial is free of charge. You enter the user dashboard after entering the necessary information to set up your WordPress online store.

You can customize your store’s name, tagline, location, logo, address, currency, product type, and so on. After completing this process!

9) Keep an eye on business performance growth

You will not be successful in business if you do not analyze your performance. Because examining business performance data allows you to take timely action to scale your performance growth.

Don’t be concerned!

When you use Nexcess StoreBuilder, you will gain significant insights into your business analytics data from within the WordPress dashboard. There is no need for any third-party software for this.

Monitor the whole business analytics data within the WordPress dashboard and take appropriate action as needed. Here’s what you can keep an eye on:

  • Total & Net Sale Revenues
  • Products Orders Data
  • Generated Revenue
  • Sales Variations
  • Best Performing Category
  • Coupon Performance
  • Taxes Data
  • Stock Availability
  • And a lot more

This analytics data assists you in evaluating your business’s performance improvements and, if necessary, taking appropriate measures to make your organization more successful.

You may also use the Nexcess Plugin Performance Monitor, WooCommerce Automated Testing, and Nexcess Sales Performance Monitor for more in-depth analysis.

10) Significant Savings Using Free Premium Tools

What if you could acquire some expensive premium WordPress tools for free? Isn’t it amazing? Yes!!

When you subscribe to the Nexcess StoreBuilder Plan, it actually becomes affordable OR completely free because you get various premium products for free.

Let us explain it in terms of the annual cost. You pay $190/year for Nexcess StoreBuilder and receive certain free premium features such as:

  • iTheme Security Pro – $80/Year
  • Qubely Pro Block Editor Addon – $39/Year
  • Kadence Blocks Pro Theme Pro, Pro Starter Templates $129/year

So you’re getting $248 worth of good things for the price of $190. So you’re still saving $58 every year. As a result, Nexcess StoreBuilder is more profitable than other store builders on the market.

You will receive additional premium items if you upgrade your package. The information above is for the basic plan.

Note: If you’re new to the eCommerce industry, you should start by signing up for a free trial. However, if you are an eCommerce expert, you should purchase a plan that starts at $19 per month.

What are the Pros and Cons of Nexcess StoreBuilder?

StoreBuilder by Nexcess is used to create or launch an eCommerce site or online store with the help of WordPress. Every eCommerce platform has its own pros and cons! Similarly, Nexcess StoreBuilder also has pros & cons.

Let’s Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of Nexcess StoreBuilder,

Pros of Nexcess StoreBuilder

The Pros of using the Nexcess StoreBuilder are listed below:

1. Easy-to-Use Drag-and-Drop Editor

As we mentioned earlier in this article, in order to build or launch a website, you must either know how to code or hire a web developer.

Nexcess StoreBuilder frees you from all of this. You can easily create your own online store here, and you don’t need any coding knowledge.

It includes a drag-and-drop editor for creating an online store. When you create a website, you will see a page-building grid where you can set the text format, font, color, style, and other options. You can also embed videos and Instagram feeds.

All you have to do is drag and drop all the elements you require onto your working website page. The drag-and-drop editor in Nexcess StoreBuilder makes your job exceptionally easy and simple.

2. Less Expensive Than Competitors

We reviewed several StoreBuilder available in the market. However, Nexcess is the cheapest option among its competitors.

When we hear the word “cheap,” the first thought that comes to mind is that if something is cheap, the service will be of poorer quality. But trust me when I say there’s nothing quite like that here.

Instead, Nexcess provides significantly more premium features than its competitors, and at no additional cost. 

Nexcess has a solid market reputation due to its exceptional managed hosting service. It is also increasingly becoming popular among its users due to its StoreBuilder. It starts at $15.83 per month on a 12-month billing option. Here you are also offered many premium features for free.

It also provides a monthly billing payment option on StoreBuilder, with rates starting at $19 per month. The good thing is that Nexcess doesn’t really charge any extra costs on your eCommerce transactions, so any revenue generated by your eCommerce site is entirely yours.

3. Outstanding Website Performance

Nexcess also includes free managed WordPress web hosting with its StoreBuilder, eliminating the need to purchase web hosting separately.

For a month, we monitored Nexcess’s loading speed and uptime. And we got great results. When it comes to uptime, It has a perfect 100% uptime, with no downtime during the one month of testing.

Similarly, when it comes to loading speed, Nexcess’s average response time is 0.263 seconds, which is also extremely fast.

You don’t have to worry about your website’s loading speed or uptime when you use Nexcess StoreBuilder. Because your customers and clients can access your website via the internet at any time.

4. Amazing Free Premium Templates

Nexcess provides some free premium ready-to-use templates that you can customize to your liking. The free template provided by Nexcess makes your site look very beautiful and appealing.

