Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review 2022- Essential Guide

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Are you looking for a Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit Review?

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Do you know the #1 reason that excessively destroys any type of business? You can say it is quality material; That’s why someone rightly said, “Content is King.”

Because if you are not providing unique and high quality content to your audience, then running your business is completely useless.

Producing high quality content is one of the most difficult tasks in any type of online business. It requires proper research which also takes a lot of time and effort.

But not anymore,Here is the Semrush Content Marketing Platform, which makes your work very easy and saves you a lot of time.

So, In this Semrush Content Marketing Platform review, We will go deeper to learn more about Semrush Content Marketing Platform and see how it helps you quickly create quality content.

Well, I’m writing this review after using these tools for 2 weeks, and you can see, “how Semrush changed my content with Content Marketing Toolkit!”

Which means you’re professional life going to change with Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit, and It makes content creation very easy!

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So, In this article I’m going to review Semrush Content Marketing Platform, and You’re going to get free guide for SEO Writing Assistant Tool.

Let’s first understand, what is Semrush?

Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights. This all-in-one digital marketing tool that helps you run SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), social media, and content marketing campaigns.

If you are a blogger or digital entrepreneur, digital marketer, content marketer, any business owner, then you may be familiar with Semrush SEO Tools.

Semrush is a powerful search-engine analytical and competitive intelligence tool that helps you analyze the competition with a few clicks.

It mainly helps in the following tasks; SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, PR, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, Campaign Management.

Simply put, it is a magical toolbox for bloggers, affiliate marketers and everyone working in the digital marketing industry. Semrush is really for people who have a website and are interested in improving their online presence.

Fortunately, Semrush offers more than 50 tools under their following toolkits: SEO Toolkit, Advertising toolkit, Social Media Toolkit, Content Marketing Toolkit, Competitive Research Toolkit, Management Toolkit.

Without further delay let’s have a look at the Semrush Content Marketing Platform,

Why Should You Use Semrush Content Marketing Platform?

So, first tell me, according to you, what is the biggest problem in front of most of the content marketers and bloggers?

If you said “they don’t have best tools to create engaging content” – then you are absolutely right.

But here’s the mindgame: Creating engaging content isn’t easy.

You need right content marketing tools for topic research, content creation, and tracking the performance of your content.

That’s why Semrush comes here to help you in content marketing, and with their only one tool, you can create engaging content that will gives you many sales.

Well, Let me introduce “Content Marketing Platform” from Semrush. It’s an all in one content marketing platform that helps you with following specs;

  • Topic Research
  • Content Planning
  • Brand monitoring
  • Content creation and optimization
  • Measuring your content performance and many more

Semrush’s Content Marketing Platform is designed for to help content marketers, and digital marketers to manage their actions and create content that resonates with their audience.

This toolkit makes it easy to create and improve your existing content strategy, find content gaps, or research, write, and audit content. This tool can save your both time and money.

Content marketing is not limited to just creating useful articles and optimizing them for search engines. Distribution and performance analysis are important parts of an effective content marketing strategy.

In addition to a content marketing platform, Semrush also offers a content marketplace – where Semrush users can connect with verified content creators and order blog posts, product descriptions, and more.

All the tools in Semrush’s Content Marketing Platform are fully available with a Guru or Business level subscription only. The content marketplace is open to both free and paid SEMrush users.

Get a free trial of Guru plan today.

So, In this detailed review of the Semrush Content Marketing Platform, let’s find out what exactly it is, how it will going to help you in content marketing and content creation tasks.

Benefits Of Using Semrush SEO Tool?

Semrush is a powerful, robust and highly efficient SEO tool that helps to analyze, manage and monitor search rankings in many countries around the world.

With this all-in-one platform, one can view detailed reports on their SEO efforts, monitor the status of their competitors, receive keyword alerts, and perform many other tasks.

Semrush has an extensive database of keywords-20B, backlinks-142T and google SERPs database from 142 geolocations. This means you will get more in-depth and accurate analysis data for competitors and keyword research.

Furthermore, Semrush is not just an SEO tool for doing keyword research and competitive research, but it is much more than that. It offers over 50+ SEO tools that expand your possibilities to enhance the growth of your business and make it scalable.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

Want to try Semrush for free? Then take the Semrush 7 Days FREE Trial from here.

After choosing Semrush, you can take full advantage of their amazing toolset. These are mainly 7 types of SEO toolkits (modules) which are for a different function that fulfill the core requirement of your business; They are here-

SEO Toolkit – In this module, you can find competitive research, keyword research, link-building opportunities, on-page and technical SEO tasks.

Local SEO Toolkit – This module enables you to do various tasks to improve your local SEO strategies like position tracking, product listing management, extended site-auditor, and much more.

Advertising Toolkit – This impressive SEO Tools module allows you to conduct more in-depth market research, social media ad management, and track the performance of running ads to expand your business reach.

Content Marketing Toolkit – This module is incredible and helps digital entrepreneurs to create, create and optimize highly engaging content that attracts their customers and leads to a significant increase in sales. Furthermore, it allows you to optimize your existing content with brand monitoring, content audit and post tracking feature capabilities.

