What Is NAS Academy?- No.1 Courses That Can Teach You How To Make Money Online

A lot of people asking me, What is NAS Academy?

Repeatedly, Now I think this is the time to tell you what is NAS Academy exactly, and What courses they are offering you to change your life!

Note, Read this article carefully because this article will help you to enrich your career. If you find some value, then take a step to change your life and visit NAS Academy website from given info box.

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What Is NAS Academy?

NAS Academy is a Singapore-based platform founded and led by Palestinian-Israeli Content Creator Nuseir Yassin, who has a YouTube channel NAS Daily with 6.31 Million subcriber base. 

So, NAS Academy was founded in 2020 by Yassin as a platform for video makers to produce and monetize their knowledge and create their own courses and start their own academy for learners worldwide.

This platform offers classes and courses on entrepreneurship, storytelling, video editing, and content creation with price points ranging from $49 to $499. They also offers bundles of 2 or more courses at big discounted rates.

Nuseir Yassin is a product of many failures and consistent hard work. Over the years, Yassin has started several unsuccessful businesses before finding success with his 1-minute vlog on Nas Daily.

Well now, Nuseir Yassin has partnered with several experts from various industries to create courses similar to Nas Academy.

Commonly, NAS Academy for following three category:

  1. For Creators
  2. For Learners
  3. For Business

In short, NAS Academy is an online course marketplace that offers a range of courses from photography to marketing courses.

These courses are all short duration online courses that one can take to upgrade their skills and also choose a new profession.

Most of its courses are targeted at individuals who want to learn the skills needed to run a successful online business, with starting a YouTube channel as the main focus.

And in case you’re wondering who is behind it, Nas Academy is created by the same person who is behind Nas Daily.

Recently, Nas Academy has raised an $11 million Series A funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners with additional backing from Balaji Srinivasan, Emilie Choi, OYO founder Ritesh Agarwal, TechAviv Founder Partners, 500 Startups, fresh.fund and Metapurse, among others.

What Is Nas Academy

Who can buy Nas Academy courses?

NAS Academy dreams to be a hub for everyone to pick up a new skill and go from novice to expert. If you’re any newbie in social media world, then you can take any course related to your intrest from Nas Academy to learn new skill.

But for now, they’re offering total number of 40 course in various sector such as Content Creation, Business, Crypto, Other, Photography, Digital Marketing, YouTube Marketing, etc.

Till for now, you understood what is Nas Academy! Following are the professionals who will find Nas Academy helpful for them:

#1 New Youtubers and Aspiring Ones

Nas Academy offers courses especially for content creators who create want to create content on YouTube, and want to grow their YouTube career.

They offers courses to take you from beginner to star YouTuber. Given that this is Nuseir Yassin’s area of specialty, you can benefit greatly from these courses.

The Art of Storytelling is a course by Nuseir Yassin that teaches you how to be a better storyteller. Storytelling is very important aspect of YouTube content creation journey.

Nas Academy also offers a course bundle for an aspiring Youtuber where you will get more than 2 courses at discounted price. 

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#2 Business, and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Well, Ritesh Agarwal is one of the angel investor in Nas Academy. You all know, Ritesh Agarwal is a founder of OYO Rooms. 

At Nas Academy, the offers Pitch Investors course which is created by Ritesh Agarwal. In this course, you will learn How to Turn an Idea Into a Billion-Dollar Business.

If you want to get into entrepreneurship then you have to learn it first. That’s why you need a proven and right mentor for entrepreneurship, who will give you the strategies to build a successful business or startup.

#3 Aspiring Content Creator

Mostly Content creators benefit greatly from NAS Academy courses. There are many courses targeted at creators and interested people.

Whether you are a social media creator, content writer, TikToker, blogger, YouTuber etc, Nas Academy has you covered.

You’ll find courses to help you grow your business and monetize your audience. Plus, as a creator, you can partner with NAS Academy to create your own courses as well.

Creating a course on Nas Academy will also give you an added advantage when it comes to marketing your courses.

Because Nas Academy already has an audience that benefits you. Which means they’re working on a win-win situation, that will help you to learn new skills as student of Nas Academy. If you’re a creator, you can create various courses and sell.

#3 Videographers and Photographers

Nas Academy has courses to take you from zero to one photographer and videographer, hoping to inspire more creators to create better content.

If you’re aspiring to become content creator or want to improve your camera and editing skills, Nas Academy is for you. 

In straight word, The NAS Academy is one stop platform to learn the skills of the future! They have highly-engaging courses across content creation, art, business, crypto currency and many more.

Courses in NAS Academy

There are total 40 courses in NAS Academy and in this section, I will try my best to cover as many courses as possible. You will get more courses at Nas Academy in upcoming days.