After you’ve chosen a template, you can customize it by changing the font and color.

One thing we liked about it is that you can completely customize these templates in a short period of time without wasting any time. The best part is that you don’t have to make many changes to whatever template you choose based on your niche.

In short, Nexcess provides you with everything you need to get started; all you have to do is add your products to your online store.

I’d just like to point out that all of the Nexcess templates give your website a very professional appearance.

5. Abandoned Cart Recovery & Security Features

Many customers frequently add products to their shopping carts while browsing an eCommerce site but do not proceed to make a payment.

There are numerous reasons for not checking out after adding products to the shopping cart, including the fact that the customer frequently adds the products to the shopping cart as a “wish list,” or that the customer is not ready to purchase the product, or that the customer forgets to check out after adding the product to the shopping cart.

In these situations, Abandoned Cart Recovery comes in useful. This feature sends reminders to customers who forget to checkout after adding a product to their shopping cart, and it will increase your sales or revenue.

Users who run eCommerce sites should never compromise on the security of their website because you are dealing with your customer’s banking information, particularly credit card information.

When you purchase Nexcess StoreBuilder, the security of your website improves significantly. To begin, you will receive a free SSL certificate, which will make your website completely secure for customers and assure them that their personal data is completely safe and secure.

You will also receive a free premium iTheme Security Pro plugin, which is regarded as a powerful WordPress security plugin. This plugin safeguards your website against malicious threats and spam.

Furthermore, it continuously scans all plugins and themes; if any plugin is not appropriate for your website’s security, it will alert you instantly.

You will also have access to free daily backups, which will keep your website data safe.

Cons of Nexcess StoreBuilder

Well, there are also some drawbacks of the Nexcess StoreBuilder. These drawbacks are mentioned here.

1. There is no demo available.

Most providers provide a few demos of their website builder on their website, either in image or video format, so that users can get a better understanding of the product.

However, Nexcess has not provided any StoreBuilder demos on their website, which we believe Nexcess should seriously consider.

2. Only two payment gateways are available.

When we attempted to purchase Nexcess StoreBuilder, we were introduced to only two payment gateway options: credit card and PayPal.

We were fortunate to have a credit card with which to purchase StoreBuilder.

However, we believe that if more payment options are available, more users will be able to benefit from Nexcess StoreBuilder’s services.

Plans & Pricing: Which Nexcess StoreBuilder Plan Should You Buy?

If you want to build or launch an online store with Nexcess StoreBuilder, there are two payment options available: monthly and annually.

However, they do not provide a free plan, and here is the best 30-day free trial you can get to learn about the Nexcess StoreBuilder platform.

If you select a monthly billing plan, you will be charged $19 per month. While the plan starts at $15.83 per month on annual billing, you’ll have to pay a total of $190 for a year.

One good thing is that if you want to run an online store for a few months (less than 9 months), you can opt for a monthly subscription plan.

A 12-month contract is not required for a monthly billing plan. We have wonderful news for you! Do you know you can try Nexcess StoreBuilder for 30 days for free?

How To Activate 30-Day Free Trial Of Nexcess StoreBuilder?

Do you want to try Nexcess StoreBuilder for free for the next 30 days?

If so, here’s a special offer you won’t want to lose.

Following are 5 steps to get a 30-day risk-free trial of StoreBuilder. Please be aware that this trial is for new users only, so you have the opportunity to test it free for 30 days:

Step 1: Click here to visit the official landing page of the Nexcess StoreBuilder platform. Please get to know each feature and try to understand how you can use it effectively.

Step 2: Click on the Try StoreBuilder Risk-Free for 30 Days button. Nexcess will ask you to create a new account or you can use your existing Nexcess account.

To create a new account, enter your email address and password, and then click the Create Account button after entering all of these details.

If you’re a new blogger or digital marketer, the 30-day free trial is ideal because it allows you to get familiar with Nexcess StoreBuilder.

Step 3: Enter your billing information here, including your first and last name, country, and address. Fill out all of the required fields! 

After entering all of the necessary information, click the Save Billing Information button!

Step 4: Now you have to enter payment information, and it provides two payment options: credit card and PayPal. You must have this payment option in order to receive free 30-day access to Nexcess StoreBuilder.

So, I’m adding my card to get a 30-day free trial of StoreBuilder! 

So, It requests payment information (credit card or Paypal), which may annoy some users but is required to prevent spam. However, you do not pay anything at signup, and the trial is free of charge.

After entering your payment information, you have to select a server location! Select a server location that is close to your target audience.

