7 Best Landing Page Blogger Templates In 2022 (Don’t Miss #4)

Are you looking for the best landing page blogger template in 2022? If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

All these templates are free to use and can be used to create a professional-looking website on the Blogger platform.

You will also find the direct link to view and download each template. Let us first know more about landing page blogger templates.

What is a Landing Page Blogger Template?

Everyone in the digital marketing field knows the importance of landing pages but it might be something similar to a website for others.

Let’s be clear about the landing page first as it’s the first page of your impression where someone gets landed after clicking the link.

Some people might get confused about the landing page and that it’s just about generating some leads or something like that. It’s also true in some ways but not 100% correct. Landing Page is any kind of page on the internet from the homepage, specific post, or connect now page to product pages. 

Everyone is aware of the blogger platform called Blogspot. It’s a free-of-cost platform organized by Google. Creating customized landing pages for bloggers is a little bit difficult in earlier days as it all deals with coding and compilations. It might be easy to code for desktops but working with mobile responsiveness is difficult for developers also. 

Don’t get worried now as you don’t have to design your landing pages by coding on blogger. Lots of premium landing page templates are available on some platforms which can be helpful for you to design premium-quality landing pages on your own.

Why Landing Page Templates for Blogger Platform?

Landing Pages templates available for blogger platforms are readymade and we don’t have to go for basic coding while designing our own landing pages.

Google is basically working on the latest code structure data and schema markups. The Blogger templates designed are based on the latest data code structure and some markup schema released and ranked by google. 

The Landing Pages templates available for bloggers are embedded with special features which are helpful in making customization easier for all users. Customization Facilities are easier for all the users as it’s designed more user-friendly.

Landing Pages for bloggers are designed for the promotion of different categories of product promotions, portfolios, app development campaigns, and many different categories. So Your category of service or product will definitely fit in the landing page category.

Top 7 Landing Page Blogger Templates In 2022

So without any further delay let me share with you the list of the best landing page blogger templates.

1) Leafy Blogger Landing Page Template

landing page blogger template

Blogger Template Name: Leafy

Template author: Sora templates

Leafy template is basically made with the all latest frameworks. All the latest features and upgrades are supported with functions like the latest markup schema and structures. All the latest SEO updates required in websites are satisfied in Leafy.

Leafy theme consists of all new features like a slider, services list widget, featured listings, and some progress bars. Basil is the main theme of sora templates which are mostly the same look as Leafy but Leafy is a faster loading template than Basil. 

Leafy template is SEO friendly template with pre-installed meta tags included. These meta tags of the template can help you to rank your landing page in any search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Customization is easier for non-coders also as they provided the documentation for it. Designing a professional business site can be possible with the Leafy template. 

Best Features of Leafy Template: Slideshow, Fast Loading, Browser Compatibility, No Sidebars, Business and Organization landing Page, Portfolio site, Photography, Ads Ready, SEO Ready, 1 Right Sidebar, Clean, Magazine, Responsive.

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2) Quick Blogger Landing Page Template

landing page blogger template

Blogger Template Name: Quick

Template author: Om templates

Quick is the blogger template specially designed for trending niches like food, health, photography, travel, and technology. The quick template is well known for its minimal design and high performance. The latest framework is used for designing the code of templates helping it to rank in search engines. Pre-installed well settings like meta tags and design codes schema helping you all in user-friendly as well as SEO friendliness. Quick template-based sites don’t have any problems getting ranked on the internet. 

Quick templates have multiple features like an automatic slider, hot post section, and counter widget. The template is designed in a flexible manner so that it’s responsive on all platforms like mobile, laptop as well as tablets. Quick comes with an AdSense-friendly solution as it provides ads placing banners already.

We just have to paste our ad codes there or customize them according to our requirements. Customization of Quick blogger templates is also easier with its documentation and easy-to-understand sections. All google supported languages are supported by the Quick Blogger landing page template also. 

Best features of Quick Template: Grid, 2 Column, 3 Column, Load More, Fast Loading, No sidebars, businesses, Ads Ready, SEO friendly, Adsence Friendly, Post Thumbnails, Responsive, Ads Ready, Multiple social media sharing, Whatsapp Sharing, Dropdown Ready, Mega Menu.

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3) OneJob Blogger Landing Page Template

Blogger Template Name: OneJob

Template Author: Sora Templates

OneJob is the best fast-loading blogger landing page template which is mostly preferable for the niches related to services and operations. OneJob loads super fastly with amazing interface and animations. OneJob is optimized in such a way that it gets adapted to each and every browser, screen size, and operating system very smoothly.