Let’s start with the popular courses at the Academy.

#1 Become a mobile content creator in 30 days

What is NAS Academy

This is another popular course on NAS Academy. This is a course offered by NAS Academy instructors themselves.

This course is for all those who want to become a video content creator irrespective of their chosen platform like Youtube.

You all know, Today’s world is all about video! And making videos is easier than ever before, but making good videos is hard. It takes years of experience to master the art of video creation and understand how the different social media platforms work.

This course is designed to walk you through all phases of video production, from ideation and filming to editing and publishing.

It simplifies the process of video content creation using your mobile phone or any other video recording device you have.

The primary goal of this course is to train more mobile content creators who can build a sustainable business for themselves on Youtube and other available social media channels.

Nuseir Yassin is one of the trainers of this program. You get to learn videography tactics and tips to create better video content via mobile.

Here is a quick analysis of the course outline:

  • Ideation: Understanding Mobile Platforms
  • Scripting: The Power of Words
  • Filming: How to Shoot Creatively
  • Editing: How to Take Your Videos to the Next Level
  • Publishing: Setting Up Your Video For Success
  • Strategy: How to Grow and Monetize Your Channel
  • Graduation: It’s Time to See Your Videos!

Nas Academy believe in learning by doing, so they don’t just give you information – they help you put knowledge into practice, and give you feedback along the way.

Price: This course cost a one-time fee of $450, and in Indian currency, it is ₹33,515 .

#2 How to Turn an Idea Into a Billion-Dollar Business

What is NAS Academy

This is surprisingly one of the most popular course on NAS Academy, with over 3000 positive reviews on the course.

This course is developed by Ritesh Agarwal who is considered to be the youngest CEO of India. Ritesh is the founder of OYO Rooms, an Indian multinational OTA, Homes and Living Spaces.

As you might have guessed, Ritesh is a billionaire in terms of dollars. They are worth over a billion dollars and therefore he have the credibility to teach a course on turning an idea into a billion dollar business.

This course is targeted at one of the most important steps of becoming a founder: your pitch. He designed this course to give you the skills to refine and perfect your pitch, so that you can get all the support your idea needs to become a reality.

Through a series of video lessons and resources, he share exactly how to form an idea, craft a pitch, and present it to investors.

What is NAS Academy

Here is a quick analysis of the course outline:

  • Live Session with Facilitator
  • 11 Video Lessons & 3 Hours Content
  • How Would You React in a Crisis?
  • Exercises and Resources
  • Submit Your First Draft
  • Get Feedback
  • Submit Your Final Draft
  • Top Pitch Selection
  • Virtual Graduation

This is a 8 days course (one hour per day, and with 3 hours video content), and you’re getting WhatsApp group access for this course.

Personally, this is my one of favorite course from Nas Academy. If you want to learn about entrepreneurship, then you must have to enroll in this course.

Price: This course cost a one-time fee of $49, and in Indian currency, it is ₹1399.

#3 Become a Better Writer in 5 Days by Nuseir Yassin

What is NAS Academy

The Writing and Storytelling course by Nuseir Yassin is one of the most popular courses offered at the Academy.

This course teaches you the nuances of storytelling with your content. You all know, storytelling becomes most important and valuable skill in today’s world.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you look like, as long as you can get people to care about your message. And the only way to do that is by telling the right story.

Whether it’s about an African kid who built his own car, or a Chinese village where women never cut their hair – there are stories all around you waiting to be discovered and told.

But you also need to be able to share them in a compelling way. So, you will get all the fundamentals about storytelling and how to actually apply them, only in one course.

Taking a look at the videos on Nas Daily, you will see the unique and great work done by Nuseir Yassin.

He has mastered the art of storytelling and is capable of telling interesting stories about events happening around the world.

Nuseir Yassin is known for bringing complex challenges and problems to millions of subscribers on Youtube across the globe.

So if you are wondering if he is the right person to learn storytelling and writing, then this is your confirmation that Nuseir is an excellent storyteller.

Learn the golden rules of storytelling that helped him create some of his most popular videos on social media, whether it’s about people, places, products, and cause.

This course is for creators, writers, marketers and people who would love to communicate better with people and tell interesting stories with written content.

Pa drice: This course cost a one-time fee of $49, and in Indian currency, it is ₹1799.

#4 How to Be a Queen

What is NAS Academy

Another course worth featuring at the Nas Academy is How to Be a Queen, by Catriona Gray.

There’s a chance you know Catriona Gray, a social media personality and community activist. She has more than 600k subscribers on YouTube and 12.7M followers on Instagram.

Her course on How to Be a Queen is a course that teaches you how to develop high self-esteem and confidence in whatever and wherever you are.