Nexcess provides the following 5 server locations, from which you have to select one:

  • Asia Pacific – Sydney, NSW
  • Europe – Amsterdam, NL
  • Europe – London, UK
  • US East – Lansing, MI
  • US West – San Jose, CA

Step 5: Select a server location that is best for your audience and hit the Purchase button. For the next 30 days, you will have unrestricted access to the Nexcess StoreBuilder.

Congratulations! You have successfully got the Nexcess StoreBuilder 30-day free trial. Use this 30-day free trial wisely so that you can understand this WordPress-powered StoreBuilder.

How to Use Nexcess StoreBuilder to Create an eCommerce Store

To create an eCommerce store with Nexcess StoreBuilder, you must first have a Nexcess hosting account or purchase the new StoreBuilder subscription.

It is a very simple procedure that requires no technical knowledge. Simply follow the steps below to begin using Nexcess StoreBuilder on WordPress.

Step 1: Click on the Exclusive Link, which will take you to the Nexcess official website, where you must create an account. To proceed, you must click the “Try StoreBuilder Risk-Free for 30 Days” button on the same page.

Step 2: You will then be redirected to another page where you must provide some information (answer three quick questions) in order to create an account and set up a store.

Here, you must provide personal information, create a website for whom, and describe your level of expertise in website creation. After filling out all of the details, click the “Finalize My Store Now” button to begin the following process.

Step 3: Before placing an order for Nexcess StoreBuilder, you must first set up an account. First, choose a membership term, either monthly or yearly and then enter your account information.

In this section, you must provide a password, check the box for T&C approval, and then click the “Create Account” button to proceed.

Remember that for monthly or yearly plans, the Free Trail voucher will be applied automatically. If not, you may acquire a 30-day free trial of Nexcess StoreBuilder by using the “ONEMONTHFREE” promo code at checkout.

Step 4: In order to generate an invoice, you must first supply billing information. Simply provide the required and valid information (Name, Contact Number, and Address), then click the “Save Billing Information” button to move on to the next stage.

Step 5: On this page, choose your preferred payment method (Credit Card OR PayPal) for the transaction after 30 days (if you wish to continue with Nexcess StoreBuilder). Otherwise, if you are dissatisfied with their services, you have 30 days to cancel your subscription.

After selecting a payment method, click the “Save Payment Information” button to proceed to the next step.

Step 6: After saving your preferred payment method, you must select the server location and review your plan summary. If everything checks out, simply click the “Purchase” button to begin using Nexcess StoreBuilder risk-free for 30 days.

Congratulations! You have successfully signed up for the Nexcess StoreBuilder 30-Day Free Trial, and your store has been created. It’s now time to configure and personalize your site settings.

Step 7: In this step, you must enter your login credentials to access your store, where you can begin further customizing your eCommerce store.

Then, for additional store site options and personalization, click the “Get Started” button. Before you can use Nexcess StoreBuilder, you’ll have to go through four phases.

  • Store URL, Username, and Password – Enter a new username and password, then click Next. Remember that you can use a custom domain name to replace the temporary store URL later.

Site Details — Here you can customize the Store Name, Tagline, and Logo to meet your specific business needs before moving on to the next step.

Store Location – Enter the store address here, including the location, city, nation, and so on, and then click Next.

About Your Store — You’ll need to fill in some details about your store here, such as the currency you’ll be using. Select the type of goods you’re selling and the number of products you’re selling before moving on to the next step.

You can now modify your store according to your needs after supplying the necessary information. To begin customizing your store, click the “Save and Continue” option.

Note: Your store will be supported by the most powerful Kadence WordPress theme, which offers extensive customization options and lightning-fast performance.

Let’s use Nexcess StoreBuilder to customize your eCommerce store

Now you’re in the Nexcess StoreBuilder-powered WordPress Dashboard. You have a lot of options and functionality here to construct a store that matches your business needs.

Here are some things you can do to make your online eCommerce store more appealing and functional.

1) Customizing Your Store

Nexcess StoreBuilder includes a number of professionally designed templates (Kadence Powered) that you can use to rapidly transform your eCommerce store.

Run the setup wizard for further customization options, then select any templates that suit your company, establish a font style and color scheme for a professional look, and click next.

Aside from that, you can use any page builder, such as Elementor, Beaver, or Divi, or simply utilize Kadance Block Pro and Qubely Block Pro (both of which function perfectly in the basic native WordPress block editor) to make your store look more professional.

Click the Save and Continue button when you’re happy with the site’s design. The template will be imported to your site in a matter of seconds.

2) Payment Gateway Configuration

The payment gateway for your product’s purchase transactions can be added in the next phase. For the time being, only Stripe and PayPal payment methods are allowed to be linked for accepting payments.

