Exclusive Interview With Rohit Thakur: Founder Of BloggersWisdom.com [BPI-5]

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Hello BloggingPlayer,

I am quite sure that you are enjoying and learning new things from pro bloggers. All the Interviews of BloggingPlayer Interview Series are quite helpful and full of knowledge that helps you to grow your audience as well as your affiliate sales.

Moving ahead in this interview series I am going to introduce young blogger Rohit Thakur who is the founder of BloggersWisdom.com blog. 

Well, He launched his blog on 6th April 2020 where he helps beginners to start blogging and make money online.

As we all know that getting success in blogging is not so easy as it sounds. You have to work hard and smartly to succeed in blogging. But you have to make sure that your effort should be in the right direction.

But if you succeeded in getting advice and tips of pro blogger which they are implementing on their blog, your work will become more easy. So I have came with this interview article with Rohit Thakur.

Every newbie blogger have dreams to grow their blog and earn some money from their blog. But newbie bloggers need to learn from the Professional Blogger's experience.

This is one of the best interview articles on the BloggingPlay.com blog. I can say, This interview going to be very motivational and valuable.

Let’s move ahead and know more about Rohit brother…!

Interview With Rohit Thakur: Founder Of BloggersWisdom.com

I am feeling much happy to introduce Rohit Thakur with you through this article. Now, You are going to learn many new things about him and Blogging.

He is in the field of blogging since 2020 and has great knowledge of the internet marketing industry. He is quite a simple, Polite, and helpful guy who never disappoints anyone.

Interview With Rohit Thakur

I connected with Rohit because of Twitter, and He too much active on Twitter, that's why you can ask him questions about blogging on Twitter.

May be most of you don't know about who' Rohit Thakur if not then you should have to know about him and his working environment and his opinion.

So without wasting any time let’s start the interview and See their Opinion on different questions–

Q.1: Hello Rohit, Welcome to BloggingPlay.Com, Can you introduce yourself to our smart Blogging Players?

Hello Gaurav,

I’m Rohit Thakur, as you know founder of BloggersWisdom.com, A blogger, Content writer, and running an ads Campaign for clients. Thank you so much for having me in this interview.

Q.2: Please tell us what’s the story behind starting BloggersWisdom.com?

When I was in the 10th grade my friends introduced me to something about blogging. He says that you can do it while working from home, and you can generate a good amount of money.

I’m like this thing sounds good. After all, I have done some research on the web, I have started blogging on blogger.com [blogspot.com] it's a free content management system where we can write our thoughts and share with the world.

Gaurav you are my buddy you already know the stuff about blogger.com

It was fun for me to accomplish the experiments and I learned a lot. I closed the Blogspot blog and I moved on to the WordPress site. I have set up a brand new blog, on WordPress blog. I have done blogging on that blog for 1 year and I have generated some amount of money through that blog.

I wrote more than 70+ blog posts and I lost all that content in one hour. It's really painful for me, I don’t know anything about technical stuff like “We can also backup the website.” I was in the path of learning and every person makes mistakes at an earlier stage to learn.

Lots of stuff happened to me, but I can't mention it here.

In the crisis time, I thought it’s a great way to come back to share my experiences of the past 4+ years. I have asked my friend to give me such an amount to make a purchase of a domain name. She gives me the amount and I’m still grateful for that.

I have made the purchase of domain name and web hosting and bloggerswisdom.com is live now. Given back the amount that I have taken to her. 

I have to cover a lot more but this is enough for this question.

Q.3: What are the major challenges you experienced in your initial blogging’s days?

Issues of money as you know. At that time I was a student and every student thought about making money online. If you are blogging then you must have a laptop or computer. Until the first year of B.com, I was blogging for my smartphone.

Here is the topic that came up so I love to share it with you guys.

>> What I’m doing is I write the blog post on my Smartphone “Note app” and then I copy and paste them on the WordPress content management system.

Q.4: What are your blogging goals, and how to set goals for life?

I”m not a “To-Do List” guy. I don’t have any goals about blogging because it’s my pastime. I don’t believe in setting up goals, I believe in achieving them. First, do it for yourself then share it with the world. That is my goal.

“You might be confused or a beginner but you better know how to achieve it.” If the person wants to achieve something then he/she puts in the hardcore time and works hard to reach that stage

Q.5: How do you find topics for your posts and how do you do keyword research?

I use Answerthepublic to find out the great topic to write or random google search. I personally suggest you move forward and check the Mangools because it’s an awesome tool to find the low competition keywords.

Q.6: Do you think one needs a lot of money to start a side business?

It depends on Which type of business you want to start. If I talk about blogging, so you only need a domain name, and a fast hosting service to do blogging.

And I recommend Bluehost Hosting, and Bluehost also gives you a free domain with their hosting plan.

Q.7: I see that you are writing very engaging content across your blog. So how did you master writing skills? Did you invest in any course?

Thanks for appreciating me. There is no secret formula to writing a good blog post. I read lots’ ebooks and magazines to get the best idea of writing and storytelling. No, I don’t invest money of course.

Q.8: Describe your writing process, from concept to publishing. How do you stay motivated?

  • I first pick the topic
  • Search on the web about a particular topic and read at least 5-6 top blog posts to get focus on writing style.
  • Mark the subtopic that my competitor has been not covered
  • Writing like I’m telling a story to kids
  • Write clear and simple

Oh Yes, by watching boxing matches, the greatest of all time.

Q.9: What techniques do you use to proofread your content?

Manually, I do it by myself. Once writing the content is done then my next step is to read the content like the reader’s point of view.

Q.10: What are the core skills every blogger needs to run a successful blog? And how to acquire them as a beginner?

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Design
  • Storytelling
  • Copywriting
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • , and more

Practice for yourself. There is no requirement to invest money in courses. Just follow the Official channel of youtube for example Google Ads channel, Facebook Ads channel. Design the template with Canva, Read the books and magazines to learn storytelling and copywriting.

Follow the top influencer on your niche for learning social media marketing, and everything is available on the web for free.

Q.11: Which are the best 3 themes and hosting for WordPress blog?

Web Hosting


Q.12: Explain to us how Google ranks content, please.

Google will Create a ranking for a blog or website, it shows us a result based on user queries. Google algorithm and information collected by search engine “spiders”.

These websites displayed the relevant queries and answers on search engine result pages in an order reflecting their ranking.

Q.13: What 3 things does anyone starting in your industry need to know?

  • Blogging is not the right way to generate quick cash
  • Blogging is long term game and you should always focus on learning
  • Explore the new things and be consistent in your niche

Q.14: Could you please share a few words about BloggingPlay.com as Testimonials?

Bloggingplay.com is the blog, open-source website where you can learn blogging for free. Gaurav provides the proven strategies to grow your digital marketing business.

Q.15: How can someone reach you?

Amit Garg Interview Ayush Mishra Rohit Thakur


I am quite sure that you have learned many new things from Rohit Thakur. If you want to learn more about blogging, and SEO then you must check out BloggersWisdom.com.

So this interview is finished here, and I hope you learned something from this value-packed interview article.

I will continue this BloggingPlayer Interview Series in the future because I am finding it very beneficial and I am very sure that you are also getting valuable knowledge.

Perhaps you have got your solution for your queries. If anything I forgot to ask then; please let me know through comments.

In the upcoming days, you will see many professional bloggers, digital marketers, and YouTubers in this BloggingPlayer Interview Series.

Also, give me your suggestion that who next you want to see in our BloggingPlayer Interview Series and I will invite them.

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