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Ultimate Blogging Course By BloggingPlay

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When You Enroll In My Course Then You Learn Blogging In 21 Modules. In 21 Modules, You Will Get Proven Strategies About Blogging To Make Your Digital Marketing Career Successful. If You Want Instant Access Then Click On Enroll Now Button. You Can Complete Course In 2 Months And You are Getting Lifetime Access! After Implementing All Strategies Of Course, I Can Definitely Say you Will Become Successful In Blogging!

Huge Benefit 1

30 Mintue One To One Consultaion Call On Niche Selection. 

Huge Benefit 2

You will get list of 251 ideas for best niches in blogging and affiliate marketing.

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Blogging and Affiliate Marketing still Rule the No. 1 Spot when it Comes to Making Money Online. 

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If you implement every strategy of this course then you don’t need to buy any other course related to blogging and affiliate marketing.

Blogging In 21 Modules

In This Course, You Will Learn Next Level Strategies To Grow Your Blogging Career




  1. What Is Blogging?
  2. Why You Should Start Blogging?
  3. Mindset for Blogging!
  4. why WordPress is the best choice?
  5. potential of hindi blogging!


Module 2: How to find a profitable niche


  1. What Is Niche?
  2. What Is Micro Niche?
  3. How to Find Most Profitable Niches?
  4. Single topic blog vs Multi topic
  5. Factors affecting Niche Selection
  6. 251 Plus Niche IdeaBook by BloggingPlay!


Module 3: How to set up a blog like a pro blogger


  1. what is domain and hosting?
  2. how to choose domain?
  3. Selecting a fast hosting and technical terms
  4. How To Setup Blog On WordPress
  5. Designing a Professional Blog with GP Theme
  6. 20 Best Plugins That use by Pro Blogger


Module 4: Google Tools For Blogging


  1. What Is The Role Of Google In Blogging?
  2. Google Search Console Tutorial
  3. Google Analytics Tutorial
  4. Google Keyword Planner & PageSpeed
  5. Google My Business importance
  6. Google Calender and gmail
  7. Google Sheets, Gmail And Google Docs


Module 5: SEO And Their types


  1. What Is Seo and types of sEO?
  2. Why Seo Is Important In Blogging?
  3. how SEO gives comnsistent traffic?
  4. best tools for SEO


Module 6: keyword research strategies


  1. What is keyword and types of keywords?
  2. Why Keywords Research Is Important In Blogging?
  3. Understanding top keyword research tools
  4. How to Find Profitable Keywords for your blog
  5. how to find long tail keywords?
  6. Keyword targeting strategy
  7. How to steal your competitor’s keywords


Module 7: On-page sEO


  1. what is on-page sEO?
  2. why on-page sEO is important?
  3. how to do on-page sEO Practically?


Module 8: off-page sEO


  1. what is off-page sEO?
  2. why off-page sEO is important?
  3. how to do off-page sEO Practically?


Module 9: local sEO


  1. what is local SEO?
  2. why local sEO is important?
  3. how to do local sEO Practically?


Module 10: how to write quality content


  1. what is content?
  2. How Content Plays Big Role In Blogging?
  3. How to research content ideas?
  4. How To Write Content That Converts?
  5. how to write SEO-friendly articles?
  6. How to format content structure?
  7. Secret ways to get content without writing yourself!


Module 11: content marketing


  1. what is content marketing?
  2. Content Strategy For Affiliate Marketing
  3. What Is ToFu, MoFu, And BoFu?
  4. why funnel is important in content marketing?


Module 12: Google my business


  1. what is google my business?
  2. How GMB Can Help You In SEO?
  3. why gMB is important?


