Do You Want To Set Blog Icon On Your Blog? (That’s Why You Should Read This Article In 2020)

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Hello BloggingPlayer,

In this article, you will know about a new term that is Blog Icon.

I’m sure you haven’t heard this word before.

Right, Then read this article till the end to know the exact meaning of the new term.

You all know there are so many words related to icons in the world, and icon word especially used in graphic design as a logo or symbol of any company.

A Blog Icon is a small, iconic artwork or image that represents your website on any search engine.

It's a small 16 × 16 pixel image or icon that work for as the branding for your website.

Its main motive is to help your website visitors search your page easily when they have various tabs open.

Blog icons are most found in the address bar of your web browser, but they could also be used in bookmarks and lists of feed aggregators in web browsers.

When you open any webpage in your mobile, then you got option in right menu that is 'Add To Home Screen'.

If you click on "Add To Home Screen' then you will see that webpage in your mobile home screen. That's lookslike mobile app icon, that icon is your blog icon or favicon.

Due to their small size, blog icon work best as simple images or small logo of company.

Because of its small size and resolution, it should be smaller than the original logo of a company.

Well-designed blog-icons should be styled to match the logo or theme of your website, in such a way that users have a quick and easy way to identify your website at a glance.

Do you know, Blog icon is also known as favicon.

Blog icon example

This is the best example of a blog icon or favicon. In the image above you can see the little logo of a boy with a magnifying glass, it is called a favicon.

You can see our favicon in the address bar of the browser.

What type of image is a Blog Icon?

Although most modern browsers prefer PNG, GIF, and JPG formats for favicons, Internet Explorer currently does not.

Unlike the past when a favicon in the Windows ICO format was required, there are now a few various formatting options.

Following are the format of image for favicon-

  1. PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
  2. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  3. GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
  4. JPG (Joint Photographic Expert Group)
  5. APNG (Animated Portable Network Graphics)
  6. Windows ICO

Now, Question is what is Windows ICO?

Windows ICO is by far the widely supported file format.

The benefits for Windows ICO is that it can have various resolutions and bit depths, which works very well and is particularly useful for Windows Internet Explorer.

One of the best reasons to use the ICO format is because it can contain multiple blog icons or favicons of different sizes in one ICO file.

The ICO also provides a 32 pixel icon which is useful for the Internet Explorer Windows 7 taskbar.

But most of the people use SVG format for Favicon or Blog icon.

Blog Icon or Favicon For WordPress Website

In order to set favicon to your WordPress site, You have to go to Plugin option.

WordPress Dashboard>> Plugins>> Install,

Then you have to install plugin that is Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator.

After installing the plugin, you have to select Appearance, then you will see the option of favicon-

Real Favicon Generator Blog Icon Example

Next, you must upload the a square picture, at least 70x70 size.

If the image is on your hard drive, you can leave that field blank and upload the image from RealFaviconGenerator website.

After going on website then you will need to click Select your Favicon or Blog Icon picture:

Blog Icon or Favicon Generator

Upload your favicon image file to that plugin so that you can generate a URL for your favicon.

You will select the second option and paste your URL in the box. Then Click on Generate your Favicons and HTML code:

Set Blog or Favicon

Then you have to put that Favicon HTML code in your theme header section, for these work you can use Header Footer WordPress plugin. Now you can see your Blog icon in address bar.

What size should blog icon or Favicon be?

The most common sizes for Blog-icons are as following:

  • 16x16
  • 32x32
  • 48x48
  • 64x64
  • 128x128

Generally 16px is most preferred because it can be used over all browsers, but if you want to make a blog icon for every possible use, follow the guide given below:

16px is generally use in all web browsers, and it could be shown in the address bar, tabs or bookmarks tab views.

Blog icon important For SEO

Blog Icon or Favicon are not directly impact on SEO but favicon are indirectly responsible and are an crucial tool for improving your ranking on search engines.

Following are the benefits of Favicon:

  1. It Increase bookmarked rate of your website
  2. A favicon is a visual representation of your website
  3. User identify your website by your favicon

If you want to create a good blog icon or favicon then read below five tips-

  1. Use space wisely in your favicon
  2. Maintain simplicity
  3. Favicon tells your brand identity
  4. Use Abbreviating Words
  5. Color coordination is plays crucial role in brand identification.


Well-designed blog-icons should be styled to match the logo or theme of your website, in such a way that users have a quick and easy way to identify your website at a glance.

Through adding blog icon, you can increase your blog visibility.

It's very easy to set blog icon or favicon for your blog.

Blog Icon

Just you have to install 'Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator' plugin then upload the image in the plugin and that's done.

Due to favicon, you increase your brand awareness. This is the benefits of favicon or blog icon.

You can designed blog icon in canva.

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Finally, this article is finished here!

I hope you have got something valuable information in this blog post.

Keep blogging and enjoy your blogging journey.

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