Competitive Research Toolkit – This module mainly includes. Trends (Market Finder & Traffic Analysis), SEO, Advertising, Content & PR, Social Media Functionality. This toolkit enables you to explore your marketing competitors in depth and show you the complete picture of their success.

And Agency Solutions – If you are running an agency, you can take full advantage of this module for lead generation, content optimization and business automation.

All of these tool kits include many powerful SEO and content marketing tools that leave you overwhelmed when researching competitors.

In addition, Semrush offers many additional tools that add more power to your business growth. Let’s see what they are?

Content Marketplace – A marketplace (choose your author) to order unique pieces of SEO optimized content such as expertly written articles, product descriptions, email newsletters, eBooks and much more.

ImpactHero – Get AI-powered insightful analytics data, impressive copy and tips for your content. These data will help you improve the quality of your content which provides your customer with a cover for you.

Agency Partner – Find skilled partner for your dream project who will help you accelerate the growth of your agency.

SplitSignal – This tool allows you to create A/B split testing to find out which SEO changes bring more traffic to your website and which are having a bad effect.

Sellzone – One of the best Amazon marketing toolsets that helps you optimize and protect your listings, find beneficial keywords, get in-depth performance data, create product A/B testing and much more.

Using a variety of Semrush SEO tools, you can efficiently perform almost every competitor research task to meet the core requirement of any business and improve performance for great results.

Furthermore, Semrush constantly strives hard to provide the best user experience by launching new sets of its in-house tools and functionality. In 2020 they launched tons of amazing tools that make your effort worthwhile and help you optimize, scale and find the best opportunities to take your business growth to the next level.

The best part of using Semrush is that all the above tools and functionality come in a single subscription. The price is a bit expensive for beginners but trust me; You will never regret after using it.

Here, what you are going to learn from this Semrush Content Marketing Platform review-

  • What is Content Marketing?
  • How to use Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit?
  • How to distribute and track the performance of your content?and many more

So, go ahead and quickly jump to the main topic, content marketing, and how the Semrush content marketing toolkit will help you build a solid content marketing strategy.

Let’s get started,

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Introduction

Basically, Semrush has 50 plus tools in their basket which can helps bloggers, digital marketers, and content creators do their most important tasks such as SEO research, content marketing planning, competitor research, PPC research and social media marketing planning from just one platform.

It also gives you recommendations that help you optimize your website, content and marketing campaigns much faster.

In addition, Semrush has award-winning tools that are trusted by the world’s leading companies. You must check out the facts below about Semrush:

  • 7 million marketing professionals have already used Semrush.
  • Semrush received 14 international awards as the best SEO software suite.
  • 30% of brands from Fortune 500 companies use Semrush as their marketing tool.
  • Semrush has integration with well-known tools like Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, YouTube, WordPress, Google Docs, Trello, Zapier, etc.

So, What exactly is “ Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit” ?

Semrush’s Content Marketing Toolkit is a content marketing tool that can be used for topic research, brand monitoring, content optimization, content performance tracking, and many more.

You can use it to create better content for blog. Semrush’s content marketing toolkit can help you with all aspects of your content planning, creation, and distribution.

If you want to master in content creation then this content marketing toolkit from Semrush is definitely for you.

Following are the awesome tools of Semrush’s content marketing platform:

  1. Topic Research
  2. SEO Content Template
  3. SEO Writing Assistant
  4. Brand Monitoring
  5. Post Tracking
  6. Content Audit
  7. Marketing Calendar

So, what are you waiting for? This is an all in one tool from Semrush for content creation.

You can also get a Semrush Guru 7-day free trial from here.

Find out blog post ideas using Semrush’s “Topic Research Tool”

The first content marketing tool in Semrush’s basket is Topic Research. It is a powerful tool with extensive features to help you find the best ideas for your content.

Personally, I use this tool to research and plan content for my blog.

When I was writing this guide for you, that time I used Semrush’s Topic Research Tool to get headline for this article.

So, Semrush’s Content Marketing Toolkit comes with “Topic Research Tool” that can provide you lots of useful content ideas, no matter what industry you are in.

If you lack the motivation to come up with new topics to write about then the topic research tool has you covered. This tool has given me a lot of inspiration for the post on BloggingPlay.

Topic Research Tool provides you lots of useful content ideas based on keywords, trending topics, related searches, questions asked by people etc.

Just login to your Semrush account, then select Content Marketing Dashboard, go to Topic Research and enter any topic or keyword. Press the “Get Content Ideas” button to continue. You can also choose your preferred database, and country of your choice.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

Here I’m doing research for affiliate marketing topic:

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

Semrush content marketing tool gives you lot of topic ideas based on that keyword. You can explore more topic ideas in the following 4 types:

  • Cards
  • Explorer
  • An overview
  • With mind map

The tool will then present you with cards of keyword ideas and it will also give you an insight into the search volume.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

You can also see your content ideas in the following 3 parameters:

  • Trending popular topics,
  • Difficulty level of keywords
  • Topic Efficiency to see the most efficient topic

If you are using “cards” (the default view) to get new topics, be sure to choose the relevant topic card for further expansion. Here’s how it looks when you click on a card.

