How To Start Blogging In 3 Steps To Become Better BloggingPlayer

Hello BloggingPlayer,

Do you want to start blogging?

I think still you don’t get any guide or mentor for blogging. But don’t worry this article will become game-changing for you.

Because In this article, I will tell you 3 steps to start a money-making blog. That’s why you have to read this article till the end!

Following are the 3 reasons to start blogging in 2020-

  1. You want to make money online.
  2. If you want to do affiliate marketing then you should start a blog.
  3. If you want to become a digital entrepreneur then you have to start a blog.

Starting a blog is not rocket science at all, but all you need 3 Steps to start a blog. And this article is about 3 steps to start blogging.

After reading this article you will able to start your blog easily! 

Before taking an eye on 3 steps to starting a blog, " you have to understand what's the Benefits Of Blogging".

Below are the Benefits of Blogging-

  1. Passive income
  2. Respect in Society
  3. You Can Live Boss Life 
  4. you can become writer
  5. Sell You Digital Products
  6. opportunity to become an SEO expert
  7. Blogging Helps You To Get A Better Job

I always favor saying that 2020 is the golden opportunity for blogging. I know you excited to know 3 Steps but now the wait is over!

Step 1. Select A Niche For Your Blog

Niche selection plays a crucial role in blogging, after selecting a niche or topic then you can start blogging career.

Now the question is what is a niche?

Niche is a subject of the blog, on which you want to show your knowledge about a specific subject through blogs.

For example, if your interest is in Technology then you can select a niche as Technology then you can write blog posts related to technology, Like mobile phone review, tech gadgets review, etc.

Finding a profitable niche is a little bit confusing but I know you can solve this niche game.

I think, now you understood what is a niche? I want to repeat, before starting a blog you should understand your niche.

Because You have to generate excellent quality content for your readers. Choose the niche in which you are passionate about and most interested in.

While picking a niche for your blog, you should pay attention to the following 6 things–

  1. Find out your passionate topic.
  2. The niche should be profitable for you.
  3. Understand how you can make money from that niche?
  4. Question yourself, Can you share the article of that niche?
  5. Ask yourself, Can you solve problems by your blog on that niche?

Now I'm telling you how to select a topic for your blog, pay attention to the below words.

Start Blogging to become rich BloggingPlayer

First, take a pen and paper,

Then Write down 5 topics on paper on which you want to write content.

Remove 3 topics from that list,

Select one topic from two topics on which you’re most interested to write content.

After finding your profitable niche that suits your interest, you can book your domain name directly before being booked by someone else.

The domain name is the name of the website the reader types into the browser.

Remember, Don't take any domain without research.

If you have confusion about choosing a good domain name to start blogging, Then here are my 3 tips which help you to get your first domain-

1. Keep the domain simple and small, so that everyone can easily remember it and, keep it in their mind,

2. You must use your main keyword in your new domain, the main keyword will describe the niche of your website and, also it will help in SEO,

3. Remember, Don’t buy domain names with numbers like,,, etc.

Step 2. Select a good web hosting provider for your blog

You all know, if you want to start blogging then you need to invest money in good and fast hosting service.

Now the question is what is hosting?

Hosting is a service that makes your blog online. In other words, hosting is storage where all your pictures, posts, and files are stored. Through hosting you can deploy your business online.

It is necessary to choose the right and snappy web hosting provider for your blog.

Starting Blogging Is A Good Idea

After buying your new domain name, then you have to purchase hosting for your blog.

Now, are you wondering which Web hosting is best for you?

Yes, I'm here to tell you which is the best and snappy hosting provider. You know there are many web hosting provider you can use to start blogging.

If you ask me which hosting to buy? Then I would recommend SiteGround Hosting due to its speed, performance, support, high uptime, and reliability, that’s why I recommend to use SiteGround Hosting. 

Start Blogging to become rich

Do you know Why You should buy hosting from SiteGround, because SiteGround Hosting has the following features which make it awesome:

1. SSD Storage With All Plan

2. Unlimited Websites (Except for Start-Up Plan)

3. 1-Click App Installer

4. Unlimited Data Transfer

5. Free SSL

6. cPanel Access

7. 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

8. Free Website Migration

9. Free CDN

10. Free Email Address

11. Free Daily Backup

12. Premium Support

13. Unmetered Traffic

Disclaimer: If you want to buy Share Hosting then SiteGround provides the best Shared Hosting plans.

Share Hosting Plans And Pricing

Let's take the eye on SiteGround Hosting's Plan, SiteGround offers 3 web hosting plan as follows-

1. StartUp Plan

StartUp plan is perfect for a newbie or new blog/website, in this plan you can host only one website.