Not just for a blog but it’s also made for landing pages for some product showcase, Web development, agency, school, and charitable trust showcasing. Onejob comes with pre-installed templates like Contact form, Review, and team listing. Red with black and White makes this template more attractive as compared to other competitors. A simple and Sober look makes the site unique with OneJob. 

Best Features of OneJob Template: Fast Loading, Browser Compatibility, No sidebars, SEO Ready, Clean, Free Premium versions, Post Thumbnails customizations, Responsive, Social Bookmark Ready, Drop Down Menu, Whatsapp Sharing, AMP.

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4) Deva Blogger Landing Page Template

Blogger Template Name: Deva

Template Author: Sora Template

It’s the first single-page blogger template in our listing. The latest version of Blogspot structure and framework are used here to design this template. Business category websites and landing pages can be created using the Deva Blogger template.

Coding of the Deva template is lightweight hence it doesn’t take longer time to load. The template structure is responsive in nature and adaptable to any screen size, platform, and browser. Customization of Deva template has made that level easier, so we don’t have to play with code for it. 

Deva is a blogger template that can be also used for showcasing blogs. Also, deva has special sections which are helpful for businesses. It is compatible with advertisements and affiliate marketing content also. 

Best Features of Deva Template: Slideshow, fast Loading, No sidebars, Browser Compatibility, Ads Ready, SEO Ready, Responsive, Business Special, AMP, Whatsapp sharing, Parallax Scrolling.

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5) Shoppy Blogger Landing Page Template

Blogger Template Name: Shoppy

Template Author: Way2Themes

Shoppy is showcasing templates made for businesses and Freelancers. It helps users to showcase the works on the landing page as a portfolio page. Shoppy template is more attractive in look as well as its structure is SEO friendly with high performance. Responsiveness of the template is adaptive with any kind of screen size, operating system as well as browser.

Shoppy is the ads-ready template that can be used by AdSense and affiliate marketers. Ranking of the website can be easily done because of Shoppy’s metadata. 

Latest scripts are also added in Shoppy but still, they achieved a faster loading speed. Posts can be shared through Shoppy on multiple social media platforms. The structure and design of Shopyy are eye-catching, so visitor retention can be grabbed with it.

Best Features of Shoppy Template: Slideshow, fast Loading, Made for business and freelancers portfolio, Adsence Friendly, Ads Ready, SEO Ready, Social Bookmarks ready, Drop Down Menu, 2 Columns, Google, AMP.

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6) Kate Blogger Landing page Template

Blogger Template Name: Kate

Template Author: Sora Template

Kate is a landing page designed for multiple types of niches. There are multiple facilities and features present in the kate to help you to make magic on your landing page. Kate is specially made for designing blogs with all the latest required features. 

Talking about the responsiveness of Kate, kate is the resp[onsive adaptive landing page template compatible with all devices and browsers. The standard main feature of Kate is that customizable simple blogs can be made using it. If you are planning to start a new blog on Blogspot with any kind of niche then Kate is the best option for you with SEO readiness and Adsense friendly structure. 

Best features of Kate Template: Simple, fast Loading, responsive, SEO ready, Adapted from WordPress, Ads Ready, retina Ready, Drop down menu, page navigation menu, Post thumbnails, WhatsApp sharing, Free premium both versions, Fashion and beauty sites ready, Minimalist, Google, AMP.

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7) InBio Blogger Landing page Template

Blogger Template Name: InBio

Template Author: Sora Templates

Serving the best design and structure of the website or landing page is achieved by InBio. Lots of amazing features are included in InBio for more development. User-friendly design with SEO-friendly data coding structure makes it special. Social plugin compatibility is also there in InBio. 

Customization in codes is made simple through InBio customization documentation. Mostly they provided comments in the code so anyone can easily make changes in the code according to only comments also. All portfolio sites as well as product showcasing can be done through InBio on one page.

Best features of InBio Template: Slideshow, faster loading, browser compatibility, Portfolio Ready, Business Organization single page site, SEO Ready, Responsive, post thumbnails customization, Social bookmarks ready, Drop down menu, Whatsapp Sharing, Social plugin integration, Grid, and AMP.

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These are some best landing page blogger templates that you can use to customize your blogger website. All these are available in free versions, so you can simply download and add them to your blog.

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