As you can see below, it will show you the Headlines along with the relevant questions based on your any topic. Here I took affiliate marketing-

This will gives headlines from current posts on web about that particular keyword but also give you a list of questions that people ask on search engines. For me questions is the most valuable. In my articles, I like to answer research questions so that people leave by gaining some knowledge.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform

Apart from this, It will show you metric like this:

  1. Subtopic Volume (Search Volume)
  2. Difficulty and
  3. Topic Efficiency

As you can see the above image, there subtopic is amazon affiliate. There amazon affiliate keyword has 74000 monthly search volume, 74% difficulty level, and high topic efficiency.

Which means if you are going to write a article on Amazon affiliate keyword then it will be hard to rank on Google SERP top 10 result.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

With this topic research tool, you can spy on your competitor’s domain to see which topics they are using to rank articles on Google’s SERP? You can do that easily by entering a domain name.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

As you can see, here ShoutMeLoud’s website currently ranks in the top 100 Google results for many topics. Here are some reasons to use Topic Research Tool of Semrush:

  • It is very easy to use. All you have to do is enter a topic or keyword and it will give you multiple content ideas around that topic.
  • You will also get a comprehensive list of all the sub-topics related to your main topic or keywords.
  • Plus, it gives you the best headlines for your content as well as suggestions for deciding which one works better.

It also gives you a comprehensive list of “how,” “what,” “why,” and other questions that people ask about that topic. It essentially show the needs and challenges of your target audience on a single platter.

I have used this tool a lot to get inspiration for articles. This is one of my favorite tools in the Semrush content marketing platform.

How to create SEO friendly content using their “SEO Content Templates”?

Till now we have find out topic using topic research tools, and now it’s time to write well-optimized SEO friendly content on that topic.

Here good news is that, Semrush Content Marketing platform offers you “SEO Content Templates” that you can use to create structured and SEO-friendly content.

So, you already know creating SEO friendly artilces is very important in digital marketing as well as for bloggers. Without SEO optimization you can’t get consistent traffic on your website! That’s why you have to use Semrush’s SEO Content Templates.

Here’s how “SEO Content Templates” helps you.

  • All you have to do is type your target keyword that you want to rank
  • Choose your location or country and get a custom SEO template for your target keywords
  • Semrush analyzes the content of Google’s top 10 ranking pages for your target keywords
  • Apart from this, You’ll find tips on creating better SEO-optimized content.

Focusing on SEO before writing content for a blog will increase your chances of ranking high in search engines and boost your organic traffic.

Type in target keywords into the “SEO Content Template”, select your country, city or region to see database and click the “Create SEO Template” button to continue.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

Semrush’s all the recommendations are based on your top 10 rivals ranking for your target keywords in Google search

Semrush Content Marketing Platform ReviewSemrush Content Marketing Platform Review

As you can see above image, you will find following matrics;

  • Top 10 Rivals for Your Keywords
  • Key Recommendations (Based on Those Top 10 Competitors on Google)

Here most important is recommendations as they offers you lot of valuable tips to create a well-optimizzed SEO-friendly content.

So, take action on their recommendations and if you follow their tips then you will get best results in terms of traffic incrreament and content enagement.

You can get semantic related keywords, backlink sources you can try to get, average readability score and recommended text length.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

From the above suggestions , you can learn how to use keyword in the article. You can analyse how your competitors using keyword in their article.

To outperform your competitors on the SERPs, you need to analyze their content and think about how your copy can be written better than theirs.

You will get suggestions to include your target keywords to get better ranking in Google search results.

Analyze what content takes your competitors into the top 10 of Google and find out ideas on how to use the keywords you want to rank for. In this way, you can use Semrush’s SEO Content Template.

What is SEO Writing Assistant, & How You Can Use It For Content Creation?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Writing Assistant is a tool that helps bloggers and copywriters take their words to the next level by taking into account search ranking metrics.

Personally, I write all my articles on Google Docs and then copy them to Writing articles in Google Docs is useful for collaboration and add-on purposes.

One of the best tools in Semrush content marketing platform is SEO Writing Assistant. This tool does exactly what it says: it helps you write articles in an SEO friendly way.

The advantage of this tool is that it checks your content in real-time so that you can optimize immediately.

Typically, it provides tips on optimizing your content for SEO, and this tool analyzes the top 10 ranking pages of Google SERP to give you the best recommendations.

Semrush provides an in-built SEO writing assistant editor where you can copy paste your text to find best SEO recommendations.

If anyone in this world understands the pain of a contact creator and writer, then it is the team of Semrush. That’s why they have developed a handy SEO plug-in for WordPress, and Google Docs!

The tool is available on the Guru plan and upwards. So, why are you waiting to start 7-day free trial of Guru Plan?

This is a useful tool that I usually run into after writing an article. I check the recommendations and confirm whether it is worth implementing.

With this pluginn and add-on, Content professionals, bloggers, and marketing experts can check whether their texts or texts from outside authors meet various content-quality requirements. Within just few clicks.

