Interview With Yogesh Sambare: Young Founder Of [BPI-3]

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Hello BloggingPlayer,

Today, I have come with new interview article, and I can say this article is going to be fantastic for all of us.

As we all know that getting success in blogging is not so easy as it sounds. You have to work hard and smartly to succeed in blogging. But you have to make sure that your effort should be in the right direction.

Well, our today's interview is going to happen with Yogesh Sambare who is the founder of

He launched his blog in 2018, where he teaches blogging and affiliate marketing. 

If you’re looking for extremely easy yet practical ways to learn how to build a successful blog from scratch, you should definitely check out blog.

But if you succeeded in getting advice and tips of pro blogger which they are implementing on their blog, your work will become more easy. That's why I have came with this interview article with Yogesh Sambare.

Interview With Yogesh Sambare: Founder Of

When I asked Yogesh to give the interview, at that time I was so excited! And I had wanted to know how Yogesh become a blogger?

Now I'm happy because I'm presenting a Yogesh interview on my blog. Well, now You are going to learn many new things about him and Blogging.

Yogesh Sambare

Apart from this, In this article he also mentioned how he learned blogging, and content writing skill?

May be most of you don't know about who' Yogesh Sambare if not then you should have to know about him and his working environment and his opinion.

In this interview, I have asked many questions related to growth with blogging business which are in the mind of every new blogger.

So without wasting any time let’s start interview with Amit Garg and See their Opinion on different questions–

Q.1: Hello Yogesh, First of all, welcome to my blog. Can you introduce yourself to my audience with your journey in blogging?

Thank you Gaurav, I am glad to share my interview with your readers.

My name is Yogesh Sambare, Founder Of and I am from Buldhana, Maharashtra; talking about my academic background, I am currently in B-tech final year electronics.

And have been doing digital marketing and Blogging since 2018. After my 10th class, I took admission in a diploma program in 2015. Since then, I have had in mind that I have to start something online.

I did many things at that time, like YouTube, app development, Blogging, and more, but till 2018 nothing success was found.

Because I was not able to focus on anyone. Then I stopped doing these things all at once. And just focused on Blogging.

Since 2018, I have made a lot of blogs, and my first online earning was 50 USD.

I had taken Adsense's approval within two months of creating a blog of my own. And sold him, It was a site

Then I realized that a lot of time would have to be spent to succeed in Blogging. So since then, I would create two sites every month, take Adsense approval, and sell them.

With this, I would get around 150 to 200 USD.

Then it lasted till 2020. And I also used to take orders for fiver pay Adsense approval. Had to earn from that too.

At that I had a lot of free time. So then I thought of creating a brand website of my own, and I started

Q. 2: Can you please tell us who is your inspiration to get into Blogging? Which are the blogs you like most and why?

There is no direct answer to this question. Because I learned blogging completely from online resources, I watched videos on youtube and read blogs.

But now I like to read a lot of blogs personally, such as:


Q.3: What sources do you use to monetize your blog?

I currently use affiliate marketing and sponsored posts to monetize a blog. Which monetization method is best for you, is totally based on your blog's topic.

There are three methods to monetize a blog:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Google Adsense
  3. Sponsored Articles

Q.4: Can you tell me your favorite blogger’s name and why?

Following are my 3 favorite bloggers who write valuable content around blogging, and digital marketing:

1. Archana Tiwari From

Whenever I came across a problem related to Blogging, Archana sister helped me a lot. And while reading his blog, it feels like she is teaching blogging in front of me.

Because after reading the story we remember for a long time. Well, their writing style is very easy to understand and remember.

2. Ravi Dixit From

Ravi Bhai's blog are also very knowledgeable, and he is very friendly. Do you know, his interview articles is good looking and attractive.

I know, at that time I was reading 'interview with Anil Agrawal ' on his blog. I can say, that article is well-crafted and designed.

3.Santosh Gairola From

Santosh Gairola is also a writer. But now, they are also blogging.

