Cloudways Halloween Deal 2022- Flat 30% OFF For 2 Months And Free SSL Certificate

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Are you looking for CloudWays Halloween deal 2021?

So, you’re landed on the right place where you’re going to get exact and right information about Cloudways Halloween Deal 2021!

A year later here comes CloudWays Halloween Deal 2021 with flat 30% off on all Cloudways hosting plans. Now, you have a great opportunity to get a flat 30% off on any hosting plan from

During the Halloween Deal period, you can sign up for any of the plans to get 30% off for the next 2 months. Remember that this deal is valid from 24 October to 05 November 2021. So take advantage of this offer as soon as possible.

If you want to start a successful blog or launch a mobile app, then you need to choose a hosting service that can provide speed, high up-time, free website migration and best 24/7/365 customer support.

Well, If you’re looking for a reliable web hosting service that will help you scale your business website or mobile app faster than your competitors, Try Cloudways Hosting.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform known for its excellent features and impeccable performance. Not just that, you also get 5 star support, free 1-click SSL installation, free website migration, firewall and security patching, and unbeatable security.

During every Cloudways Halloween deal, Cloudways always offers huge discounts of up to 30% on their hosting plans. So you should take advantage of this opportunity to save your hard earned money.

Get Cloudways Hosting At Flat 30% Off !!!

Don’t Miss This Limited Time Offer

So, your Cloudways Halloween treat is here. Now you will get a 30% exclusive discount on all Cloudways hosting plans for the next two months.

Use promo code TREAT21, and you will get a flat 30% discount for 2 months on industry’s favourite cloud hosting that’s backed by 24/7/365 support, flexible plans, feature-rich platform and with a massive discount!

How To Claim Cloudways Halloween Deal 2021?

Following are the simple steps to get huge 30% discount on Cloudways hosting:

Step 1: Click on this special link to visit Cloudways official website. You will land on the Cloudways homepage.

Step 2: Scroll Down and Click on the See Cloudways Pricing button! Now, either you can choose a free trial or start with your suitable plan.

Cloudways Halloween Deal

So, click on See Cloudways Pricing button, and Sign up with your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account. Don’t forget to apply coupon code TREAT21 under Got a Promo Code link.

Step 3: Choose a plan that meets your needs, and complete the purchase by making the payment for your hosting plan.

Commonly, Cloudways Hosting offers 4 cloud hosting plans on the basis of their 5 data centers. Following are the data centres provided by Cloudways which sets money according to their performance:

  1. DigitalOcean – Starting at $12/month.
  2. Linode – Starting at $12/month.
  3. Vultr – Starting at $11/month.
  4. Google Cloud – Starting at $34.17/month. 
  5. AWS Server – Starting at $36.04/month.

Cloudways Halloween Deals 2021

One of my favorite things about Cloudways is that they offer great performance and support at a reasonable price. 

Here, I have selected a DigitalOcean $12 per month cloud hosting plan of Cloudways Hosting which will cost you only $120 for one year.

If you have decided your plan, click on the Start Free button.

Step 4: Create a new account with Cloudways, and you can create free Cloudways account using LinkedIn, GitHub and Google.

Cloudways Halloween Deals 2021

Step 5: Choose your server size, and select the server location that is closest to your target audience.

Congratulations, you have successfully claimed CloudWays Halloween deal with a flat 30% discount. Now login to your account and start building websites the way you want.

What Is Cloudways Hosting and How Does It Work?

CloudWays is a popular hosting company that offers fully managed web hosting and provides fast and best loading speed to WordPress sites.

Well, Cloudways is a managed hosting service provider that lets you choose different cloud servers like DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud, and provides support and management on top of that.

Cloudways’ most affordable plan is the DigitalOcean basic hosting package starting from $12 per month, which features 25GB of storage, 1TB of bandwidth, and 1GB of RAM.

Here are some pros and cons of choosing CloudWays Hosting:


  • FREE 1-Click SSL Installation
  • FREE Website Migration
  • Unlimited Websites & Apps
  • 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring
  • Firewalls & Security Patching
  • 60+ Global Data Centers
  • Launch 10+ Apps Through 1-Click
  • Free Trial Without Credit Card


  • No Domain Name Registration
  • No cPanel or Plesk
  • No Email Hosting
  • Expensive as compared Bluehost
  • Limited server access
  • Not supporting all program languages

Cloudways is a 100% independently owned and customer-oriented hosting company. Like many hosting providers, Cloudways also has 60+ data centers deployed in various locations around the world.

