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Hello BloggingPlayer,

I know you has been excited for BloggingPlayer Interview Series from many days, and now the wait is over because I'm going to present the interview series on

This interview series will be going to help you in every aspect of life. As a blogger I don't want to talk only about blogging in this interview series. Through this interview series, I will try to give you detailed knowledge about internet marketing and online business!

When you get proven strategies from each the interview, at that time I also feel motivated. Well, our first interview is going to happen with Amol Chavan who is the founder of

Every newbie blogger have dreams to grow their blog and earn some money from their blog. But newbie bloggers need to learn from the Professional Blogger's experience.

As we all know starting a blog is not enough you have to work hard and spend time and money as well. If you start a blog, then you have to invest in hosting, domain, and most important thing is knowledge, and experince.

But if you succeeded in getting advice and tips of pro blogger which they are implementing on their blog, your work will become more easy. So I have started this first interview article with Amol Chavan Sir.

Interview With Amol Chavan: Founder Of

Table of Contents

Our today's interview article will prove more useful for all of us in our career growth. In this interview, I have asked many questions related to growth with online business which are in the mind of every new blogger.

May be most of you don't know about who' Amol Chavan if not then you should have to know about him and his working environment and his opinion.

Amol Chavan

Amol Chavan is a Side Hustle Blogger, Author, Digital Entrepreneur from India. He is the owner of blog where you gets high quality and informative content which is very helpful in the growth of online business and career.

So without wasting any time let’s start interview with Amol Chavan and See their Opinion on different questions–

Q.1: Hello Amol Sir, Welcome to BloggingPlay.Com, Can you introduce yourself to our smart audience?

Yes definitely. First of all thanks for the interview Invitation.

I am the founder of Side Hustle Blog Growthfunda & Software Engineer, a part-time Blogger living in Pune, Maharashtra.

Along with Blogging, in my free time, I explore & work on many different side hustles like Affiliate Marketing, Consulting, Writing, etc.

I love to talk, read and spread knowledge about the Side Hustles.

Q.2: Please tell us what’s the story behind starting, and when you started your online journey?

I never thought that someday I would start a blog to spread the words about Side Hustle and Online Business.

My IT job gave birth to my Entrepreneurship. During the 9-5 RAT RACE Job, I found that this is not the actual life that I wanted to live. I wanted to build backup to my 9-5 job so that eventually I can live the freedom lifestyle.

Hence, I started searching for business ideas by attending the offline\online business seminars\workshops, conferences, exploring the Internet. 

I tried four part-time offline businesses but miserably failed in all of them. You can refer to my this full side hustle journey.

The best part, I learned a lot because of these failures. In addition, it gave me another chance to explore more business ideas. 

After 4 failures, I was in search of, “What to do next” and during Dec 2017, I got to know about Digital Marketing. Therefore, I thought let's learn and see if there is any new thing I can start in the Digital world.

Today after spending more than 3 years in the Digital world, I feel lucky that I have many different skills I can monetize and make living out of it like Content Writing & Marketing, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, Graphics Design, and Freelancing.

This is all about my journey behind Growthfunda.

Q.3: What are the major challenges you experienced in your initial blogging’s days?

I faced many challenges but covering all here in this post is not possible. Hence, I would like to mention the important challenge that almost every newbie face.

The challenge was how to write and what to write. 

I overcame this challenge, by practicing writing on a platform called Quora. Literally, I was answering any question that I feel I am comfortable. Gradually I learned a lot and improved my writing skills, as well as learned about Content Writing in the Digital World.

Q.4: Tell me why should students start an online business or side hustle to get growth in future?

Everyone is aware that the world has been facing tough times during this Covid pandemic wherein there is certainty about the job. Also getting a job as a fresher and after graduation is quite challenging, time consuming nowadays.

Hence, it's better that one should start learning high demanding skills and try freelancing along with the education. High-income skills like Content Writing, Video Production and Editing; Graphics Design provides good career opportunities.

Therefore, while doing education one can learns & earns with above skills, and it reducing dependency on traditional jobs.

This is the power of Online Business and Side Hustle.

Q.5: What minimum investment does a person need to start their profitable blog or online business?

None to less.

There are many opportunities where you need not have to invest any money. You just need a laptop, stable & good internet connection and time to work.

YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, Writing is the best example of such online business.

Q.6: How can any girl or woman build a side business from home?

Online business brings abundance of opportunity to everyone.

Women can start online business with the current skills as well as by learning some special skills. For example, let's say someone has Art making skills, so she can monetize this skill by building online business from home.

The best approach she should follow:

  1. Start Website or Blog
  2. Build Social Media presence and following
  3. Grab audience attention by sharing pics of arts on social media.
  4. Take the order and deliver.

Isn’t it a simple business idea for Woman?

For more side hustle from Home, one can refer to my guide here; Side Hustles for Women.

Q.7: According to you, why should a full-time employee start a side hustle now?

