8 Advanced Link Building Strategies That Work Great in 2022 !!!

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Are you looking for advanced link building strategies?

So, you have landed at right place where you're going to get best link building strategies!

Link building is an ever-changing technique that adjusts its requirements according to the current Google algorithm for SEO.

While there are some evergreen link-building rules, it is important to understand the dynamic nature of it.

Many experts have only focused on On-page SEO and content in the past which led them to a negative impact on their sites.

So we need to understand the important link building strategy.

Why is Link Building So Important to Your SEO Strategy?

Even if you are writing good articles for your website but link building strategy is important to optimize your website and increase its reach to more and more people on the internet.

It allows the connection of relevant articles and blogs which one can find informative and understand the topic as a whole.

Google confirms that quality links in websites are the number 1 factor of their SEO and their performance in organic search engines.

On the contrary, forcefully including irrelevant links can also detriment the SEO of your site.

This is why we have the 8 most effective link-building strategies that will not tear down your SEO.

What is NAS Academy Review &  Advanced Link Building Strategies

8 Effective Advanced Link Building Strategies To Boost Your Rankings

Implement these strategies as soon as possible to maximize results and to avoid any further sub-par performance of your sites.

1. Turn Your Mentions into Backlinks

You have an astonishing piece of content that is getting many mentions from other decent to high authority domains.

But the problem is that they do not backlink to your website, & They clearly mention your website.

This is where such a method becomes necessary. You have to reach out to the author or web owner of the article where your brand or product is being mentioned.

If you've managed to find someone who can edit their content and provide backlinks or inbound links, it's done and dusted. However, many times you are not aware of which websites have mentioned your brand or product.

In these cases, you can take advantage of tools like Semrush and Ahrefs. 

With the Semrush Brand Monitoring Tool, users can simply use the smart combination of advanced search operators.

2. Publish Original Data and Research

When you have created multiple layers of content from existing sources from yourself and others, the content can become repetitive and ordinary.

When you are in that situation, the next best thing you can do is to work on publishing original data and research.

Publishing original data and research is one of the best ways to advance link-building strategies.

The first step for initiating this strategy is to research the form of surveys and hypotheses. There are many ways you can conduct research and after finding out your results. You can make original content that is not yet available anywhere else.

Apart from that, other web owners who are in the same industry as you will give backlinks to your findings since surveys and hypotheses are valuable information.

Even if your findings are against some people, you will be surprised to find out the number of websites that are willing to give a backlink to your findings.

3. Create Supportive Tools

What are supportive tools? In this context, supportive tools are those tools that give extra benefits and features to someone who is already availing of the main content.

Tools like templates, widgets, and extensions are supportive tools that can lead to a massive link-building of your website.

Just like Travis Bradberry who created psychological intelligence testing tools and daily calendars in his website called TalentSmart, you can also make something similar that will boost your authority and popularity among people.

If those tools that you created become practically helpful then there is no doubt that you will get backlinks from those people who use them.

Many highly reputed sites constantly mention contents with excellent supportive tools.

This is a great link-building strategy and you should follow it if you have wonderful ideas about creating supportive tools for your brand.

4. Case Studies

If you are someone who is respected and has credibility in regards to a particular field or niche, your opinion will be valuable and informative to others.

Your authority will lead to gaining many backlinks in your niche as long as you provide valuable case studies.

Case studies have all the truth about a particular topic. It has insights and data about real-life events that marketers and web owners will find highly valuable.

This will also build your audience and ultimately backlinks. As we all know backlinks are good for your site, case studies can certainly bring in a lot of backlinks.

Case studies are an easy way to get backlinks for the reasons we have just mentioned. It gives a crucial and impactful thought towards the readers in favor of the person who is reading it and giving backlinks to it.

However, if your niche is saturated it is important to be one of the first if not the first to publish the most comprehensive case studies about the topic.

5. Create Something Controversial

If certain topics in your niche have bipolar views and the topic divides viewers into divided groups then you can take the advantage of creating something controversial.

Making a controversial stand and sticking to one side of the spectrum can build trust and your brand among the people who view the same way as you.

Many brands like Heineken, Starbucks, and Patagonia have established an advanced link-building strategy through controversial stands.

The main advantage of creating controversial opinions is that it will give you backlinks from authorities that are your supporters as from other authorities who do not align with your stands.

Find that percentage of your audience who follows your stand and make sure they are aware of your bold comments about the topic. Don’t play it safe and try to play number games.

If you have made a stand, don’t let it change no matter what happens, and that will eventually bring in high authority domains and influencers who will stand with you.

This will ultimately lead to others linking your work.

6. Link Reclamation

Link reclamation is one of the most effective and easiest ways of link building. You do not require a lot of effort or expensive tools to reclaim your links.

If your websites got many mentions and backlinks in the past, chances are that some of those links are now removed or broken.

You have to find out those places where you got a backlink and contact the owner of that website to edit and mention your website again.

You just need to give them a polite message asking them to give your website a proper link which was already there in the past. You are not asking for a new backlink, it was already there but due to some reason, it got removed or broken.

7. Guestographics

When there is already an established article about a certain topic, it is hard to overcome that article in terms of traffic and SERP.

Most of the time it will be the reputed website that will get higher traffic than other websites writing about the same thing.

You can use a simple skyscraper technique in this situation and you can use one of the ways you can implement it.

Instead of creating similar content that is far superior, you can create infographics that will portray the same information but in a different format.

This is much easier than creating better content than an already astonishing blog post.

A specific group of the audience will cater towards your infographics and some might even turn to your content.

This ultimately links to more backlinks and the main website that posted the article might even give a link to your Infographics or Guestographics page.

8. Reverse Engineering Your Competitors

Since the new update for the Google SEO algorithm, there is almost no advantage in spam filtering links to your sites. Aggressive link-building strategies may have worked in the past but they don’t work in today’s SEO.

However, backlinks are still one of the best moves that experts can do to optimize their site’s SEO.

This is where reverse engineering your competitors comes into play. It helps web owners and SEO experts to determine the type of content campaign suitable for their niche.

It also builds strategies to tackle the weak spot of competitors and create something better than them.

What your competitors are linking in your niche is another observation one can make with this technique.

Semrush provides a function that will help web owners figure out the right content campaigns.

You can find competitors with the most backlinks by simply going to the “indexed Pages”. It shows the exact number of backlinks they get. You can get important insights about white papers and infographics that you can implement on your website.

Advanced Link Building Strategies

Conclusion- Advanced Link Building Strategies 2022

It is important to stay up to date about the current tactics and SEO strategies that improve the performance of your site.

In this particular article, we focused on link building with the 8 most effective link-building strategies out there.

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