Ultimate BundledSEO Review 2022 – Best Group Buy SEO Tools Provider?

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You are already aware that every blogger requires an SEO tool to keep track of their competitors. Following that, he decides to purchase an SEO tool while also researching which SEO tool is the most cost-effective and affordable.

We are also aware that all of the other tools, such as Ahrefs, Semrush, and many others, are expensive on the original website. Bundled SEO, on the other hand, offers their products and services at a lower cost.

If you want these SEO tools at a lower price, keep reading because I have a discounted BundledSEO coupon code that you will find at the end of this article.

When you first start blogging, you do not have enough money to invest in expensive SEO tools. That’s where the Group Buy SEO Tools service comes in, allowing you to get your favourite SEO tool for a very low price.

BundledSEO Review 2022

BundledSEO is a group buy SEO tool provider that offers premium tools at a low price.

It is a relatively new brand, but the services and features it offers are exceptional. So, give this premium tool provider a try!

Today I’m going to write a review on BundledSEO, the world’s best Group Buy SEO Tools provider.

I’ve discovered that Blogging Tools are the most difficult issue for many new bloggers; you can’t afford to spend 40,000 to 50,000 INR on must-have SEO and blogging tools that are critical to your blogging success.

You can’t resist using blogging tools, but you also can’t afford to acquire them from their official brand websites at such a high price.

That’s why you’ll need a provider who offers the best group buy services.

We’ll look at the BundledSEO Review, Plans & Pricing, Features, Tools, FAQ, and Discount Code in this review.

So, without further ado, let’s get started,

BundledSEO Review– What is BundledSEO exactly?

BundledSEO Review

BundledSEO is a new brand in the market that offers up to an 85% discount on high-quality group buy SEO tools including Ahrefs, Semrush, WordAi, Canva and Grammarly.

I understand that premium services like Ahref, Semrush, Grammarly, and others are extremely costly for beginner bloggers.

BundledSEO is here to fix this problem by offering all of those premium tools at a very low price so that every beginner blogger can afford them, and they provide almost 20+ SEO tools starting at just 99 INR.

BundledSEO is a newcomer to the market, with a broad variety of services and features to compliment its existing customer base.

Well, It offers you to access a variety of SEO tools for a low cost and with immediate access.

I’ve been using BundledSEO for 5 months and have concluded that they are the best on the market right now, with 24/7 customer service, 99 percent uptime, and direct access to premium tools.

You will get following professional SEO tools at the lowest pricing per month as listed below:

  • Ahrefs [₹1,999]
  • Semrush [₹299]
  • Canva Pro [₹149]
  • Envato Elements [₹299]
  • Quillbot Premium [₹299]
  • Grammarly Premium [₹199]

All of the tools that you will access from BundledSEO are listed above. You have the option of purchasing each tool separately or as part of a package.

You should purchase their Mega Plan, which includes 30+ tools and it costs you 2,499 INR for one month!

Please share your comments in the comment section if you find this BundledSEO review to be useful.

BundledSEO Provides The Best Features at a Minimal Price

BundledSEO offers many features at a low cost that are not provided by their competitor’s sites such as ToolsZap, ToolsPur, FlickOver and SEOToolAdda.

They offer a variety of premium tools to users at a very low cost. The list of available tools is extensive. BundledSEO provides more tools than other group buy SEO tool suppliers.

The following are some of the advantages of using it in 2022 (BundledSEO review):

# Cloud Based Tools

BundledSEO’s best feature is that all of the tools are hosted entirely in the cloud. It implies you’ll have very little downtime with the tools you’re employing.

When compared to other tools and sites, cloud-based tools and sites are more powerful, fast, and secure.

# Simple and Global Payment Gateways

In this BundledSEO review, it offers a variety of payment options ranging from local to worldwide. If you are an Indian, they also offer UPI and RuPay debit card payment options which is a great thing for an Indian.

When purchasing any service online, payment is important. Some websites only accept a limited number of payment methods.

BundledSEO Review

As a result, ordinary users encountered difficulties at the time. BundleSEO, on the other hand, accepts payments via PayPal, Stripe, UPI, Rupay Card, Mastercard, Visa, and Bitcoin, as well as other national and international payment methods.

Every payment is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

# One-Click & Instant Access

You’ve probably seen that many Group buy service providers advise you to install some extensions in order to use various tools.

Because of this, accessing the tool takes some time. While, BundledSEO provides all of the tools without requiring you to install any extensions.

So, get direct access to tools with a single click, no need to install third-party extensions. You don’t have to go through a long procedure or wait to use your preferred tool.

# 24/7 Live Chat Support

If you have any problems, BundledSEO provides live chat assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have a dedicated team to deal with their client’s problem, and they respond far too immediately.

They will assist you if you massage their support agent.

You may also make money by referring BundledSEO’s services and monthly memberships, and you can join their affiliate program for free.

# Unlimited Tools Usage

Except for one tool, which is Ahrefs (because it’s the largest SEO tool), there are no limits to the tools given by BundledSEO.

You’ll only find minor restrictions on keyword searches and site explorer searches in Ahrefs. Aside from Ahrefs, you have unrestricted access to any tool.