If you want to make money via blogging then you should work on multiple sites, that's why you have to select an 'unlimited website' plan.

2. GrowBig Plan

The best thing about the GrowBig plan is, you can host unlimited website.

The GrowBig plan is great to save money, including the option for multiple websites and the SuperCacher that greatly improves website speed.

With the use of CDN and SuperCacher, the GrowBig plan can manage 45k page views per month.

I personally recommend GrowBig plan to start blogging.

Click Here To Get GrowBig Plan

3.GoGeek Plan

The GoGeek plan is perfect for people with e-commerce and larger websites that have high traffic on their website.

GoGeek plan can manage 1 lac page views per month, by this plan your website load faster than a bullet.

If you need more geeky developments like more server resources and GIT integration then you should purchase the GoGeek plan.

In this plan, you get Primary Support from the SiteGround team, it is an awesome thing in this plan.

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Start Blogging To Create History

SiteGround Web Hosting Plan, Click Here Get Discount

Let's Check 3 Premium Features Of SiteGround Hosting

1. Fast Website Speed With SSD (It Load your website faster than a bullet)

If you pick any plan of SiteGround Hosting, then you would get SSD storage it means your website will load 10X times faster.

Before start blogging, If you want your website load fast like me so I highly recommend you have to go with SSD rather than HDD and after optimizing your blog you will get an even more advanced result than me.

In this hosting you will get free CDN because of this your website becomes 10 times faster than other hosting.

If you are looking for the hosting which gives you snappy speed then I recommend you move with SiteGround Hosting.

2. Free CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN means Content Delivery Network. It permits your content to be delivered to different people in the world using the server nearest to them.

Luckily, SiteGround offers a one-click CDN for free, so you don't have to go to the Cloudflare website to set up a CDN on your website.

You can enable CDN in one click with SiteGround Hosting.

I think you understood the 'Content Delivery Network', it makes your website loading time speedy.

So that you can run your blogging journey effortlessly.

Click Here To Get Discount.

3. Free Website Migration

Do you know, It’s very disappointing for bloggers to migrate their website to another host, that's why SiteGround Hosting provides free website migration service.

That means there website migration specialists team will transfer your website data from the old hosting provider to a new hosting provider without any data harm and for free of cost.

In case if you have more than 1 site to migrate to SiteGround hosting, then they take around $30 per website.

4. 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, you're hearing right. It also gives 30-day money-back guarantee.

money back


30 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee For 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If for any reason, you don't like this Powerful SiteGround Hosting, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase.

If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

But trust me, SiteGround provides the best Shared Hosting in the market that pace up your website like a bullet.

If you think SiteGround Hosting costs more, then don't worry, I have a solution for you. And if you are looking for the alternative of SiteGround Hosting, then here are 5 alternatives for SiteGround Hosting.

Top 5 Alternatives For SiteGround Hosting

If you want to start blogging professionally then you need a good and fast Hosting Provider. First I want to recommend SiteGround Hosting, If you don't have enough money to buy SiteGround Hosting,

Then the following are the 5 alternatives for SiteGround Hosting-

1. GreenGeeks Hosting

➡ Click Here Get 45% Off 

2. WPX Hosting

➡ Click Here Get 25% Off 

3. Bluehost Hosting

➡ Click Here Get 35% Off 

4. HostGator Hosting

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5. FastComet Hosting

➡ Click Here Get 40% Off 

Step 3. Install WordPress, Start Blogging Journey now

After buying Hosting from SiteGround, now It's time to install WordPress. The question is how to install WordPress from SiteGround Hosting?

Before leaving to install WordPress, I hope you have purchased the GrowBig plan of SiteGround Hosting.

Let's start to install WordPress,

Choose a GrowBig Plan, then click on Get Plan.

Start Blogging To Do New

Do you know the Data Center of SiteGround?

Given are the list of Data Center Location of SiteGround Hosting-

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Netherlands
  4. Singapore
Remember- If you have selected a hosting service as SiteGround, make sure you’re using a data center that is close to your audience.

When you're in the buying process make sure to select a period of 12 months (instead of 24).

Note- Not need to buy extra services.

If you are purchasing hosting from SiteGround, you will get a discount on your first invoice for the first year, but you will be charged a regular price from the second year.

Start Blogging

This is why you should buy their hosting for 3 years to save more hard-earned money.

After making payment and you’ll get an email(it includes password and username) from SiteGround.

Next, you have to install WordPress from your cPanel,

If you want to install WordPress from cPanel then click here to read Blogging Guide.

After clicking on Softaculous Installer then you will see an interface like this, then click on the WordPress icon to install WordPress.