Which means Cloudways is spread all over the world, and this will make your website load faster! Cloudways offers SSD storage cloud server hosting with unlimited traffic handling. Their pricing starts at $12 per month to get started.

Let’s take a quick look at the features of Cloudways Hosting:

  • Pricing starts from $12/mo only
  • Free CDN service
  • 24/7 live support
  • Free website transfer
  • Free SSl Certificate
  • Team Collaboration
  • Around-the-clock monitoring
  • And 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Worldwide Server Locations

If you are looking for fast and best web hosting for your business website or mobile app, Cloudways Hosting is the best option for you!

So, what are you waiting for?

Avail Cloudways Halloween Deals to get flat 30% off on this great day. Remember this offer will be valid for 7 hours only.

Pricing and Plans of Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways is a popular cloud hosting provider that has major partnered with Digital Ocean, Linode, VULTR, AWS, and Google Cloud. 

It offers its own simple and easy-to-use control panel that helps to launch the application and maintain your website.

Cloudways offers 4 managed cloud hosting packages to suit your needs based on five cloud servers, and they also give you a free SSL certificate.

And Cloudways doesn’t limit the number of websites, installations, or traffic. As a result, you can scale up or down at any time based on your usage, not arbitrary pricing restrictions.

As I mentioned earlier, how much you’ll pay with Cloudways will depend on the cloud server you choose and the amount of resources you choose.

Cloudways allows you to pay monthly or by the hour – the choice is yours and pay only for what you use!!!

Let’s take a closer look at Cloudways’ pricing strategy. Cloudways divides its cloud hosting pricing packages into five types of data centers. Each data center offers a variety of hosting options.

The image below shows all the different data server available for cloud hosting on Cloudways.


All Cloudways pricing plans include CDN support, free migration, unlimited application installation, and other benefits. Cloud hosting provider DigitalOcean pricing packages are further sub-divided into two types, Standard and Premium.

I recommend you to go with Premium package because it offers more premium service.

Cloudways Halloween Deals 2021

Linode Date Center

Linode is a cloud hosting provider that focuses on providing Linux powered virtual server to support a wide range of applications.

As you read this, it maintains 10 data centers around the world. The idea is to provide users the option of selecting the best Linode data center location that is closest to the target audience. This minimizes the latency for the users and ensures a smooth experience for the visitors.

Following are locations available for Linode data center: Tokyo, Mumbai, Singapore, Frankfurt, London, Toronto, Newark, Atlanta, Dallas, and Fremont.

Cloudways Halloween Deals 2021

Features like automatic backup, auto-healing and more are included in this package. Furthermore, its core pricing plans are divided into ten different variants as per your needs and specification. Linode, on the other hand, only has a standard range with monthly and hourly rates.

Vultr Data Centers

Vultr is founded in 2014, and Vultr is on a mission to empower developers and businesses by simplifying infrastructure deployment through its advanced cloud platform. Vultr is strategically located in 19 datacenters worldwide and provides frictionless provisioning of public cloud, and storage.

Cloudways Halloween Deals 2021

Vultr data centers are located in Silicon Valley, Chicago, Amsterdam, Paris, and Singapore, among other places. You can choose between Standard and High-Frequency packages starting from $13/monthly.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform, providing over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers—including the fastest growing startups, the largest enterprises and major government agencies—are using AWS to reduce costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

Cloudways Halloween Deals 2021

In Cloudways’ AWS (Amazon Web Services) data center, there are 18 different pricing plans you can choose from. Starting at $36.51/monthly, and so on. Check how you can easily manage the plans with your needs.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud (also known as Google Cloud Platform or GCP) is a provider of computing resources for developing, deploying and operating applications on the web.

According to our research, Google Cloud is most secure server for anyone who want to start a business website or launch a app.

Cloudways Halloween Deals 2021

Google Cloud data center offers you 11 different pricing plans at Cloudways with various hosting services. Well, apart from this, there is more exciting news for you.