Here you can write an article and set keyword! First of all, you have to set some goals to get recommendation for SEO friendly content. Following are target; What are you writing about, and what is your target audience?

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

In Quick Checker, you just need to enter your content, then hit the Get Recommendation button. By using their SEO Writing Assistant you will get the following facts:

Semrush Content Marketing Platform ReviewSemrush Content Marketing Platform Review

Readability score: This SEO Writing Assistant feature will analyze how your blog or webpage stacks up against the readability test. It overall readability score along with word count, title issues and content issues.

This test looks at things like word difficulty in terms of pronunciation and general comprehension, length and complexity of your sentence structures. Then, this SEO Writing Assistant will score your readability on a score out of 100.

It will also look at the length of your article in terms of word count compared to your top ten competitors for the keyword ranking you entered earlier.

Here you’ll see a recommended word count and a performance of your content. But remember, Content depth is also important!

Originality score:

This metric measures the uniqueness of your content. Remember, while it’s good to get an expert opinion to substantiate your claims, duplicate content is not acceptable to search engines.

Google doesn’t like duplicate content which means you can’t same copy of other blogger’s content. Google always gives priority to first ranker, and to ranked content on a keyword then you need to write content different than other blogger.

It is also a valuable tool for brands that outsource content creation, helping to check that the work received was not plagiarized. If that were the case, Semrush’s writing assistant would show you exactly where the content was pulled from online.

It also predicts tone of voice, and you already know every brand has unique tone of voice. It produces specific examples of sentences that stand out for their casual or formal nature.

Try to score a 9 if you want to better optimize your article for both search engines and your target audience.

If you’re already using Google Docs to write articles, you’ll love Semrush’s SEO writing assistant because it’s not only free to use, but it helps you build your content for SEO and higher search rankings.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

What is Brand Monitoring Tool, and How It Going To Help You?

The next tool in the Semrush content marketing platform is Brand Monitoring! This tool detects on the web whether your brand name is mentioned in the articles or not.

With the brand monitoring tool, you can select the countries you want to analyze. It also helps field marketing teams see if their local PR efforts are making an impact.

It gives you the ability to track specific domains for brand mentions on a daily basis and can also be integrated with Google Analytics so that you can easily measure the amount of traffic you can get from link mentions.

As you can see above, you can monitor all your web mentions (on specific dates) with the domains that are mentioning your website, brand or product.

Here’s how it looks;

Semrush Content Marketing Platform ReviewSemrush Content Marketing Platform Review

:For each article in which your brand is mentioned, Semrush offers the following data:

  • Language
  • Estimated Reach
  • Backlink Quantity, and trends
  • Authority score of the domain
  • Traffic estimations of high, medium, and low

There are a few things on this list that will get you excited when you think about improving your online presence.

We all know that backlinks are still a very important factor to rank on Google SERP. If your brand is mentioned in an article, and they don’t link back to your website, you have low link-juice for link building.

9 times out of 10 people will add a link to your website if they have already mentioned your brand name. Then reach out to these people and get some easy backlinks.

Following are some of the benefits of using brand monitoring.

  • You can track anything by your name, brand, website, app or product and be notified whenever someone mentions it on the web.
  • If someone is mentioning your brand without a link, you can send a soft email to them.

In this way, you can use Brand Monitoring tool to spy on your competitor’s website. And this tool is also helpful for digital marketing agency, as well as for content creator to spy on brands.

This tool is a treasure for easy backlinks, but it’s also meant to measure the voice of your brand on the internet. Apart from this, The link builder tool will give you the email addresses of the website in which your brand was mentioned.

Below are seven benefits of using the Semrush brand monitoring tool:

1. Semrush tracks and notifies you about online mentions of your name, website, app, product or brand. This will help you to connect with the concerned person quickly.

2. Semrush allows you to track mentions for your competing brands. This will help you identify their social media marketing strategy. Also, you can push your products where your competitor has weaker side.

For example, let’s say a Twitter mention reveals that some users are complaining about your competitor’s customer service. In that case, you can ensure a better customer experience by offering them your products.

3. If you know niche influencers, especially those who speak about your brand or products, you can create a brand monitoring campaign to help them whenever they need your help..

4. You can track brand mentions on forums and social media, and answer relevant questions or help users with appropriate solutions. It creates a positive brand impression in the minds of the users.

5. Semrush Brand Monitoring Tool captures sentiment of web mentions based on text analysis. You can evaluate the virality score of the PR campaigns. 

Let’s know about Post Tracking tool from Semrush,

The Post Tracking tool is the integral part of of the Semrush Content Maarketing Platform. It enables content marketers to measure the impact of their off-page content.

Commonly, The Post Tracking is a tool that I use to track my post, and then I use it to create solid promotion strategy.

When you open the tool, it will ask you to add an article URL to start tracking. You can analyze up to 50 URLs per project, which means you have to create a project in this tool.

Post Tracking tool allows you to track multiple articles on your website and it will displays you following metrics:

URL: All URLs you’re currently tracking along with the title, word count, publication date, and link to the source page. You can add or remove URLs!