After a few seconds, you will see a congratulatory message, which means WordPress has been installed, and now your WordPress website is ready to be edit.

Now you have got your WordPress login id and Password, If you want to login to your WordPress website, you have to go to your domain.

Then add '/ wp-admin' to the end of the domain and press Enter.

Start blogging

Enter your username and password,

Now you're ready to start blogging journey, you can see your WordPress dashboard like this ⬇.

Start blogging

Now your blog is ready to customize, SiteGround makes easy this process of installing WordPress, Click on the below button to get a discount on SiteGround Hosting.

There are lots of options to know in WordPress, go all in.

I covered the WordPress dashboard tutorial for you on my youtube channel. You can search BloggingPlay youtube channel.

If you have any questions about ‘Start Blogging To Become BloggingPlayer', then please write in the comment box.

let's move on to the Bonus part that's WordPress Blog Facts.

WordPress Blog Facts

1. Select An Attention-Catching Theme For Your Blog

You all know when readers visit your blog they first see your blog's theme. Yes, right!

Your blog's theme is the first impression on your readers. People say “the first impression is the last impression” but you can change the second impression.

I know you have started blogging now but you have to make sure you're using an attention-catching theme for your blog.

If you're not using an attention-catching theme then you're losing so many readers.

But I don't recommend you to go with those themes because these free themes are easy to hack, and by this, you can lose all your website’s data.

In blogging, blog design matters because if you don’t have a good looking design, you’re losing a lot of traffic and viewers.

A good looking theme and blog design can help you to build your brand and faith among your readers.

If you want to become a Rich BloggingPlayer then it also takes time and also needs the investment of money and time.

Let's discuss which theme you have to use in your blog,

Why use GeneratePress Theme? because the GeneratePress is the lightest theme (under 50KB) which would make your website loading speed fast. And, we all know that site loading speeds play a important role in google’s ranking.

Click Here to Get 57% Discount On GeneratePress Premium

I hope you installed the theme, after installing the theme you have to customize it to your need.

In the next fact, I will tell you some of the most essential plugins that almost every WordPress user installs.

If you have any questions about ‘Start Blogging To Become BloggingPlayer', then please write in the comment box.

2. Essential 7 Plugin For Every WordPress Blog

WordPress Plugins makes your blogging journey easy. If you start blogging on WordPress then you need to install 7 essential plugins.

There are many plugins in WordPress, but there are some plugins that I am currently using to optimize my WordPress Blog.

Do you know my 7 favorite plugins? 

Following are the 7 Essential WordPress Plugins-

  1. Rank Math SEO
  2. Thrive Architect
  3. Akismet Anti-Spam
  4. WP-Rocket
  5. Updraft Plus
  6. Contact Form 7
  7. Wordfence Security

If you have any questions about ‘Start Blogging To Become BloggingPlayer', then please write in the comment box.

2. How to build audience for blog

You have started blogging now but what about the audience!

Now the question is How to make an audience for your blog?

Once you have created a proper blog, it’s time to promote the blog and build an audience. You have to know, without traffic you can't earn money in blogging.

Remember blogging takes time, it takes up to 1 year to make income through a blog. Before making money you have to build your audience for the blog.

Following are the ways to build an audience for your blog-

  1. Create Facebook Group
  2. Create Instagram Page For Blog
  3. Make Facebook Page To Run Ads
  4. Create Account On Quara
  5. Start YouTube Channel
  6. Google Ads To Build Audience
  7. Write Article On Trending Topics

In the beginning, these social media platforms are enough to promote a new blog and build an audience.

If you want to build audiences, then you can try Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

I hope you got all things in this article because I tried my 100 percent to deliver to this article.


Following are the 3 significant ways to earn money from blog-

  1. Ad Network (Google AdSense and Media.Net)
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored Posts

If you have any questions about ‘Start Blogging To Become BloggingPlayer', then please write in the comment box.


Congratulations! You have started blogging to become Blogging Player.

I was working on this article for two days. Finally, this article has completed today.

I think you have got something valuable in this blog post.

Keep blogging and enjoy your blogging journey.

You should have to Understand the power of the investment and I don’t recommend doing blogging on a free platform like Blogger,

If you want to earn money from blogging then make an investment in the domain and hosting.

Purchase hosting and start blogging today.

If you have any questions about ‘Start Blogging To Become BloggingPlayer', then please write in the comment box.

I recommend you to purchase SiteGround Hosting for your blogging journey.

Now you are ready to become BloggingPlayer

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We will keep progressing as a blog, Meanwhile Sharing Is Caring!

Please do share it on social media platforms, or with your friends and relatives.

Every single share counts for us! I appreciate your effort.

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