Catriona is popularly known for winning the title of Miss Universe 2018, a position that is not only about looks but also incorporates other attributes like charisma and confidence.

At the Catriona Gray Academy, She will show you how to unleash your inner queen or king by becoming the best version of yourself.

Contrary to the course title, this course is for both queens and kings (that is, both genders). This is a course for all those who want to build their self-esteem and confidence.

Here is a quick analysis of the course outline:

  • Discover Your Inner Queen or King
  • Presentation & Participation With Poise
  • Self Reflection
  • Virtual Graduation!

With this course, you will able to boost your confidence and learn to handle situations like a true queen or king. Also, You will get lifetime access to all learning content!

Price: This course cost a one-time fee of $49, and in Indian currency, it is ₹2199.

  • Learn More About How To Be A Queen Course

Nas Academy Degrees – Why you should have to take part in degree program?

If you browse through Nas Academy website, you’ll find some of their degree programs shown on their page.

These degree programs are not your regular degree nor are they any different from the courses you will find at NAS Academy.

The degree program is Nas Academy’s name for bundle courses. The degree program consist of two or more courses put together as a bundle.

In simple words, A combination of courses put together to create powerful learning experience with tangible outcomes.

What is NAS Academy

Popular degree programs you’ll find at NAS Academy include:

  • The Youtuber Degree
  • The Content Creator Degree
  • The Social Media Degree

I recommend you to go with The Content Creator Degree, in which you’re getting total 6 number of courses. This 6 course degree is also profitable & cheaper than the YouTuber degree.

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The Content Creator Degree has everything you need to learn, and master, the art of being a content creator. Learn from top social media creators with millions of followers on how to tell your story, produce killer videos, and master the algorithm. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, get ready to take your content skills to the next level.

And Much More

I think it’s worth emphasizing that there are more courses out there than I mentioned in this article.

Courses on a variety of skills and topics from multiple experts and creators to showcase experience and results.

When you sign up, you can view all the courses offered on the platform and these courses will keep on increasing in number.

Master NFTs in 7 Days is a course which nowadays more famous on Nas Academy. You all know, today everyone want to come with own NFT.

  • NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated.
  • NFTs can be used to represent real-world items like artwork and real-estate.
  • NFTs can also be used to represent individuals’ identities, property rights, and more.

Yes, now you know that what is Nas Academy exactly! This academy can be best for you to learn internet skills.

So, want to claim 50% discount on The Content Creator degree, then click here.

How does NAS Academy work?

Commonly, NAS Academy is for two categories of people:

  1. The students
  2. The instructors (creators) 

As a student or someone who wants to take a course at the Academy, you can simply sign up for an account and then order the particular course you are interested in.

In some cases, NAS Academy puts certain courses together or bundles them up and offers it at a discounted price.

So when you pay for a bundle, you get access to a selected group of courses at cheapest price.

You can also make your own choice and buy the courses as a bundle. The process is quite simple and easy to understand..

For creators and aspiring trainers, Nas Academy is giving you the opportunity to create a course and earn money from your audience.

Nas Academy will work hand-in-hand to help you nail the perfect course for your audience and also work on helping promote the course (though lots of work is still required at your end). 

You already know that the e-learning industry is a billion dollar industry and the opportunities are endless. To join as a creator of the NAS Academy, you are instructed to fill out a form (submit an application).

After which, your application will be reviewed. So, this is all about what is Nas Academy!

Should you Invest Money in Nas Academy courses?

Absolutely Yes! NAS Academy is trustworthy and you will find courses taught by people who walk and not just believe in theory.

Coaches and creators like Ritesh Agarwal and Nusir Yasin who have already built successful million-dollar and billion-dollar businesses they provide more value than you can ask for.

Yes, if you are someone who is looking for Content Creation course then Nas Academy is best for you. Apart from this, you can buy their Content Creator degree where you will get 6 courses which will help you to become a best content creator on every social media platform.

If you are a student of NAS Academy, then you can proudly say that I am learning various and powerful strategies from proven expert Ritesh Agarwal and owner of NAS Daily Channel Nusir Yasin.

Nas Academy is building a digital university to learn life-changing digital skills that you can apply in your life and business and make a difference in your life.

Now you understood what is Nas Academey, a Academey that can change your life in this year!

Remember, self-investment is the best investment you can make right now. First, invest in yourself so that you can become a knowledgeable and skillful person.

While 2022 is still young and fresh, an investment in itself is something that can help you reach your goals faster. I see a lot of people who spend money on costly mobile phones, branded clothes, which can not going help them in their future & dreams.

I know my readers very well! They always ready invest in learning, experience & knowledge. So, I request you to invest money and time in assets building.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in Nas Academy today and thank me later.

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