Life is uncertain, so a full time job.

Irrespective, how much you love working 9-5 for someone, you will not know when that organization\person will stop loving you, and ask you to leave a job.

Rather than be in a panic situation later, it would be great to build backup to your job.”

To give a classical example, while doing a job I have learned, experienced high-income skills like writing, blogging, graphics designing, web development & blogging.

Therefore, if anything worse happens to a 9-5 job, I can easily move to any of these skills area and make full time living out of it.

I hope you are with me on this.

To know more about side hustle and how to start hustle refer to this guide: 12 Steps How to Start Side Hustle (& Earn $1000) Fast.

Q.8: What plan did you execute to start a side hustle along with Job? Did you purchase any course, invested in learning?

Yes, I invested in learning and executed the plan. When it comes to exploring business, learning is my first priority.

Whether it is an offline or online business, first I am spending time and money on learning. Till date, I have invested in seminars, business workshops, online courses, books.

Every side hustle comes with some planned steps. Therefore, as per my learnings, knowledge I have created many different plans to follow.

To give an overview about Blogging Sid Hustle, I followed a plan that I made called as a Learn and Execute. Its looks something like this:

  • Learn and explore what blogging is about
  • Learn technical stuff like how to set up a website, then execute this learning by actually setting up the website.
  • Learn How to write engaging contents & then practice writing such contents.

Q.9: What has been your most successful post? Why do you think it was appealing?

My successful post was this 8 Steps to Live Job Free Life and Escape from 9-5 Job Life

It was so appealing because I have covered my real life story & experience along with the approach towards freedom lifestyle.

Q.10: How do you research the target audience you are writing content for?

My go to place for the target audience is Quora. I love Quora because real people are asking questions and seeking answers for the problems they are facing.

With the help of Quora and my niche, I research the audience problems\challenges, and then design the contents. I answer the specific questions on Quora itself or on my blog.

This is how I research my target audience.

Q.11: How do you manage multiple projects simultaneously?

I manage multiple projects based on the priority and potential of it. Based on that I have been picking up the project task and allocating the time to it.

Online Tools are helping me a lot for managing multiple projects. Currently I am using Trello for project management. Trello also offers a handy mobile app; means you can mange every projects\tasks just by SmartPhone

This is how, with the help of Tools and project priority I manage multiple projects.

Q.12: What is Your Opinion on starting an online business as a career in India? Nowadays, what is the future of online business in India?

Be it a Blogging, Writing, Freelancing, or any other online businesses, all of them are good career options.

Even now due to Covid pandemic, more people are looking for Online business opportunities. Maximum offline businesses are adopting Online Business mode as Online business gives location freedom and reach worldwide.

Online businesses are evergreen in the past and currently they are in a boom. Therefore, the future of Online Businesses will always be great.

Q.13: What is the secret behind your success? And To earn fast money in blogging or any online business, which monetization method is better?

Keep learning and implementing is my secret behind success.

There is no fast forward way to earn money. All the monetization methods are good. 

How you correctly implement and scale monetization methods will decide how fast you will grow and earn money.

Q.14: Which are your favorite 3-blogging tools, and which hosting is best for a newbie blogger?

  1. Google Docs
  2. RankMath SEO
  3. Canva

Hosting suggestion for newbie:

GreenGeeks Hosting and Website idea and HostingMonks Review Amol Chavan

Q.15: Any pro tips for’s audience to improve their Online Business, and Side Hustle?

Pro Tip:  “Start With What You Have”

This is the one optimistic Kanban principle that is applicable even to the online business.

It states; 

Do not run and waste much time behind the perfection at the beginning. Getting started with what you have is important.

Q.16: How can someone reach you?

One can reach me via below medium;

Q.17: What is your suggestion for my blog?

No as such but I would like to give Testimonials. 

Your blog BloggingPlay is an excellent place for anyone to learn Blogging. You are covering good in-depth articles & doing amazing work, so keep up the good work. 

All the best.


Now the interview is finished here! This is all about the Amol Chavan's interview on

I'm quite sure that you have enjoyed and learned many new things from this interview to kick-start your online business. If you want to learn more about side hustle then you must follow

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Well, now I want say thank you to Amol Chavan Sir for giving precious time for interview article.

And now our interview was with Amol Chavan, the founder of, It ends here. But this is our first interview of BloggingPlayer Interview Series, and this interview series not end here. 

In the upcoming days, you will see many professional bloggers, digital marketer and YouTuber in this BloggingPlayer Interview Series.

From them you can learn many secret strategies to grow your online business, and digital career. 

Also, give me your suggestion that who next you want to see in our BloggingPlayer Interview Series and I will invite them.

Very soon I will bring new interview article of others professional blogger. You must join my private Facebook Group to get latest updates as well as learn Blogging, SEO tips.

Understand the power of the investment and I don’t recommend doing blogging on a free platform like Blogger, If you want to earn money then make an investment in the domain and hosting.

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