India’s Best PaidBoom Hosting Review 2020- Why PaidBoom Hosting?

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After reading the title of this blog post I know that you are excited to know my opinion on Paidboom Hosting,

If you want the cheapest hosting than Hostinger then this article is for you.

Do you know?

BloggingPlay.Com is hosted on Paidboom Cloud Web Hosting and I recommend Paidboom Hosting to newbie bloggers.

Paidboom Hosting is an Indian hosting company. PaidBoom Hosting is the best hosting provider in India at an affordable price, I have tested their cloud web hosting plan’s server and speed.

Do you want more information about Paidboom Hosting?

If your answer is yes then Review is for you, because in this review I will give you all the information about Paidboom Hosting.

Paidboom Hosting has the following products which make it awesome:

  1. Domain name
  2. SSD based web hosting
  3. Cloud Hosting
  4. Managed WordPress Hosting
  5. VPS Hosting
  6. SSL certificates
  7. Addon Services.

You can start your online business on the internet with the help of Paidboom because it can provide everything that you need.

The best thing about Paidboom is to provide domain names. And Without a domain name, you can’t deploy your online business on the internet. After domain, you want a Hosting provider and Paidboom also provides Hosting. And Paidboom is the best alternative for A2Hosting and Hostinger.

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Exclusive Paidboom Hosting Review For You

Looking for web hosting services that would boost your blogging business and revenue? then you’re at the right place.

Want to start a business on the internet? Then you need one website and hosting provider. I know You’re looking for some affordable and feature-full web hosting service, right?

Paidboom is the best choice to start a business on the internet.

Paidboom Hosting Review

Paidboom gives you excellent customer support and fast web hosting. And believe me, you won’t get such an amazing experience with any other web hosting service. Why I’m saying this because this blog is hosted on Paidboom.

 The Advantages of Paidboom Hosting

  1. Paidboom gives you a free SSL certificate.
  2. cPanel (Control Panel)
  3. Every hosting plan with SSD storage.
  4.  Highest uptime.
  5.  Customer support on Whatsapp

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1. Free SSL certificate

SSL is necessary for any website now, SSL certificate helps in Google ranking that’s why SSL is necessary for every website.

When you purchase any plan of Paidboom, then Paidboom gives you a free SSL certificate.

The best thing is Paidboom provides a free SSL certificate with every plan.

2. cPanel

Paidboom Hosting comes with cPanel, through cPanel, you can manage your website easily and also you can check resources at any time through cPanel.

Through cPanel, you can install any CMS on your website.

3. SSD storage

Paidboom servers are SSD-based only, and it allows for faster transfers, lower latency, and an over-flare experience. SSD storage is always better than HDD.

The best thing is all plans of Paidboom comes with SSD. Due to SSD, your website loading speed will be so snappy like a rocket.

I always recommend SSD.

4. Highest Uptime

Uptime plays an essential role in website loading speed, Uptime that guaranteed to run an online business without interruption. Paidboom is an award-winning web hosting company that guarantees the highest level of uptime in the industry.

With Paidboom hosting plan you will get free email accounts.

One amazing thing about Paidboom that their server is based on Cloud Web Server.

Paidboom Hosting Review

You can see the loading speed of in the following performance report. It means Paidboom gives fast loading speed.

Oh, did I tell you that Paidboom servers are located in India, UK, US? This increases the level of performance of websites.

5. Customer support On Whatsapp

When you will purchase a Hosting service from Paidboom then you will say customer support is over the imagination. I have not yet experienced such customer support from any hosting company!

Paidboom is the only hosting provider company that provides customer support on WhatsApp. And WhatsApp support is beyond the imagination because all hosting company provides customer support through a ticket system or online chatbot.

That’s why customers get instant solutions through Whatsapp support.

Paidboom gives exceptional service, they always look forward to answering any of my questions and resolving them as quickly as possible, just what you need from a reliable web hosting company!

Buy Paidboom Hosting

Why Buy Hosting From Paidboom?

Here are some amazing facts about Paidboom, I know you are excited to know.

Keep reading, some exciting information will open now.

1. Snappy customer support via WhatsApp and Ticket system.

Paidboom offers 15 minutes ticket response time, Paidboom Hosting translates to quick human response within an hour. Due to this type of customer support, you don’t need to wait for more for your technical questions.

With Paidboom, you don’t need to wait to resolve your problems. Apart from this, Paidboom also provides customer and technical support over WhatsApp. I experienced that”Paidboom give respond to every ticket within 15 mins.

2. Reasonable pricing starting from Rs 199/month.

The basic plan of Paidboom Hosting comes at just Rs. 169 / month(PB-CB4). Each hosting plan is moderately inexpensive compared to the industry and other web hosting services.

The Paidboom premium plan includes Cloudflare setup, CPanel, multiple add-ons so the client can connect their website to Cloudflare without visiting the Cloudflare website. So that you can run your business effortlessly.

3. No extra charges on Hosting plan renewal.

You know Many bluffing web hosting services increase the renewal fee, but Paidboom keeps them the same as the first payment. Payment and renewal fees are fully transparent with Paidboom hosting.

In addition, you can try PaidBoom basic plan for a month for free and help yourself make better decisions. Paidboom doesn’t take any hidden charges on the plan’s renewal time.

If you want, you can also upgrade your plans as per the requirement.

Buy Paidboom Hosting


Overall PaidBoom is the best hosting to start your blogging career. It starts At an affordable price from Rs 169 /month, there’s arguably no other hosting service that provides SSD storage, free SSL certificate, unlimited customer support on WhatsApp, and lighting-fast servers.

PaidBoom offers everything you want from a Hosting Provider. Then why you choose other Hosting providers?

I have five blogs in different niches that’s why I experienced services from other Hosting Providers. Now I come to the opinion that Paidboom is the best and affordable hosting for bloggers, newbie, digital marketer, etc.

Understand the power of the investment and I don’t recommend doing blogging on a free platform like blogger, If you want to earn money then make an investment in the domain and hosting.

Purchase hosting and start your new blog today.

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If you have any questions about Paidboom Hosting, please write in the comment box. As you wish, you can give suggestions to make this review more helpful then drop suggestions in the comment box.

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