3) Set Up Your Products

It’s now time to start adding products and services to your shop. You can use a variety of methods to add products to your store, making the process simple and quick. Following is the process:

  • Add a New Product
  • Importing Products via CSV
  • Set Up Tax Rates

4) Set up Shipping

This phase allows you to provide shipping information and charges for your product’s purchase. Following is the process:

  • Set Shipping Zone
  • Set Shipping Classes
  • Add Flat Rate Shipping Calculation
  • Define Fixed Shipping Charge

You’ve completely customized the site, including adding payment methods, new products and services, and shipping modifications. Now it’s time to put your store online and start earning money.

Note: If you’re happy with your website’s customization, you may add your own domain and begin your online store. You can complete this activity on your own, or you can submit a support ticket to make your job easier.

FAQs About Nexcess StoreBuilder Review

Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions around the Nexcess StoreBuilder platform:

1. What is Nexcess?

Nexcess is a well-known managed WordPress web hosting company that has been in operation for nearly two decades. It manages over 500,000 websites and operates eight data centers around the world!

2. What is the StoreBuilder?

You can easily and quickly launch your own online store or eCommerce site with the help of StoreBuilder. It includes premium features worth hundreds of dollars, as well as 24/7 support.

3. Is Nexcess StoreBuilder free to access?

No, StoreBuilder is a premium WordPress-powered eCommerce site builder, but you can get a 30-day free trial account (worth $19 per month) from here.

4. Who can use the Nexcess StoreBuilder Platform?

StoreBuilder platform can be used by online businesses, writers, marketers, eCommerce businesses, bloggers, and anyone involved in an eCommerce business.

5. Is Nexcess’s StoreBuilder platform reliable?

Nexcess is trusted by over 5 million users for managed WordPress hosting. There is no more powerful and dependable StoreBuilder platform for developing a WordPress-powered eCommerce site.

6. What is the best platform for creating an online store?

WordPress is the most desirable eCommerce platform because it provides the flexibility required to grow your brand. WordPress powers 40% of all websites on the internet for a reason.

7. What distinguishes StoreBuilder from Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix?

StoreBuilder provides more premium features for free as well as greater customization. There are no transaction fees or costly add-ons. You own your data, your website, and your profits.

That is not available on Shopify, Wix, or Squarespace.

8. Is it necessary to select a domain name before going to start StoreBuilder?

Nope. StoreBuilder can provide you with a temporary domain name until you buy a new domain name. There is no need to wait! Begin building right away.

9. What distinguishes StoreBuilder from other online store builders?

You’ll never truly own your content if you use Shopify, Wix, or Squarespace. They own all of your hard work, including what you’ve built. They even charge you ever-increasing transaction fees…

As appealing as Nexcess StoreBuilder may appear, you should probably try it out for yourself to see if it’s a good fit for your business.

Fortunately, Nexcess offers a free 30-day trial of StoreBuilder so you can try out all of the features before committing to a plan.

Conclusion: Nexcess StoreBuilder Review

Let’s know which plan is best for you, a 30-day free trial or an annual subscription?

If you’re new to the eCommerce world, you should start with their 30-day risk-free trial. This trial will show you how Nexcess StoreBuilder works and what features it has.

Nexcess StoreBuilder Paid Plan is a better investment if you want to build a flexible and attractive eCommerce store as soon as possible.

This 30-day trial also includes features such as Fully Custom Templates, Bundled Selling Tools, Sales Monitoring Tool, and Abandoned Cart Recovery. It also includes security and performance monitoring, as well as automatic updates.

When you sell online through third-party websites, you must pay additional fees each time you make a sale. You keep your profits and grow your business faster when you open your own online store. And that’s why Nexcess StoreBuilder is the best way to go!

Nexcess’s StoreBuilder is one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms available. Low pricing, a risk-free 30-day trial, excellent customer service, advanced security, premium plugins, and much more are all fantastic.

I strongly advise you to start building your online store with Nexcess StoreBuilder, which offers a 30-day free trial.

After you’ve created your online store with Nexcess StoreBuilder, it will generate passive income for you, as well as help you build your brand, reputation, and a strong relationship with your buyers.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get started with StoreBuilder risk-free for 30 days which is the best all-in-one eCommerce site builder tool in the market right now!

So far, I’ve provided a comprehensive review of Nexcess’ StoreBuilder platform, highlighting its key features, advantages, and disadvantages.

There isn’t a lot of competition for this eCommerce site builder platform, which comes with a 30-day free trial and a great price. You can also read Nexcess managed WordPress hosting review here!

So what are your thoughts on the Nexcess StoreBuiler platform? Do you think this is the best platform to build a solid and attractive eCommerce store?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Please share our blog post if you enjoyed it. We will keep progressing as a blog, Meanwhile Sharing Is Caring!

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