“Get Maximum Discount on Cloudways Halloween Deal, USE PROMO CODE – TREAT21 – and get 30% discount on all Cloudways pricing plans” .

*Offer is valid until November 3, 2021. So, HURRY UP!

Here is the short info about Cloudways Halloween Deal 2021:

Cloudways offer managed cloud hosting plans, allowing to choose from 5 different cloud hosting providers such as Digital Ocean, Linode, VULTR, AWS and Google Cloud.

Digital Ocean is Cloudways’ most popular and affordable hosting provider, with its cheapest plan starting at $10/month that comes with 1GB RAM, 25GB storage, 1Core processor, and 1TB bandwidth.

Top reasons to choose Cloudways Hosting At Cloudways Halloween Deal 2021

There are so many reasons to choose Cloudways, it has tons of features like 24/7 customer support, CDN, unlimited number of software to install, web security, free SSL, and more.

It is a one-stop cloud hosting service, so you can choose from the top 5 leading cloud hosting providers; Digital Ocean, Linode, VULTR, AWS and Google Cloud.

Following are the top 7 reasons to choose Cloudways Halloween Deal 2021:

1. Ease of use

Cloudways is easy to use, even for a non-tech savvy customer. The company makes it fast and easy for customers to signup for a plan. You can create your own dedicated service. It’s simple, takes less than 10 minutes. All you need to do is choose the resource and server location.

You can install specific applications on your server with just a few clicks from your control panel. It supports 1 click WordPress installation with Woocommerce, Joomla and etc.

Cloudways Control Panel lets you manage everything from applications, backup, security, monitoring websites in realtime, and more.

It doesn’t support the widely used Cpanel in the hosting industry, but Cloudways has its own custom control panel that is very easy to use and clean.

2. Free CDN

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of servers and datacenters that are geographically positioned between the origin server of web content and the user request.

Basically, CDN helps in delivering content faster by reducing latency. Cloudways CDN helps your website load faster, no matter where your visitor is.

It consists of a network of servers that loads your website from the server closest to the visitor.

3. Free Website Migration

If you have already hosted a website on another hosting provider then Cloudways offers a free site migration service which means you do not need to migrate it yourself, the Cloudways team will do it for you.

Cloudways migration service is very simple, they have developed their own migration plugin which ensures an easy and hassle free site migration.

If you have a WordPress website, then you should try Cloudways’s WordPress Migrator plugin for migration purposes. This plugin has been tested on hundreds of hosting environments and it works 99% of the times.

If it fails, they’ll help you out. Try the Cloudways WordPress Migrator plugin now! Oh, it’s FREE!

Cloudways offers website migration absolutely free with any plan you choose.

4. Performance & Speed

Cloudways offers 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is the main reason behind high optimization and loading speed, having partnered with top cloud hosting services DigitalOcean, VULTR, Linode, AWS and Google Cloud.

Cloudways has data centers in various locations like United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Japan, India, Germany and others.

You can choose a server where your visitors belong, if you are a visitor from the United States Cloudways has data centers in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Atlanta.

Choose a server that is nearest to your target audience, due to this your website will load fast on visitor’s device!

5. Hosting Free Trial.

Cloudways offers its new customers a 3-day free trial so you can test it before you buy. Subscribing to the free trial is very easy, no credit card required.

You can try Cloudways for free for 3 days, and Credit card details are not required. Just register an account and confirm your identity.

Visit the Cloudways official website, and click the “Start My Free Trial” button at the top right of the screen.

Cloudways Halloween Deal

Then, you need to enter your name and email address, and there is no need to enter payment details. The free trial is only for 3 days, which is enough to test the features, speed, and performance of Cloudways.

You can test Cloudways without any risk, and see if Cloudways is the right choice for you. The other provider that offers a free trial for web hosting is Kinsta Hosting.

6. Premium Security

When it comes to security, Cloudways isn’t the most bulletproof provider when compared to Nexcess Hosting. However, it does come with some very practical security features like SSL certificates, firewalls, automatic backups, two-factor authentication, and bot protection.

The company offers free backups that allow you to restore your site whenever you want.

Nowadays SSL certificate is a must for any website. If you don’t use SSL/HTTPS, your site will become less reliable and second Google has confirmed that website must run HTTPS in order to increase ranking in SERPs results.