If you found this BundledSEO review to be useful, please share your opinions in the comment section below.

BundledSEO Review: Plans & Pricing

Commonly, BundledSEO offers four plans for individuals who want to buy a bundle of tools at a fixed price but don’t want to buy each item separately.

They have four packages available for purchasing SEO and digital marketing tools. You have the option of purchasing any tool individually or as part of a package, depending on your budget.

I’ve mentioned all of the tools and plans below, along with their pricing and plans:

1. Mega Plan (₹2499/month)

The Mega plan is an all-in-one package that includes all of the tools that they have to offer. Whether it’s SEO tools, social media tools, or design tools, there’s something for everyone.

The following are the 29 tools included in the mega plan –

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush Business Plan
  • SerpStat
  • KeywordTool.io
  • Grammarly
  • Quetext
  • Wordai
  • UberSuggest
  • Majestic
  • Moz Pro
  • Article Builder
  • StoryBlocks
  • Helium10
  • Jungle Scout
  • Canva Pro
  • Pickmonkey
  • Crello
  • SkillShare
  • Indexification
  • QuillBot
  • Kwfinder
  • Rytr.ai
  • Buzzsumo
  • SpyFu
  • WooRank
  • Grammarly
  • SpamZilla
  • Envato Elements
  • InstaText

2. Elite Plan (₹999/month)

The Elite plan offers fewer tools, but it has all of the tools that bloggers and marketers need.

According to me, this is the perfect plan for new bloggers who don’t have enough money and don’t need many tools.

All of the essential tools for bloggers, such as Ahref, Semrush, Grammarly, Canva Pro, and others, can be accessed here.

This package costs Rs 999 per month and includes the following 22 services:

  • Semrush Pro/Guru
  • Grammarly
  • Quetext
  • Wordai
  • UberSuggest
  • Majestic
  • Moz Pro
  • Buzzsumo
  • Canva Pro
  • Pickmonkey
  • Crello
  • SkillShare
  • Envato Elements
  • Rytr.ai
  • SpamZilla
  • Helium10
  • SpyFu
  • Article Builder
  • StoryBlocks
  • Jungle Scout
  • WooRank

3. Medium Plan (₹699/month)

The Medium plan is for bloggers who only need a few tools to help them with their blogging, and and you will get only 11 tools!

Yes, if you don’t have a significant investment budget. So, you might go for the Medium plan, which includes 11 essential tools for your work.

The following are the tools included in the Medium plan:-

  • SEMRush
  • Grammarly
  • Quetext
  • Wordai
  • UberSuggest
  • Majestic
  • Moz Pro
  • Buzzsumo
  • SpyFu
  • WooRank
  • Grammarly

4. Semush Business Group Buy

When it comes to purchasing SemRush from Group buy SEO tool, there are a few things to keep in mind. On Semrush, you’re only getting the Pro plan.

However, when you use BundledSEO, you will get the SemRush Business Plan, which allows you to accomplish much more task than the Pro plan.

If you don’t want any of the other tools, you may buy Semrush alone under the Bundled SEO.

With the Semrush Business plan, you’ll have access to all of the tool’s features. There are no compromises in terms of features, and get full access to the Semrush tool.

Well,  what are you waiting for?

5. Ahrefs Single Tool

If you don’t want to buy all of the other tools, just ahrefs, you can buy it separately. Also, we all know that ahrefs is not included in any of the other group buy SEO tool providers.

However, BundledSEO also offers ahrefs, but at a higher price.

Bonus: Use our personal free BundledSEO coupon code BloggingPlay to get an extra 10% off any plan or tool (valid for new customers, and note that coupon code already applied in the link below).

If you found this BundledSEO review helpful, then tell your thoughts in the comment box.

BundledSEO Review- Pros and Cons

There are benefits and drawbacks to everything. Similarly, BundledSEO has some fantastic features as well as some drawbacks that I discovered while using it.

I suggest you should read the advantages and disadvantages!

Pros of BundledSEO:

  • 100% Privacy Protection
  • Direct Access of Tools
  • Cloud Based Access
  • Best Value for Money
  • The lowest cost (₹80/tool with Mega Plan)

Cons of BundledSEO:

  • Account sharing is not permitted
  • Work Smoothly on Chrome browser
  • If you haven’t used the tool in a while, it will log you out automatically.

How to sign up for a BundledSEO account?

To learn how to buy BundledSEO plans, follow to the instructions below:

Step 1:Click here to visit the official BundledSEO website.

Step 2: Decide a specific plan based on your needs and pay for it.

Step 3: At this point, your account will be created automatically, and the plan you chose will be sent to your registered email.

Step 4: Now you can easily access your BundledSEO account and start using your tools.

How BundledSEO operates and how do you get access to their tools?

So, You already know that BundledSEO is a provider of group buy SEO tools. They help bloggers and digital marketers who don’t have the money to invest in expensive SEO solutions.

You won’t spend all of your money on expensive equipment as a beginning blogger, in fact. Without downloading two Chrome Extensions, BundledSEO provides immediate access to tools!

