Quick SEMrush Review & Free 7-Day Trial and How To Use It For Search Engine Ranking?

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Hey BloggingPlayer,

Want to know some secrets about SEO and Keyword Research?

If answer is yes, then this SEMrush Quick Review is for you.

I have one question, Are you looking for the SEMrush 7-Day Free Trial?

If yes, then you are in the right place because today I will be sharing the coupons of SEMrush which helps you to use this tool for free for 7 days with pro or guru account.

If you are serious about blogging then you should know that most bloggers fail due to proper keyword research and lack of data to optimize their website.

If you too are looking for some secrets to rank your website with heavy visitors, then read this article till the end.

If you want to increase your search engine traffic, as well as you want to study your competitor's website then you need SEO tool.

It possible without an expensive SEO tool and that SEO tool is the SEMrush where you will get a 7-Day free trial on your first signup.

What is SEMrush and How SEMrush review is going to help you in SEO?

Commonly SEMrush is a keyword research tool used for keyword research, Backlink analysis, SEO audit, Link Building, Organic Traffic Insights, etc.

With this tool, we can easily able to do keyword research and backlink analysis of any website.

Through SEMrush, you can easily get highly profitable keywords for any niche.

With the help of the Market Explorer feature in this tool, you can become aware of your competitors. Not only this, but this tool will also help you to know about their strategy which is making them one step ahead of you.

The next amazing feature about SEMrush, Which most of the people are not aware of is that SEMrush SEO tool helps your website to enhance the conversion rate.

You can also see your competitor's traffic using this tool.

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SEMrush is the best tool to spy on your competitors. It estimates their current website traffic, top keywords, backlinks, and more.

Through this tool, You can also access mobile and desktop traffic of any website. In which you can learn about traffic sources, shared content and many more such things.

The best news for Indian bloggers is that SEMrush has recently launched its Indian database. The first Indian database and keyword results were not there.

From now on, all Indian users can benefit from this feature to find the most profitable keywords and to research their competitors.

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SEMrush differentiates data in two main ways:

1. Search Bar:

Through the Search Bar, You can view the overall report of your website by entering the site URL in the search bar. You can spy on your competitors by putting a contestant's website URL in the search bar. Then you will know the traffic source, backlink data, profitable keywords of your competitor's website.

2. Creating A Project:

You can also collect data of your website or competitor's website by creating a project. You will get high profitable keywords and a lot more.

SEMrush Free Trial

Do you know the features of the SEMrush SEO tool?

No, Then Here is the top 6 amazing features of SEMrush-

✔ Research About Profitable Keywords- 

SEMrush helps you to find profitable keywords that are less competitive. You can enter your main keywords to get a range of new, potentially rankable keywords with search counts and CPC data. SEMrush helps to do highly-efficient keyword research in an easy way. 

✔ Site Auditing-

You all know that whenever we want to improve the performance of our site, we have to do a site audit to fix that problem.

SEMrush's site audit tool will help you improve your website's content strategy, and it also help you to fix the health of your website on time.

Through Site Audit You would be able to enhance your site's health overall also You can take a look at the all defects of your website!

In addition, you will also be able to work on your blog's content strategy.

✔ Backlinks Checker-

Through the Backlink Auditing tool of SEMrush, you can check your competitor’s backlink profile along with recent anchor text data, page score, and domain score.

And you all know Backlinks is extremely important to rank in Google.

Basic SEO strategy SEMrush review

Also, You would be able to check the websites where you can create backlinks, and hence with the help of this feature, you can increase your off-page SEO score.

Ultimately you can increase your ranking through the backlinks auditing tool, it tells you how many backlinks you need to rank on Google.

✔ Position Tracking-

Through the Position Tracking feature of the SEMrush tool, You will be able to know the status of the keywords you use in your article, and this can help you to improve your search engine listings easily.

With the Position Tracking tool, you can keep track of your keywords and then analyze the enhancement and downfall in their search rankings.

Click Hert To Know About Position Tracking Feature

✔ Organic Traffic Insights-

In this feature, you can see the Authority Score of any website. Through this feature, You can also check the organic traffic of any website.

Through Organic traffic Insights, you will know the traffic share of the website, how many people visit monthly to site.

It also figures out traffic value, it is an amazing tool for spying on your competitors.

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✔ Adwords Strategy Spying

Are you trying to find a tool with which you can create highly efficient Adwords Ads? Then wait is over, because SEMrush giving you Adwords Strategy Spying tool.

This one is not for everyone, but everyone should try to use this strategy if you have a small budget for Google Ads.

With SEMrush's PLA research tool (Product Listing Ads), you can easily view an AdWords ad for any keyword phrase.

You can also track if the competitor ever has done any Google Ads and then you can try bidding for those keywords to get the benefits.

How to Get SEMrush Free for 7-Day?

Basically SEMrush offers three plan, that you can buy (Pro, Guru and Business),

Quick SEMrush Review

Below you can see more details about the three plan-

1. SEMrush Pro

SEMrush Pro Plan is one of the best plans for all bloggers as it allows you to track around 500 keywords.

If you want to analyze your competitor's blog, then it doesn't allow you in this plan,

So, if you are a blogger and want to spy on competitors, then I highly recommend you going with the SEMrush Guru plan to avail of this feature.

It Pro plan specially designed for freelancers, in-house marketers, etc.

Click Here To Activate SEMrush Pro 7-Day Free Trial

2. SEMrush Guru

You know Guru means master of any subject, that's why SEMrush offers Guru Plan because the Guru plan is the master of all plans.

It is an best option for all types of marketing agencies, and it can also handle big websites.

In this plan, You can track up to 1500 keywords with all pro features such as branded reports, historical data.

Get Guru Plan

Through this plan, you can easily spy on your competitor's website.

3. SEMrush Business

It Business plan offers following features:

SEMrush's Business plan is the best option that can use for big companies and agencies. You can also able to search 5000 keywords in this plan.

You will get Product Listing Ads features in Business plan, through Product Listing Ads feature you can track competitor's Google Ads keyword. Then you can increase bidding for that keyword for your profit.

You will be able to take advantage of data analysis facility by integrating it with Google data.

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How To Get SEMrush Free Trial

#Step 1- First click on the below button to go to the sign-up page.

#Step 2- Then Click On ' Get a free 7-day trial' and then fill your email address and password to create an account. Click on the 'create your SEMrush account' button.

SEMrush account

#Step 3- Then choose your plan for a free trial, after that you can select SEMrush's Pro or Guru plan. Then click on 'Get free trial' button.

SEMrush Guru Plans

#Step 4- Then you will land on the billing page and Enter your billing and card details.

SEMrush billing Details

Note: SEMrush will charge a small amount from your credit card to check the validity of your credit card. Be comfortable as it will be returned in no time. Just confirm that your account is legal. You will not be charged a penny until your trial period ends.

Now Enjoy The Free Trial


You can use these 7-Day free trial to collect as many keywords, backlink data, and competitor research as you can.

Click Here To Read Detail Review!

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