Module 13: SEO glossary


  1. SEO glossary list
  2. 395 Plus power words list
  3. how to use power words?


Module 14: next level backlinks strategy


  1. what is backlinks
  2. types of backlinks
  3. Why Backlinks Is Important? 
  4. Best Link Building Strategies
  5. Link Building Is The Real Game!
  6. how to Steal Your Competitor’s Backlinks


Module 15: what is affiliate marketing


  1. what is affiliate marketing?
  2. How Does It Work?
  3. Why Affiliate Marketing Is Better Than Adsense?
  4. Niche research for affiliate websites
  5. 25+ Best affiliate programs and affiliate networks
  6. most profitable niches for affiliate marketing
  7. Best free and premium tools for affiliate marketing


Module 16: tools for affiliate marketing


  1. essential tools for affiliate marketing
  2. plugins for affiliate marketing
  3. Best themes for affiliate marketing


Module 17: buying links


  1. how to buy links
  2. best platform to buy links


Module 18: thrive architect tutorial


  1. Thrive architect tutorial
  2. how to design deals page through TA


Module 19: monetization of blog


  1. google adsense tips for instant approval
  2. How to get sponsored posts
  3. how to sell your own digital products
  4. Secrets Strategy Of Affiliate Marketing #1
  5. facebook ads vs google ads case study


Module 20: lead generation


  1. What Is Lead Generation?
  2. why lead generation is important in blogging?
  3. what is lead magnet and types of lead magnet?
  4. how to generate leads?
  5. Art of outsourcing your tasks
  6. email marketing tips for more revenue


Module 21: top secrets of blogging


  1. What Experts Don’t Tell You!
  2. shocking secrets of blogging!
  3. what big blogger don’t tell you!
  4. what is Dream 100 strategy?
  5. Final video of bloggingPlay Blogging Course!


In this program you will learn each and everything you should know to build a profitable affiliate site, majorly our session will revolve around affiliate marketing and strategies.


Real Price


2 Premium WordPress Themes ( GP Premium and Affiliate Booster Theme)

Rs 18,000+

Rs 0.00

WP Rocket

Rs 3500 per year

lifetime free

Thrive Architect

Rs 7000 

Lifetime free

Lifetime support


Rs 0.00

My personal mentorship

rs 1,00,000

rs 0.00

251 Plus Niche ideaBook  

rs 1500

rs 0.00

affiliate marketing secrets ebook

rs 1100

rs 0.00

Genesis Theme (Worth $99)

Rs 3500

rs 0.00

Forum Sites List

rs 75,000

lifetime free

Total Value: Rs 4,00,000+

Bonus 1
Affiliate Booster Blocks Plugin

AffiliateBooster is a Gutenberg plugin that gives you the functionality to add conversion-optimized elements in your blog posts. Increase your CTR and improve your sales by using this plugin.

Bonus 2
GP Premium Plugin (Rs 19000)

GP Premium is a plugin for the GeneratePress theme, which takes your site to the next level by adding premium modules support. You can easily create a unique layout for any niche site using the GeneratePress Premium theme.

Bonus 3
Affiliate Booster Theme

The biggest problem of an Affiliate Marketer is to choose the right plugin for their blog. Affiliate Booster Theme will definitely boost your affiliate marketing to the next level.

Affiliate Booster Theme is multi-features one-man army software made for Affiliate Marketers by an Affiliate Marketer. It’s a #1 WordPress Affiliate Theme to Boost Your Sales.

However, I want to clear this thing that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, to be very frank blogging takes time to evolve, you can not make authority site in a day or week or month, it takes time that’s why its a clean industry everyone can’t do blogging.

You have to devote at-least 12 months or more to get results, however i can say if you keep doing and executing which has been taught in sessions then after 12 months you can replace your job and you will be earning more than your expectations.

Any business takes time to evolve and get you results, treat blogging as your business and you have to invest time and smart work to get your ball rolling.

Please note If you don’t start early you are wasting your time and will regret later, so start today and enjoy perks later.

In this program I will be sharing my personal secret strategies which i have learned with my experience.

Note that after taking this program you don’t have to invest in any the blogging program ever. I am working with industry specialists and top bloggers through out the India and learning insider secrets. 

Who Should Not Join the Ultimate Blogging Course?

