Minerva Lifetime Deal 2022 – Starting From $69 (Huge Discount)

Are you looking for the Minerva lifetime deal 2022? If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

Minerva is the AI generator which can generate the support documents for the SaaS Products based on the user behaviors. In simple language, Its tool helps out in generating the How to Videos, FAQ and Interactive Guides. 

Before Ai content writing tools or after other content writing tools it’s a really costly and difficult task to have such content. It almost takes thousands of dollars every time we make some changes in product or services. Generating the support documents is difficult for service providers. Minerva is the solution for all problems faced by SaaS providers and content creators.

Minerva is marketed with some specific keywords like Easiest guide to generate how-to guides onboard, support and retain customers. Generating guides is getting easier with the Minerva tool. This tool can help you to retain customers by tackling the customer support problems.

Minerva Lifetime Deal 2022

minerva lifetime deal

Minerva provided the lifetime deal in collaboration with AppSumo SaaS providers. Lifetime deal will share you the access to Minerva for Lifetime at one time purchase only. Let’s have a look at the Best Features of this Lifetime deal on Minerva.

Minerva Lifetime Deal Plan & Features

Minerva Lifetime deal name itself suggests that it will provide lifetime access to Minerva Tool. Minerva lifetime access is not just about the features available at purchase time. Users get all the upcoming updates of Individual means tier 1 plan and business means tier 2 plan. 

Lifetime deals plan cannot be codes or stacked. No requirement of codes and No requirement of stacking as it provides different plans according to your needs.

Minerva Lifetime deal must be activated within 60 days of purchase. Users have to activate deals or users can also take money back within a 60 days period.

Users have the option to upgrade or downgrade the plan between 2 license tiers.

Common Features in All Plans

  • Screenshots and Videos
  • Guide Sharing and Embedding
  • Manage Guide Settings
  • Private Guides
  • Chrome Extension
  • Access to all Public Guides
  • Workspace Analytics
  • Collaborative Editing

Minerva Lifetime Deal Pricing

Minerva comes with 2 different License Tier Plans. Users can have a choice in between two different plans.

License Tier 1

  • All common features included
  • Up to 3 Private Groups
  • 50 Members per Group
  • Unlimited Guides
  • Unlimited Guidebooks

Offer Price: $69

Regular Price: $1188

License Tier 2

  • All common features included
  • Up to 10 Private Groups
  • 100 Members per Group
  • Unlimited Guides
  • Unlimited Guidebooks
  • SDK (Customizable)
  • Remove Minerva Logo
  • Upload Your Logo
  • Custom Branding Options
  • Unlimited SDK Users

Offer Price: $139

Regular Price: $3564

How Minerva Helps You?

By using some screenshots from your products or SaaS, Minerva automatically makes one video walkthrough using text-to-speech technology. That means your customers can get the Text step by step analysis with screenshots guide. There will be video steps according to the steps guide as other service providers have.

Minerva Features

Detailed FAQ Guide Section

Minerva itself works on FAQ generation, Guide creation and Customer retaining. They also applied the same on their website. Users can get detailed guidance about how to use their facilities with text, screenshots and video format tutorials. From their own guide tutorials we can make judgment about how we will be getting those details after taking their services.

AI Knowledge base

Documentation of your product gets generated according to users’ interactions with your software. That means documenting is totally based on AI knowledge base. Artificial Intelligence is working in an effective way.

Interactive Guides

Users can generate interactive guides for users which can be helpful for content creation like how-to and app guides. Everything generated from minerva is customizable according to users requirements.

Automatic Screenshots

Minerva automatically takes the screenshot of your products and services. Users will get more informative content from screenshots directly with your steps and automatically generated steps.

Dynamic Videos

Minerva is not just about documentation in text format, it’s about interactive guides or documentation of SaaS. Customer retention can be grabbed with screenshot based videos as a guide path for how-to in SaaS.

All Platforms Support

Minerva works on all platforms Like LinkedIn, Google, canva, ClickUp, Shopify, HubSpot, salesforce, retool, github, zendesk and many more.

Extension Based

Minerva has an extension that can be used at the time of capturing your product details through screenshots. It’s a Chrome extension and available in a free version also.

Customer Success

One or many customized documentations can be created using Minerva. This will help you to build a customer base and retention.

Minerva Plans & Pricing

Minerva serves with 3 different plans as official plans. Minerva offers 2 paid and one free plan with a marketing strategy of investing some money and getting more revenue.

Individual Plan

Individual plans are made for individuals who want to try the Minerva features and content generation. 

Features of Individual plan:

Individual plans include extensions which can be installed with chrome browser. 

  • Individual Workspace will be provided with an Individual Plan.
  • 50+ guide creations are there.
  • Unlimited Guidebooks
  • Screenshots and Video Facility available
  • Guide Sharing and Embedding
  • Private Guides are also available
  • 3 Private Guides can be availed

Price : Free

Premium Plan

Premium Plan is the basic plan from Minerva. It is especially used for collaboration and privacy purposes. Single users or multiple small sized teams can use the premium Plan from Minerva. Collaborative editing like features are making Premium Plan best for remote team usage also.

Features of Premium Plan:

  • All Individual plan Features Plus Following Addons
  • Unlimited Guides
  • Private Guides
  • Unlimited Guidebooks
  • Private Groups (up to 3)
  • Collaborative Editing

Price: $99 / Month (Annual Billing)

$124 / Month (Monthly Billing)

Business Plan

The top notch plan from Minerva was made without any limitations and almost every access to the tool. Business Plan provides SDK Access to users and unlimited users can access the SDK.

Features of Business Plan:

  • All Business Plans Features are provided with some following Addons Features
  • SDK Access
  • Private Groups (up to 10)
  • Custom Branding Option
  • AI Powered Guide Creation addon can be taken with Business Plan
  • AI Generated Knowledge Base Addon is also provided with Business Plan

Price: $1999 / Month (Annual Billing)

$2500 / Month (Monthly Billing)

Minerva Enterprise Plan

Its customized plan from Minerva for all the Companies and agencies who want more powerful services from Minerva. Business Plan is unlimited for normal users but Enterprise plan has more features than Business Plan. So It’s truly an unlimited plan.

Features of Minerva Enterprise Plan:

  • Unlimited Groups
  • AI Powered Guide Creation
  • AI Powered Knowledge base
  • Powerful Experience
  • Advanced Support
  • Advanced Security

The Minerva Enterprise plan can be claimed by contacting the support team of Minerva. 

Price: Contact Team Minerva For Pricing

FAQs on the Minerva Lifetime Deal

Some frequently asked questions related to the Minerva lifetime deal are mentioned below.

Does Minerva offer a Free Trial?

Minerva offers a Free plan which can be used for lifetime. So Free Plan is just not about Trial, it’s about Lifetime Deal.

Does Free trial require Credit Card Details?

It’s good news that the user does not require any Credit card details for claiming free trials.

Does Minerva support Multiple Languages?

No, Minerva just works in the English Language. They may work on multiple languages support in future.

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