And with the author's mind, the web of words he weaves on his blog means that you get stuck while reading his blog. Without reading it completely, you will not leave his blog; it seems very good to me.

Q.5: When and after how much time, you earned your first money from BloggingBlogging?

In 2016, when I had approved my first website with AdSense. By selling that Adsense approved website, I had to earn my first. But it took me three months to get it approved.

And my first affiliate marketing earnings came in Nov in 2020, which was 100 USD from site ground.

Q.6: How do you choose which topics to write on?

I do a competitor analysis, take some keywords ideas from there, then do research on those keywords, and find out some more keywords; I see this after the keywords are final. Will writing on that topic benefit my blog.

If it is, then I start writing on that topic. Together I use more medium for my next articles, like Reddit, Quora, and many more.

Q.7: Do you think one needs a lot of money to start a side business?

Let's talk honestly, You don't need a lot of money to start a side business because you can create your business from a very small level. But if you want to grow that business, then you have to invest.

For example, if you want to start a blog then first you have to buy a domain which costs around Rs 649 and after that, you should have to buy hosting which price is around Rs 3000 to 5000. With this small investment, you can start your side online business.

So my opinion is, you start your side business from the small level, keep doing the main work that you are doing on the side, and when you feel that your side business is growing. That time you have to leave your main job and give full focus to your business.

Q.8: Which are the best three themes for a WordPress blog?

The answer may be different for everyone. Because the theme is selected according to the user's requirement.

Like our main job is to reach information from your blog to people. So for this, every blogger can tell different themes.

But My favorite themes are following:

1. GeneratePress Premium Theme: GeneratePress is a lightweight, and multipurpose theme. Many bloggers will recommend you to use this theme. If you want to know more about GP Premium theme checkout this GeneratePress Review article and know more details about this theme.

2. Astra Pro: Astra is a free WordPress theme that is focused on speed. Optionally you can purchase the Pro version for $59 which adds some additional settings and options. Click here to get Astra Pro theme.

3. Genesis: Genesis framework is one such premium theme. So if you’re looking for a search engine optimized, mobile responsive and well coded premium theme framework, Genesis is just for you. 

Q.9: Which hosting is good for a newbie blogger?

If you want to succeed in blogging, to you would have to invest; perhaps if you are an amateur blogger, I would suggest you use hostinger hosting.

Q.10: What are the tips you have for new bloggers?

  • If you want to succeed in blogging. Then, work on your skill such as improve your copywriting.
  • Never use nulled theme, plugin. Because I had done it myself in error, when I was new to blogging, with this my one year's hard work is wasted in one day.
  • Try to have so much content on your site in the first six months of Blogging, so that if a related user from your niche comes to your site, then he does not need to go anywhere else. According to my, if there are too many returns on your site. So your site will get a good ranking soon.
  • If you are working hard in the blogging industry. So don't ever quit because even though the result will be late, it will come.

Q.11: How can someone contact you?

Following are my social media contacts:


So this interview is finished here, and I hope you learned something from this value-packed interview article.

I am quite sure that you have learned many new things from Yogesh. If you want to learn more about blogging, and online business then you must follow

I will continue this BloggingPlayer Interview Series in the future because I am finding it very beneficial and I am very sure that you are also getting valuable knowledge.

Perhaps you have got your solution for your queries. If anything I forgot to ask then; please let me know through comments.

In the upcoming days, you will see many professional bloggers, digital marketers, and YouTubers in this BloggingPlayer Interview Series.

Also, give me your suggestion that who next you want to see in our BloggingPlayer Interview Series and I will invite them.

Very soon I will bring new interview article of others professional blogger. You must join my private Facebook Group to get latest updates as well as learn Blogging, SEO tips.

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  1. Excellent interview with lots of information. Yogesh Sambare is a fantastic blogger. He writes quality articles on his blog, and I love to read his content. Along with that questions were amazing in this interview. Lots of love to you guys.


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