HostingMonks Review: Best Website To Get Deals On Hosting Service In 2022

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Hello BlooggingPlayer, 

Do you want the best deals on Hosting services and Blogging Tools? Then this article is for you, but you need to read this article till the end.

I know you have read the title of this article, but you don't know about the HostingMonks Review Website!

Yes, right?

In this article, I'm going to reveal a website where you will get best deal and discounted coupons on Blogging Tools, and the website name is

Do you know, who's the founder of

Intro To Founder Of Review Website

HostingMonks Review- BloggersPassion

The founder of has 15 years of experience in blogging and SEO. It is the skill that made him a millionaire.

The name of the founder is Anil Agarwal, and he is an extremely famous Professional Blogger of India. He has over 15 years of experience in blogging, SEO, and the web hosting industry, and he used almost EVERY well-known web hosting service.

Apart from this, Anil Sir runs another popular Indian blog that generates over $10,000 per month.

It's not happened overnight, but he worked hard till he reached his main goal and, now you can see his success.

In today's blogging industry, Anil Sir don’t need any introduction. Because of his popularity and valuable content everyone knows him in the blogging industry.

I'm a big fan of Anil Sir's website because from this blog I have learned SEO in a practical way. 

You should visit to learn SEO, and Affiliate Marketing in a simple way.

Apart from this, you can also buy Anil Sir's extremely popular eBook about SEO which is known as THE SEO PLAYBOOK.

The SEO PlayBook

This eBook is complete SEO training for beginners, who don't know how to do SEO. It is the only SEO book that teaches you how to generate 1000 visitors/day from Google. Know More...

Whether you're a blogger or a business looking to learn SEO, Anil Sir SEO PlayBook is probably the only resource you would need. 

It's called the Ultimate Guide to SEO for Beginners but even if you're a veteran and want to brush up your skills or learn SEO as it works today, this book has got your back. - Swadhin Agrawal

What is HostingMonks ?

As you already know that Anil Sir owns where he teaches Blogging and SEO. We can say that he teaches us through their 15 years of blogging experience.

HostingMonks is a popular website that is known for its money-saving deals and discounted coupons for Blogging Tools. Generally, It helps people to find the best deals around hosting.

By the way, has started in the 2019 year with the aim of help newbie bloggers get the most affordable deals.

It is not only about the best blogging deals but it's also about the Genuine Hosting Reviews.

You already know whenever a beginner starts their blog, The first priority of that newbie is to choose the best hosting company for their blog.

HostingMonks Review

HostingMonks is the only place where you can get genuine hosting reviews and the best money-saving deals.

Some of the best hosting reviews by them -

Apart from this, you can also find comparison articles between various web hosting providers. Now it's time to know why is unique!

Why Choose HostingMonks To Get Best Deals?

You already know that there are a lot of sites out there that offer you hosting-related deals and discounts. But Hosting Monks offers unique deals on hosting and blogging tools, that only available on

And The primary reason is this: Hosting Monks is run by a professional SEO expert and full-time blogger Anil Agarwal who already has a lot of connections with hosting affiliate managers.

It allows him to offer you a wide range of “insider deals and discounts” related to hosting.

For example, GreenGeeks usually costs you $3.95 per month but when you use any of HostingMonks's affiliate links to purchase hosting from GreenGeeks, you’ll get it just for $2.95 per month.

I personally got a big discount on Bluehost Hosting, and I also recommend you to use HostingMonks to get a money-saving deal.

Can We Trust Hosting Monks?

Yes, of course!

You already know, this website is created by Anil Agarwal Sir, Who has more than +15 years of experience in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

It means Anil Sir is an authorized person in this industry.

Almost he has used various hosting services in his blogging career. That's why now Anil Sir offers insider best-discounted deals on

Apart from this, Anil sir is one of the top Indian bloggers who is a self-made millionaire by blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

He is not doing this only for money because he is already earning a big amount of income from his existing blog but with HostingMonks he wants to helps people.

You can also visit his popular blog to learn SEO and Blogging.

Best Deals of

HostingMonks is not about just giving deals and discounts, and it also covers the following topics;

  • Hosting related solutions
  • Best web hosting comparisons (which are mostly unbiased)
  • In-depth tutorials on several web hosting services
  • And so on

Now I'm going to show some deals of HostingMonks.Com, and you can see it below-

Get 50% OFF WPX Hosting Deal Now !

Use ANILAGARWAL promo code to save 7% extra on Hostinger

Bluehost Exclusive Deal For BloggingPlayer

GreenGeeks Hosting and Website idea and HostingMonks Review


HostingMonks has the following best article where you will get helpful content. Well, I’m mentioning below some of the best-written articles by the Hosting Monks.

These articles are –

  1. HostingMonks Homepage
  2. Bluehost Hosting Review
  3. Best web hosting companies in India

You can visit these articles to read more.

Do you know? I have written the HostingMonks Review article after buying a deal for me. And I hope you have got something valuable from this article.

If you have any questions about HostingMonks Review, please write in the comment box. 

Understand the power of the investment and I don’t recommend doing blogging on a free platform like blogger, If you want to earn money then make an investment in the domain and hosting.

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WPX Hosting Review and website ideas and HostingMonks Review
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