Referral traffic: Referral traffic is a way of reporting visits to your site from sources outside of Google’s search engine. It shows the number of referral visits since the publication date of a particular article excluding organic search traffic.

Semrush collects this data when you link your Google Analytics account with this tool. When someone clicks a hyperlink to go to a new page on a different website, Google Analytics tracks the click as a referral visit to another site.

Keywords: It shows the number of target keywords for which your post is ranking in the top 100 on Google SERP. Currently, Semrush allows keyword rank tracking for 5 targeted keywords and 7 positions for each post.

You can edit this keyword list at any time, but previously collected data will be lost. And You can export your data in excel sheet!

Backlinks: It also shows number of backlinks your post is getting.

Shares: This section shows the total number of social shares which you’re getting social media sites. You can also see top contributors, Facebook vs Twitter shares, referral traffic, visibility trend, share growth and daily changes.

According to our research, the social share data under this section is not accurate.

Estimated Reach: Semrush mix up domain traffic value and big data analysis to estimate the estimated reach of a particular post.

While the Semrush post tracking tool is great for measuring the success of external content efforts, I seriously think it can help you in the creation of promotion and link building strategy.

Overall, Post Tracking tool helps you to track keywords, referral traffic, shares, backlinks, etc. of your personal blog post URL.

Improve, and Revise Your Content Using the Semrush Content Audit Tool

The Content Audit Tool is a part of the Semrush Content Marketing Platform that allows you to audit website content and identify pages that need immediate attention.

The best way to get the most out of the content audit tool from Semrush is to connect your Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Content audit runs at the subfolder level, so all you have to do is select the folders you want to audit with checkboxes.

Basically, Semrush Content Audit tool need a sitemap to give results effectively. If Semrush can’t find the sitemap from your domain URL or robots.txt file, it will ask you to add a sitemap link or upload the sitemap directly to the Content Audit Tool (only .txt, .csv, or .xml file 100MB less than).

If for some reason the sitemap is inaccessible, you can submit the rest of the URL manually.

Semrush Content Audit Tool can be used for audit the existing content of your blog. Based on audit, you can either update your old content or develop a new content strategy to boost your overall traffic, and sales.

Once you run a content audit, it will list all the content on your site so that you can analyze each one of them. You can check the workflow status to see the status of your blog posts.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

It will display following metrics:

  • H1 tag 
  • Author
  • Word count
  • Backlinks
  • Sessions
  • Bounce Rate 
  • Search Queries
  • Total social shares

After you’ve connected Google Analytics and Google Search Console to Semrush and run a content audit, it will analyze your content and group it into four categories, aka content sets, as described below.

Rewrite or remove: 

Pages older than 24 months that have received less than 15 pageviews in the last 30 days are archived under this content set.

If the page topic is still relevant, you can rephrase the content. Otherwise, it is better to delete that specific page.

Need to update: 

Pages older than 24 months but receiving more than 15 pageviews in the last 30 days are stored under this set.

As these pages drive traffic, you can consider improving their content to generate more traffic and social shares.

Quick review:

Pages published in the last six months, which have received over 150 pageviews, are available for quick review.

You can add more useful content to these pages or leave them unedited until you see a significant drop in traffic or user engagement.

Poor content:

Pages with less than 200 words are often flagged as thin content and stored under this category. Depending on the purpose of these pages, you may delete or update them.

Semrush allows you to create your own content set with custom data fields.

It helps you quickly understand the performance of your content marketing campaign. After this you can make a solid content strategy.

The Content Audit Tool has the following limitations for each subscription level:

Free: 50 pages per audit

Pro: 50 pages per audit

Guru: 20,000 pages per audit

Business: 20,000 pages per audit

It is one of the most important tools for creating a content promotion and creation strategy. You can apply some filters to differentiate between top performing vs low performing content.

This will help you determine the strategy ahead and channelize the effort in the right direction.

Grow your organic traffic with SEO Writing Assistant Tool

Try Free Trial Now To Improve Your Content

Content Audit tool comes in the Semrush Content Marketing Platform which means It makes more sense to take free trial of Guru Plan. Because Content Marketing Platform, comes with only two plans of Semrush; one is Guru plan, and second is Business plan.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Pros

You have to agree that Semrush Content Marketing Platform is one of the best toolkit for content creator right now.

Here are some of the pros of the Semrush content marketing platform that you would like to know before using it for content creation:

  • The Topic Research tool helps you find excellent content ideas for any keyword, and niche
  • SEO Writing Assistant (SWA) helps you create and optimize your content by focusing on the four most important aspects of copywriting, i.e. readability, SEO, originality and tone of voice
  • The SEO Content Template gives data-driven SEO recommendations to create SEO-friendly content
  • The Brand Monitoring tool helps you analyze the mentions for you and your competitors to find backlink opportunities
  • The Content Audit Tool analyzes underperforming, and overall content so that you can optimize it to drive more organic traffic and social shares
  • You can use Post Tracking tools to track backlinks, referral traffic, search engine rankings and social shares of any content
  • The user management feature of the Semrush content marketing platform allows you to invite unlimited team members, assign various tasks to them, and track work-in-progress at an individual and a team level
  • Third-party integration expand the possibilities of using Semrush content marketing tools effectively
  • You can check the originality of your content, and the Semrush Marketing Calendar helps you plan and schedule your content in advance
  • Data export and reporting tools allow for more efficient cross-platform collaboration and client management.