However, it commonly provides direct access to a number of tools, so you are not required to install extensions in order to access utility services.

Do you know, how BundledSEO provides group buy SEO tools service?

They share the various tools with a group of people after purchasing them at actual prices. This makes it accessible and affordable for everyone around the world.

Therefore, you will purchase a number of tools for a low cost rather than spending hundreds of dollars on one instrument.

BundledSEO and their staff are here to help you save a tonne of money each month since they are aware of how important your budget is to you.

It provides access to a number of tools in this manner. If you found this BundledSEO review helpful, then tell your thoughts in the comment box.

Please share your comments in the comment section if you find this BundledSEO review to be useful.

BundledSEO Free Coupon Code & Discounts June 2022

Do you want to save money when you buy tools from BundledSEO?

No worries, I talked with the BundledSEO team, and they have gave BloggIngPlay readers a special coupon code.

Using the BLOGGINGPLAY promo code, you can enjoy a flat 10% discount on any purchase — this is a limited-time offer.

I recommend the Mega Plan if you want to save your hard-earned money, and this plan includes group buy SEO tools valued ₹21,000 for only ₹2499 per month.

Furthermore, by using our promo code BLOGGINGPLAY, you will receive a 10% discount. You can save up to 85% on purchases if you do it this way.

Normally, no group SEO tool will provide you with a coupon code, but we had an unique conversation during BundledSEO review, and we’re delivering an exceptional coupon code for our readers.

So, all you have to do is, click here to get a massive discount while purchasing tools from BundledSEO and note that our premium coupon code already applied in the special link.

And included below are the details of the coupon code that must be entered during checkout to receive a flat 10 percent discount on all tools apart from Ahrefs.

Please share your comments in the comment section if you find this BundledSEO review to be useful or not.

Grab the BundledSEO discount code before it ends. The discount code is for a limited time period only. Click the below button for activating the deal.Don’t forget to use BLOGGINGPLAY Coupon code at the time of checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions About BundledSEO Review & Discount

After reading this post, people have some FAQs in their minds. Here are some BundledSEO review-related questions that people regularly ask:

1. What are Group Buy SEO Tools?

Group Buy SEO Tool refers to websites or service providers who offer all of the pricey SEO Tools that are sold in the market at discounted rates.

2. Is Bundled SEO Reliable?

You can rely on it, yes! With this platform, you can easily buy any SEO tools.

3. How can I get access to the tools I bought?

Some solutions allow you to log in with only one click, while others need the installation of approved Chrome extensions.

However, BundledSEO here offers direct access to the tools via a personalized dashboard.

4. Why should I choose BundledSEO above other tool providers?

The following exceptional advantages will compel you to select BundledSEO above other tool providers:

  • Access to all tools with one click.
  • No additional extensions are required.
  • They don’t make use of RDP, Portable, or third-party cookies or extensions.
  • A Semrush Business plan will be given to you, and other providers don’t provide this.

5. What separates BundledSEO from competitors?

Semrush Business Plan and Semrush Trends are provided by Bundles SEO. These two things are not provided by any other group buy SEO tools service.

6. Can I buy single tool?

Yes, you can buy tools separately means if you need a Ahrefs tool then you can buy it singally!

7. Can I buy a shared account?

You are not permitted to give this account to anybody else, and Your account will be automatically locked if the system notices this behavior or any other odd conduct.

8. What is the offer code of BundledSEO for a discount on tools purchase?

Use the BLOGGINGPLAY coupon code at the time of checkout. And don’t forget to use our link. You will receive a 10% discount when buying tools from it.

9. What are the top alternatives to BundledSEO?

BundledSEO won’t ever disappoint you, I bet. However, if you intend to switch to another group buy SEO tool, I suggest using ToolsPur or SEOToolAdda.

If you found this BundledSEO review helpful, please let us know in the comments area.

Conclusion of BundledSEO Review 2022

Of course! In comparison to other group buy SEO tool services, BundledSEO is the best. Before writing this article, I used this service for the 3 month.

You did, however, receive the most affordable Group Buy SEO Tools service from BundledSEO. I hope you now have a better understanding of BundledSEO and the benefits of investing in it.

BundledSEO is a good place to go if you’re a beginner and have a very small budget to spend on SEO tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, etc. BundledSEO is where you can purchase everything for the lowest costs.

So far, I’ve had a positive experience with this service. They offer good service, quick tool access with a single click, and, most significantly, prices that are also extremely reasonable.

I am also a 3 month user of BundledSEO, which is why I am recommending it to you! If you’re a beginning blogger, I highly suggest using it for your work.

It makes more sense to purchase to the BundledSEO Mega Plan if you want to save money on SEO tools. Well, If you are just starting out, the Rs 999 monthly Elite Plan is enough for you as it covers almost all the required tools.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get the Mega plan access with a 10% discount by going ahead.

This post covered BundledSEO Review and its discount code. If you don’t have the money in your budget to buy SEO tools from legitimate websites, you should give their services a try.

So, did you find this article useful? Please do share it on social media platforms with your friends and relatives.

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