Each Cloudways plan comes with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. You can set it up through its one-click installation. In addition, Cloudways also offers a free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificate.

It allows you to secure your root domain and all subdomains with a single certificate.

All Cloudways’ servers are protected by an OS-level firewall. It helps to filter malicious traffic and keep intruders out. To protect your website from hackers you can buy iThemes Security Pro Plugin here!

Cloudways performs automatic backups at no extra charge. You can also set the schedule for your backup frequency to be hourly, daily or weekly. Plus, on-demand backups are also available. So if you need to restore your website, you can do so through its one-click restore.

7. Premium Customer Support

Cloudways offers several support options, the main ones being 24/7 live chat and online ticketing. If you have an advanced or premium support add-on, you can also contact them 24/7 via the Slack channel and phone. In addition, Cloudways also has a rich knowledge base and a community forum.

If you face any issue and are stuck on something, you can reach out to the support team through your preferred medium.

There are options to live chat with the customer support, you can email them to get support and you can directly call the support number to discuss any issues and queries. The support agent provides all possible assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cloudways Halloween Deal:

Here are some important questions related to Cloudways Halloween Deal 2021:

1. What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform where you can choose your cloud provider from a list of 5. Here, Cloudways takes away the hassle and complexity of cloud hosting. Instead, it provides users with a managed environment.

2. How does Cloudways work?

Cloudways works by offering users the ability to launch applications on various cloud servers instantly and by offering top-level management along with in-house tools.

3. How much does Cloudways cost?

Cloudways has partnered with 5 different web hosting providers DigitalOcean, Linode, VULTR, AWS and Google Cloud. Digital Ocean’s basic plan starts at $10/month.

4. Which hosting providers’ servers can I use with Cloudways?

You can use servers from these hosting providers with Cloudways: DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

5. Which Cloudways plan is best for my website?

As a new or beginnner, you can choose a DigitalOcean’s Basic plan for $10/month that has 1GB of RAM, 1 core processor, 25GB of storage, and 1TB of bandwidth.

The best part is that you can host an unlimited number of websites in this plan.

6. Can I try the Cloudways free trial?

Yes, Cloudways offers 3 days free trial, you can try any server absolutely free, no credit card required.

7. Does Cloudways offer a free SSL certificate?

Yes, Cloudways offers a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with every plan.

8. Is Cloudways a reseller? 

Not completely. Cloudways resells VPS services from original providers. However, it also provides additional features like an easy-to-use control panel and server operations for you. Therefore, you can buy a VPS from the original provider, Cloudways adds useful features.

9. Why should you choose Cloudways?

The Cloudways platform works for independent bloggers, digital agencies, designers/developers and small businesses. Cloudways’ easy to use application console helps you deploy and manage your desired applications with just a few clicks.

It is also a good option for customers who want Cloudways to deploy, manage, monitor and resolve any website/app issues so they can focus on other aspects of their business.

Conclusion: Cloudways Halloween Deal 2021

Now, the big question is: Do I recommend Cloudways? Of course me!

Considering the ease of use, this is a great option for small business owners or popular bloggers who need powerful hosting without the complexity of it.

It is also a wonderful option for freelancers and agencies who collaborate with multiple people to design and develop websites.

Click here to get free trial of Cloudways Hosting!

However, before making your final decision, take advantage of their 3-day free trial. You can familiarize yourself with how the cloud platform works.

Right now, During the Cloudways Halloween Deal, you can get this cloud hosting at a massive discount of 30% Off as low as $10 per month.

If you are tired of facing downtime or slow loading speeds with your current provider or unhappy with your incompetent or lazy customer support that just copy-pastes replies to your questions, give Cloudways a try and thank me later. ?

So, without wasting time, grab this Cloudways Halloween Deal to get up to flat 30% discount on their cloud web hosting plans.

For more web hosting deals and discounts, please visit our Black Friday deals page. If you have any query regarding the above Cloudways Halloween Deal, do let me know in the comment box.

You can read Nexcess Hosting Black Friday Deal 2021 here. If you like our this Cloudways Halloween Deal article, then do share with your blogger friends, and relatives. 

We will keep progressing as a blog, Meanwhile Sharing Is Caring!

Cloudways Halloween Deals 2021Cloudways Halloween Deals 2021Cloudways Halloween Deals 2021

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