So, these are the pros of Semrush content marketing platform which you should have to know before going to take free trial of Guru plan.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Cons

I believe Semrush has developed a strong content marketing platform. But they have some limitation which you have to know;

  • Free and Pro plan users can only access limited features. You will get full access to their content marketing platform on their higher end plans which are Guru and Business
  • Semrush Topic Research misses out on direct integrations for popular platforms like Google Trends, Twitter Trends, and Top Stories.

Top 3 Tools Of Semrush Content Marketing Platform

According to our research, we have find out top 3 tools of this content marketing platform! Those tools can be game-changing for content creators and writers.

You all know, high quality content is the centre of every online marketing strategy from your website to emails, social media and ads. And those top 3 tools helps you create excellant content easily and quickly.

All these tools help you get more traffic, rank higher on Google and increase your overall brand presence.

So, Below are the top 3 tools from Semrush content marketing platform:

  1. Topic Research
  2. SEO Content Template
  3. SEO Writing Assistant

Topic Research- You can quickly generate ideas for content in a second!

You all know, Digital marketing is complicated, and big industry. It involves a lot of changing things on a daily basis, everyday new updates comes in the digital marketing industry.

But regardless of industry or channel you use—whether that’s is social media, your website, search engines, paid advertisements. So in all this aspect, content plays a big role.

That’s why your marketing strategy needs to keep the content at its center. At the end, if you don’t have content then what will you promote and communicate?

This is a big question here, so don’t worry Semrush content marketing platform is for you!

Well, the Topic Research Tool helps you generate new ideas and/or headlines for your posts. Simply enter a keyword or topic you want to write about and wait for it to see its magic.

This will provide you with a list of sub-topics and the most shared headlines around it. You can use it to find a number of subtopics, so you can include in your own blog post.

You can see results in four ways: Card, Explorer, Overview, Mind Map. The default view is Card view.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

  • The Card shows you the results in Post-It style, Like brainstorming on a whiteboard.
  • Explorer type shows you a table that displays the social traffic/interactions of each subtopic.
  • As the name suggests, the overview summarizes the top/best results so you don’t take quick decisions
  • You can use the mind map to see you how each subtopic connects with the primary topic.

If you look to the right, you’ll see a filter there called Prioritize by. It basically sorts the results by volume, difficulty, subject proficiency.

This is the main use of the Topic Research tool. When you click on card, there you will see 3 main parts:

  1. At the top, you’ll notice metrics for Volume, Difficulty, and Efficiency
  2. Then on the right, you’ll see a breakdown of questions related to your primary keyword
  3. On the left column, you’ll see the headlines of the top 10 articles ranking on Google SERP for the sub topic.

SEO Content Template- A Tool for SEO Friendly Content Creation

SEO content template is a tool that helps content writers to create content which has a high probability of performing well on search engines.

To get started, simply type in the main keyword/topic you want to rank for. It will analyze the ranking of top 10 articles on Google and give you recommendations on various aspects:

  • It Suggest Readability Score
  • Recommended article length/word count
  • Other recommendations such as using videos
  • Which sites should you try to get backlinks from
  • What semantic keywords should you use in your blog posts

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

Semrush’s SEO content template helps you create blog posts or pages that are optimized for search engines. It helps to speed up the research process, so you don’t need to do guesswork.

With this tool, you’ll be focused on implementation.

As told above, it is an AI-assisted content marketing tool. Below is how it works:

  • You just have to enter keywords that you want to rank for
  • It collects information about ranking of top 10 pages on Google SERP
  • Suggests you what keywords and content you should include in your article.

If you are serious about increasing your organic traffic and creating SEO-optimized content, then you should definitely use this tool.

SEO Writing Assistant- Best Tool For Write SEO-Optimized Content For Blog

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant (SWA) is a tool that checks your blog post or page to see if it follows best practices in search engine optimization or not.

It shows scores in 4 different dimensions:

  • Readability
  • SEO
  • Tone of voice
  • Originality

If you click on any one of those dimensions, you can see the individual metrics that is part of it. Here are them below. 


Readability is related to how easy or difficult your article is to read. It uses the Flesch-Kincaid readability test. You’ll also find your recommended word count and estimated reading time here. The last part is about your content problems. Some recommendations here would be to avoid splitting up long paragraphs, difficult sentences, or too complex words.


This metric helps you to follow best on-page SEO practices for the particular keywords you are targeting. It helps you add semantically related keywords that are essential to help Google understand more about your page.

What’s great here is that as you type your content and use recommended keywords, the keywords light up as green. If you use it a lot, you’ll notice that it shows you a warning to help you avoid keyword stuffing:

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

Finally, you’ll see another title recommendation here. In readability, it checks your length. Here, it checks whether you have used your main keyword in your title.