  1. If you are looking for quick money making scheme.
  2. If you can’t dedicate at-least 12 months for your blogging business as blogging takes time.
  3. If you want everything done for you and you don’t want to work only enjoy the perks.

Note that if you want to become a successful blogger with heavy financial returns then you have to put efforts. I can show you the path and will help you until you succeed.

Major Benefits of Blogging?

  1. You can generate healthy income which can replace your daily 9 to 5 job.
  2. If you work hard in your initial days will reward you high returns in long term.
  3. Blogging became full time business now and if you are missing this opportunity you are loosing lot on the table.
  4. There are more than 15+ ways through which you can earn money through your blog.
  5. Gets You heavy returns which you can’t imagine.
  6. Live Boss Free Life
  7. Once You learn the strategies can be used through out your journey.

What will Happen If I fail In Blogging?

See there is not space for failing or loosing word in my dictionary however if in case you don’t want to continue your blog then you can easily sell your website at 30X to 40X times more and encash your site.

There are buyers out there looking for websites to buy and use their value for their existing projects.

What do you think the price of this course should be?

If we compare the value and extra benefits, I am providing then the cost of this program should be Rs 1,00,000

or I can charge Rs. 50000.

I believe in over delivering and providing you maximum value which you will not get anywhere.

Looking at the value I also can charge Rs. 25000 which other marketers and digital marketing institutions are doing, However if you want to enroll today then I am providing you whole program with benefits in Just Rs.4999/- Limited time offer.

After offer period ends you have to pay Rs.21,000 for the enrollment.

Don’t miss the opportunity and again I am saying you won’t regret.

Ultimate blogging course

Premium Blogging And Affiliate Marketing Strategies In 21 Modules!

Rs.21,000 4999/-

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 17 number of bonuses
  • Access To Facebook Group
  • 15 minute private coaching call

Course Enrollments close on Jan 31th 2022

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If, for any reason, you don’t like this amazing Next Level Blogging Course, you can get a full refund anytime within 15 days after your purchase. 

If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they’ll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Don’t Wait! This Course is The Solution For Your All Blogging And Affiliate Marketing Related Problems!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Enroll In the Course?

You just need to click on the Enroll now button and after successful payment you will get confirmation email with Whatsapp, Facebook Group, Course login id and Password!

Who can Join The Ultimate Blogging Course?

Anyone who is struggling to earn money via internet and with affiliate marketing can join this program however if you are looking for quick money and not ready to work passionately should not enroll.

I’m a beginner in this field & my english is weak. can i join this course?

Yes, you can join this course even if this is the first time you heard about blogging and affiliate marketing. A beginner can understand this course very well. Mostly, This course is in Hindi. If you understand what is written on this website, that’s enough. There is huge potential in blogging and affiliate marketing in Hindi and regional language.

which language used in course?

We are using the Hindi language majorly throughout the course.

How much time does it take to make money with blogging or affiliate marketing?

This course is not a get rich quick scheme. Thousands of people make money through Affiliate Marketing and Blogging and if you work hard and smart, there are chances you can make good money. If you research in Google on YouTube for making money online then you will find these 2 ways on the top.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes. BloggingPlay Digital will issue a Certificate of Completion to all students that complete the course.

What are you going to cover in this training?

You will learn everything that will help you to become a pro in blogging and affiliate marketing. You can see every single detail of this course in our Course Guide PDF. Click here to download PDF!

One Time Payment

ultimate blogging course

Premium Blogging And Affiliate Marketing Strategies In 21 Modules!

Rs 21,000 4999/-

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 17 number of bonuses
  • Access to Premium Facebook Group 
  • 30 Minute private coaching call

BloggingPlay Blogging Course

About The Course Teacher,Gaurav Nagose

Gaurav Nagose is a blogger, affiliate marketer and founder of BloggingPlay Digital Services. Apart from this, He is a founder of two successful blog which is and He has taught up to 1000 students through his offline classes. He is the leading blogger in his city, In future he is going to take physical event on blogging and affiliate marketing.

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