You’ll also find suggestions about optional features.

Tone of Voice:

A brand’s voice is of utmost importance when it comes to creating content. One of the keys to maintaining the tone of your voice is consistency. Consistency build strong brand among the people.

You will be able to imagine that you are writing for a particular audience, which means you’re building a tone of voice for that particular audinence.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

Basically, here sentences are divided into two types:

  • Most casual sentences
  • Most formal sentences

Casual sentence means that sentences which you use in all your blog posts regularly! That will be your tone of voice.


This metric checks whether your content is original or not. If you want to check the originality score result, then you have to use it first. Then it will show you score!

Depending on your accounts, you only get a limited number of plagiarism checks per month.

These four dimensions—readability, SEO, tone of voice and originality—all help you write an SEO-optimized articles and maintain brand consistency every time.

How to Access the SEO Writing Assistant?

As I said earlier that you can use Semrush SEO Assistant tool in follow three ways:

  1. Use SWA in the Semrush tool

You can access the SWA directly within the Semrush content marketing platform dashboard. It has limited functionality but is handy if you need to build one quickly.

2. Use SWA in Google Docs with the help of Add-ons

I’m a big fan of Google Docs and Google makes every content creators life easy. If you’re a fan of Google Docs, you can install the add-on, sign-in to your Semrush account, and SWA can show you recommendations here.

Google Docs is perfect for content writing for other clients and/or working with other writers. You can do this easily by clicking Add-ons, then clicking Get Add-ons. You will see Google Marketplace. Or, click here to install it directly.

3. Use SEO Writing Assistant in WordPress

If you want to use SWA in WordPress, so you have to install a plugin which will help you in creating SEO friendly content.

SEO Writing Assistant is a plugin that you can install and use inside WordPress.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

If you notice, this is what it looks like inside the Semrush dashboard. You’ll see your score with four key metrics: readability, SEO, tone of voice, and originality.

This is my favorite way to use the SEO Writing Assistant tool from Semrush. The main limitation of the SEO Writing Assistant is tied plan you choose to use Semrush. Depending on your plan limits, you only get a certain number of units per month.

That’s why I recommend the Guru plan if you’re planning to use content marketing toolkit in your business. And from my experience, this plan is more than enough for you.

So, these are top 3 tools of Semrush Content Marketing Platform, which you can use it to create engaging content.

Plans & Pricing: Which Semrush Plan Should You Buy?

Semrush has designed its plans according to the standard market usage scale. But they does not offer a free plan, and here is the best 7-day free trial you can get that you can use to understand Semrush content marketing platform and tools.

They currently offers the following 3 monthly subscriptions.

  • Pro – $119.95 per month
  • Guru – $229.95 per month
  • Business – $449.95 per month

One plan is developed for startups, the other is developed for small and medium businesses, while the next plan is designed for marketing agencies, and the customize plan can be adapted for enterprises or large startups.

Semrush PlansProGuruBusiness
Monthly Pricing$119.95/month$229.95/month$449.95/mo
Yearly Pricing (up to 17% Off)$99.95/month$191.62/month$374.95/month
Recommended forBloggers, Freelancers, Startups, and Digital Marketing Individuals Content Marketers, SMBs, and Growing Marketing AgenciesEstablished Agencies, E-commerce Stores, Large Business with an Extensive Market Share
Free Trial Link7-Day Free Trial7-Day Free TrialSubscribe

Remember that you will need to subscribe to the Guru or Business plan to get full access to the Semrush content marketing platform.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review


If you want to save more money on their plans, you must buy their annual plans as you can save 17% on all their 3 plans. Following are the pricing structure along with their annual billing:

  • Pro – $99.95 per month
  • Guru – $191.62 per month
  • Business – $374.95 per month

So, here best deal for you is buying Guru plan because it contains every features that needs for content creation.

Semrush’s Guru plan offers the following features;

This plan is designed for small and medium businesses as well as for content creators, developing marketing firms. It costs $229.95 per month and if you pay annually then you will have to pay $199.62 per month.

I recommend this plan for startups, content creators and agencies, and this plan has more features than the Pro plan.

  • 5000 Reports per day
  • 1500 Keywords to track
  • Unlimited Topic Research 
  • Up to 50 Post Tracking Units
  • Google Data Studio Integration
  • 15 Projects and Historical Data
  • Up to 800 SEO Content Templates
  • Up to 5 countries to track per project
  • You can only create one marketing calendar
  • Up to 20,000 pages to audit in Content Audit Tool
  • Full access to the Semrush content marketing platform

The most important thing is that you are getting the Semrush Content Marketing Platform in this plan.

With their Business plan, you’ll get following features;

This plan is designed for large marketing agencies and businesses with a wide presence on the web. If you choose the annual prepaid plan, you will have to pay $374.95 per month.

That is, you have to pay the bill annually and if you want to pay monthly then its cost is 449.95 per month.

  • 40 Projects, & API Access
  • Up to 20K pages to audit
  • Up to 10 countries to track
  • 5000 Keywords to track
  • 10000 Reports per day
  • Up to 50 post tracking units
  • You can add unlimited calendars
  • Up to 2000 SEO content templates
  • Up to 10 plagiarism checks per month through SWA

Content marketers, bloggers, digital marketing agencies can take advantage of Semrush content marketing platform to reach a wider market and generate more traffic.

Note: If you want access to content marketing platform, the Semrush’s Guru plan is desgined for you. 

Semrush also offers customized plans for larger businesses that want more features out of Semrush’s Business plan. This plan is also known as Enterprise plan which is personalized for large enterprises based on their respective needs.

Want to try Semrush free for 7 days? Use the below link.

Grab your 7 day FREE Semrush Guru account (worth $229.95)

How to activate free trial of Semrush Content Marketing Platform?

Do you want to try Semrush Content Marketing Platform at no cost for 7 days?

If yes, here’s a special deal you won’t want to miss.

Follow below 5 steps to get a 7-day free trial of Semrush Content Marketing Platform:

Step 1: Click here to visit the official landing page of Semrush content marketing platform. Please get to know each feature and try to understand how you can use it effectively.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform

Step 2: Click on the Get Free Trial button. Semrush will tell you to create a new account.

Step 3: Create a new account by typing the email address and password. Or, you can click the Continue with Google button for a faster sign up.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

Next, you have to confirm your email address by entering code. Then you will be landed on the next page!

Step 4:Semrush Guru 7-Day Free Trial page will open, and here you have to enter your billing information. Remember that the Content Marketing Toolkit is only available in the Guru and Business plans.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

Step 5: After entering all the details and hit the Place the Order button. Now, you have unrestricted access to the Semrush marketing suite, including a completely free content marketing platform, for the next seven days.

Congratulations! You have successfully got 7-day free trial of Guru plan. Use this 7-day free trial effectively, so that you can understand Semrush Content Marketing Platform.

FAQ About Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions around the Semrush content marketing platform:

1. What is Semrush?

Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing tool that helps in SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), social media, and content marketing campaigns.

2. Is Semrush free to access?

No, Semrush is a premium SEO toolkit but you can avail their 7 day free trial of Guru account from here (which is worth $229.95 per month).

3. What is Semrush Content Marketing Platform?

Semrush’s Content Marketing Toolkit is a content marketing tool that can be used for topic research, brand monitoring, content optimization, content performance tracking, and many more.

4. Who can use the Semrush Content Marketing Platform?

Content creators, marketers, agencies, bloggers and anyone who involved in content creation can use Semrush content marketing platform.

5. What you can do with Semrush Content Marketing Platform?

Following are the tasks that you can do with Semrush content marketing platform:

  • Find topics that connects with your audience
  • Manage your content editorial calendar
  • Get SEO recommendations
  • Find the originality of your copy
  • Audit your website’s content
  • Track mentions of your website or brand online
  • Improve your existing content and the list goes on

6. What is Semrush’s Brand Monitoring Tool?

Semrush’s brand monitoring tool helps you track all online mentions. You can set a word (like your name, product, app, website or brand) and it tracks all these mentions on a daily basis. This is an in-built tool that you get with Semrush’s Content Marketing Platform.

7. Is Semrush’s content marketing platform reliable?

Over 6 million users trust SEMrush. Currently, it has 7 billion content ideas and 18 billion keywords in its database. If you want to build a data-driven content marketing strategy, you will not find such a strong and reliable platform.

Semrush Best Deals

And of course if you agree to pay annually rather than monthly, you can expect to see additional savings.

Semrush Annual Pro Plan: $999.36

Semrush Annual Guru Plan: $1,999.44

Semrush Annual Business Plan: $3,999.36

As great as Semrush may sound, you probably would like to give this tool a little hands-on demonstration and see if it really is a good fit for your company.

Fortunately, we have a special 7-day free trial of Semrush so you can check out all of the features a plan.

Conclusion: Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

Let’s know which plan is best for you, Guru or Business?

If you are looking to invest your money more efficiently to get better results, it make more sense to buy Semrush’s Guru Plan.

Further, You could also add a addional Semrush services to your plan if you need a detailed analysis of digital marketing channels, many country’s data and trends.

Moreover, this 7-day trial comes with SEO Toolkit, Keyword Research Tool, Competitor Analysis Tool. It also provides in-depth site analysis through its auditing tools, which identify critical SEO problems and suggest possible solutions.

Creating appealing content is the secret to building a successful blog or business online. This is where Semrush’s content marketing platform comes in work. It helps you with everything from managing your content idea to optimizing your blog posts, tracking your content performance, etc.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review

So, what are you waiting for?

Get started with Semrush which is the best all-in-one SEO tool on the market right now!

So far, I have shared a complete review of the Semrush content marketing platform and highlighted its top features, pros and cons.

You will hardly find an alternative to the Semrush content platform at an incredible price. You can also read reasons to choose Semrush over SimilarWeb here!

So what are your thoughts on the Semrush content marketing platform? Do you think this is the best platform to build a solid content marketing strategy?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. If you like our blog post, then do share it. We will keep progressing as a blog, Meanwhile Sharing Is Caring!

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